How to meditate?

How to meditate?

Many people live at the rolled scenario. They do not want anything from life. It seems to them that they are still suited. And once there is a moment when a person who has lived in a certain setting, I want to change everything. Such a gust cause different reasons, but these reasons are always good. Then the throwing from side to the side. In this case, it is worth stopping and listening to yourself. Best do it with meditation.

What needs to be meditated?

Translated from the English word meditation means “reflection”. If we speak simple language, then it Some concentration on something. You can also add that meditation implies intentional focusing on any object or on its “I”. Simply put, this is contemplation of something. The condition that the meditating person is experiencing is unambiguously described. During the practice of Personality and does not wake up, but at the same time not sleeping.

By and large, all events occurring around us are neutral. Someone loves rain, and someone does not like him. So, in one people a rainy day brings disappointment, and the other – pleasure. As a result, the same event acts on all individuals in different ways. All this is because the suffering or joy is not bad weather, but the attitude to her concrete person.

However, all the events that occur in the fate of a person are in their essence are neutral. Therefore, wise people say that even from the very bad event, you can extract certain experience and even benefit. Know, Only the consciousness of the person himself can divide everything that happens in his life on bad and good.

If we talk about meditations, this practice allows you to learn how to learn how to deal with what is happening around it, and even in the root change the course of certain events.

Often, disgust and certain attachment to what or to someone makes a person suffer. Buddha Shakyamuni gave a clear definition of the above-described moment and determined the root from which the “pleasant” or “unpleasant” grows. This factor is called guidance, t. E. What a tip to this or another event will give a person himself, so it will be. Buddha identified a method that contributes to the cessation of human suffering, which inevitably leads to Nirvana. This method is meditation.

Now we’ll figure it out what exactly does the meditation man gives and what needs to be engaged in this practice. Some think about fashion and follow her trends, others really want to get rid of the past and suffering related to it. Is simple, at first glance, sitting in a certain posture under certain music can give a man great opportunities? This is despite the fact that in the modern world any person and sit for a minute for rest and it is no time, it is not that time to spend time to practice that wears a very ghostic!

First of all Meditation makes it possible to control your mind any individual. Due to the state that the practitioner is experienced in meditation, mental oscillations occurs. It must be remembered that it is our brain and consciousness to project the future. Everything that happens to us now is the projection of our mind in the past. It can also be said that it is the human brain memorizes, analyzes events that happened earlier. Later, these moments he shares positive and negative. This activity is called “oscillation”.

This process described in due time Patanjali Indian philosopher, who did a lot to develop the practice of meditation. However, back to the term “oscillation of the mind”. It was the Indian philosopher that said that if a person could eliminate this factor, he will see his reality without any projections. This will happen with meditation to help curb mental activity.

The question arises: “Meditation allows nothing to think about?”. Of course not. Just thoughts can be different. Let us give example. Two people sit in line to the doctor. One thinks about the bad, the other in the thoughts green field and flying butterflies. This moment makes it possible to understand that the brain can work in different ways. When meditating, all our bad thoughts are discarded, all unrest and pain go.

There is only a concentration on one object. This is the state of the only good thought.

By and large, our brain has long been learned to concentrate on the only thought. Usually, when negative events occur, our consciousness is completely concentrated on them. That is why people often fall into depression. At this point you need to switch attention to the positive. The best way to do with meditations. When the mind is calm, then the world around becomes the same. Remember that the world around us and his paints depend on how we perceive it.

Meditation teach people to relate to life philosophical. For example, with the help of such phrases: “Why pee, if everything can be fixed?”Or” what to be sad, if you can not fix anything “. However, a person’s mind cannot immediately accept call data. So he did it, it is necessary to curb it. For this knowledgeable people and practice meditation.

The one who can conquer his mind will be able to conquer the whole world. How to wear rubber boots, you can boldly spank on the puddles, so you can protect yourself from the negative manifestations of the outside world with meditations. That’s why a person needs to do meditations.

How to choose a place and time?

Let’s start with the most ideal places that are exactly suitable for meditation.

  • Spirit Rock – This place resembles fabulous and fantasy paintings. In addition, indigenous Americans sometimes lived on this land, they worked in these places spiritual rites. These places are rejuvenating.

  • The plum village was founded in Dornya (France). This place is a Buddhist monastery. Here everyone lives in a rigorous schedule. Therefore, with the time of classes you will decide very simple.

  • City called Dharamsala (India). Here you can stay in a small pension and participate in philosophical treatises that were created by the Dalai Lama himself.

  • Buddhist center in Kuzalu-Natal is located in South Africa. There are peace and african nature here.

  • Suan Mok – Thai monastery proposes to undergo a course of meditation.

