How to sell goods at interview?

How to sell goods at interview?

Going to the interview, you are preparing to “surprise” the potential boss with banal ranting about their rich experience, the best parties, as well as the desire to grow and develop. Recruiter perfectly understands that half of applicants have a learned text that does not say anything, so it can be asked for a sudden task, asking for a handle.

In fact, such a test for those who want to find a job invented good half a century ago. Consider more like selling goods at the interview.

Why ask for sale?

It should be immediately understood that the conditional electrician, teachers or programmer such questions are hardly loaded. The need to “sell” something directly at the interview often arises before those who plan to work in the field of trade, but do not perceive this test too literally. In fact, he is not in vain in demand for the past fifty years – He reveals you as a personality from a variety of sides, namely:

  • Are you able to sell any product at all+
  • What are your communicative skills, how do you behave with customers+
  • Do you know how you go out of unexpected situations – you are unlikely to be a seller of the handle+
  • Do you understand in psychology – so that the recruiter “bought” the subject must be understood how to make it feel the need for it+
  • whether the thoughts are clear – you are unlikely to have a prepared speech, and this situation will show how you have improvisation+
  • Creative whether you know how to think abstractly – in many cases the consumer will agree to buy even the goods unnecessary to him if you give it interesting or even extravagantly+
  • Can you own yourself in a potentially exciting situation – any excitement or confusion will interfere with selling both in the interview and real life.

Basic Rules

A universal recipe for how to sell a handle or something else does not exist – if your tenant has already heard the story that you found somewhere on the Internet, then you will certainly not work a strong impression. But there is a certain strategy that theoretically should help achieve success, but it represents only a “frame”, and the rest you must come up with yourself.


The first thing you have to understand is the one who is your potential buyer and why your product can come in handy. Remember that your shirt is always closer to the body, so I think forget about the man as a cog in a large company – trying to interest him, beyond his personal interests, and not on corporate.

Roughly speaking, the middle service manager is not so important to chase behind the large-scale development of the entire company in which he works, but it will be much more pleasant to achieve certain success with his small division – this is the premium, and even increase. Site in the root – do not focus on too global, look for private, because it is always more important.

The key value may also have the emotion of a potential buyer in the form of an instant impulse. If you see that you can surprise something to surprise something or hook – try to beat it in this place.

If the buyer is a group of people (on behalf of the company, for example), it is important not to contact everyone immediately. In the crowd, there must be a person who shapes and make decisions. Sometimes these functions are divided between two representatives – then starting standing with the head or senior as. In any case, you appeal to one person – just so everyone will hear.

Installing contact

Today, most business people who have facilitates and capable of making purchases, there is simply no time for excess chatter, so You will have to do without prefaces and find a way as soon as possible Go to the essence of the case