  • Alla Cukui Located in the Hawaiian Reserve, and here people pass rehabilitation after severe experiences.

Although know that no matter where you will meditate. You can choose any place you like. Any corner in the apartment will fit for this. The main thing is that this space is separated from other rooms by either the door or partition. Dense curtains or other available material are often used to distinguish the indoor zones.

Inside the meditation space, place a convenient sofa or sofa. Purchase a few large pillows. They are needed to ensure that your body does not experience loads when meditating. Room lighting should resemble natural sunlight, so pick the corresponding light bulbs. On the floor of the bed of a carpet or a palace with a big pile. So your legs will not freeze if you lower them on the floor. Different figurines, paintings and exotic plants can complement.

We now turn to the time frame. It all depends on your individuality. Some love to sleep in the morning, and all the times are postponed at night, others on the contrary.

In addition, there are Buddhist destinations that suggest meditation at certain hours. The following information will help someone choose the time of studying meditations.

The main occupation of Buddhists is the various practices that they apply in everyday life. For their embodiment, silence and peace. Teaching Thaevad requires man early to get out of bed and went to bed early. Therefore, morning and evening for meditations are preferred in this case.

Group studies medical envisages Tibetan Buddhism. Usually such procedures are held every day from 5 to 6 am. In addition, this direction is directly connected with astronomy, and it dictates its own rules. therefore Meditations are recommended to do in the morning at 6 o’clock, at lunch at 12 o’clock and in the evening at 17 o’clock and 24 hours. To direct your aspirations deep into yourself, start doing Meditation from Zen. This practice recommends conducting meditation after half an hour after awakening.

Summarize. If you still have not chosen a specific direction for yourself, then know that Meditation is such a practice that though requires a certain approach, but very loyally refers to the desires and needs of a person. Therefore, meditation can be carried out at any time during the day and even at night. By and large, there are no clear boundaries. The main thing about this issue is not to miss classes and every time the time to increase them. And last: do not stop on the above issue. Here it is necessary to rely on intuition and desire.


It must be remembered that there are generally accepted postures for meditation. For many, this question is the most incomprehensible, so it causes anxiety. However, you do not need to panic. Just know that all the provisions of the body when meditating only at first glance seem complex.

If you are mastered and begin to perform them correctly, you will feel that they were misled because of inexperience. And most importantly: the position of your body should be as comfortable as possible. Remember that meditation has nothing to do with sports.

So try to choose an optimal option from the following recommendations.

On the chair

Above this moment you need to paint. Sitting position Pretty convenient for meditation. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that When practicing meditations, people are quite often relaxing to such an extent that they fall asleep. If you start classes on the full stomach or in a state of fatigue, then, most likely, this is how it will happen. Therefore, this provision must be applied with caution. Of course, it is better to choose a comfortable sofa instead of stool. Then you can lying to go to your favorite lesson. At the same time you will know that you will not fall, if you are in trans.

Another option is Safety with a chair. Chair will need if you decide to perform meditating down your head. In this case, the emphasis will go to the hands. You should pay attention to your fingers. They must be placed so that you can keep your equilibrium. Remember that meditation in the “down head” position can afford only experienced people. This option is quite complicated.

On the knees

Specialized directions provide for various postures. Pose “On the knees” provides for the retention of the spine in the equal position. This posture is quite unstable. She admits a huge knee load. There are a legs at the same time, and the buttocks rest in the heels. Basically, this situation is chosen by people who practice for quite a long time. This position of the body is also called Vajrasan Pose or Diamond Position.

Anyway, You need to practice slightly before you choose this direction. Remember that the position of the body is always associated with the activities of consciousness.

If your body feel discomfort, it will feel the consciousness too. You will always think about what you are uncomfortable, and these thoughts will definitely distract you from meditation.

Lotus Pose

Counts Classic execution. To perform it, you need to bend in your knees. Next, place your feet on opposite hips. Your knees must rest in the floor, and your back need to straighten as stronger as possible. Again, this option is not quite suitable for those who are accustomed to comfort. It is not recommended that those who have joints or have problems with veins. This posture causes a lot of difficulties even in those who have flexible ankles. And yet it is useful.

In the lotus pose your muscles in the back area will be in a tone. It will improve your blood circulation. If you certainly want to meditate in the lotus position, then try to first spend a session in the pose of a half windows. This is a more accessible option. To portray this figure, you need to bend both legs and put one feet on the thigh.

If you cross the tibia, and post the feet above the hips, you can take a four lotus pose.

How to prepare?

Need to fulfill all instructions. Remember that meditations do not require conventions. However, those who are strongly doubted, can be recommended to adhere to the following rules.

  • Before meditation it is impossible to eat. If you really want to do it, it is better to eat a light salad or a pair of apples. Remember that on the full stomach you will fall on during a session.

  • The tired person will not be able to fully enter the trance. Instead of class meditation, he falls into sleep. Therefore, before starting practice, you should relax a bit. Better to sleep or go for a walk.

  • Pleasant water treatments will contribute to future relaxation. In addition, before the start of the practice associated with the mental condition, it is very important that your body is clean. Hot water will relax muscles and your mind.

  • Clothing that you wear before meditation should be comfortable and free. It is desirable that she was sewn with the use of natural fabrics.

  • So that the process began fast, Fill the room in which the practice of specialized flavors will be held.

  • All in life there are stressful situations. If you can’t calm down after an unpleasant conversation with the boss, it’s better to do physical education first. The fact is that the muscles and internal organs of man are able to accumulate stress. You can reset it using non-hard exercises. So you punish the muscles with positive, restore the balance, and at the same time your body is saturated with oxygen.

  • Yoga classes also contribute to rapid training for meditation. So you grow muscle, and you will easily accept a special posture that involves the practice. In addition, yoga itself is considered to be “active meditation”.

  • Calm music contributes to the relaxation of the body. Therefore, this method should be used to prepare.

  • Breathing exercises, Namely some deep breaths, will also help to get a certain attitude to practice.

Process meditation

You do not even imagine how much there exists on the Earth of various methods of meditation. They are ordinary and fairly exotic. You can spend them both in nature and at home. If you really want to enter the trance, then the techniques for you will also not play much. The main thing is to think and do what is supposed. Consider the easiest method that will reveal the meditation process.

  • In a special place with special lighting Sit on a comfortable sofa. Strip soft pillows under the back. Body Pose – Maximum Convenient. If some discomfort in the muscles starts, then you will not relax. Disable the phone.

  • If you start meditation, and you will suddenly go off the foot or the nose will begin, then Do not tolerate and eliminate the cause of concern.

  • Relax your face and lips, the neck muscles should also be relaxed. Teeth are not silent. close your eyes.

  • In this position, sit about 15-20 minutes. It takes several uniform and deep breaths and exhale. For a larger effect, delay breathing before exhalation. Rule such: inhale the air through the nose, and exhale through the mouth. Further try to breathe calmly.

  • Perceive foreign noises as due. Subsequently, you get used to them so that they do not distract you from the process. If you have headphones in our ears, from which uniform music sounds, then listen to her. At the same time, it should be relying on the inner sensations that occur in your body.

  • Feel a lot of your body and then go to the feelings in different parts of the body (breast, back, loin, spine and t. D.). Need to check, they relaxed or not. Try to completely relax your limbs.

  • Then Feel completely all your body.

  • After which it should be back to breathing. Concentrate on it and relax your mind. Do not control it. Disconnect your observations of feelings, thoughts, feelings. Stay indifferent to everything that happens.

  • Keep such a state long, Do not feel in your mind and in the whole body some uncharacteristic changes.

  • If you felt them, then you did everything.

  • Leaving meditation status, Slowly open the eyes, look around and do not rush to get up from your place.

The above technique is great for those who are only going to apply meditation in practice. This practice does not require special effort and a lot of time. The results of changes in your body and life as a whole are waiting in a week.

Tips for beginners

You can learn meditations if you take into account all the nuances. And there are some secrets to help fully concentrate in class.

  • First need to put specific goal and realize their actions, and then take a specific decision.

  • Start classes need from choosing a place and time. The beginners are recommended to conduct the first sessions in a separate and quiet room. But you can choose any time. Perfect for classes will suit the morning and evening hours. If you can’t get sessions to this clock, then select Other. During the day, it is also not forbidden to engage in practitioners.

  • Exchange frequency is also of great importance. The more often you are engaged in meditations, the greater the result you will achieve. Classes should be carried out on a regular basis. You can not throw them, and then start again.

  • Final preparation should be the main point. During meditation time runs differently. Therefore, put the timer to control the process.

  • Decide with pose. Remember that for beginners it is better to take a more convenient position. Meditation lying almost impossible. In this position you will quickly fall, and the whole process will go to the pump.

  • If you are just starting, try to constantly improve the process. For this you need to increase the time of meditation every time and their number. At the same time, try to pay attention to your state after classes to track the results. Subsequently, these results can be analyzed and eliminated negative sides.

  • Do not forget about a positive attitude before starting meditation. In addition, you need to believe that this process will definitely change your life. Remember that without faith nothing will happen.

  • Important moment: less tell out to unauthorized people about the fact that you started the practice of meditation. This must be done in order for extra peres to prevent your positive confusion.

About how to meditate correctly, look in the video.

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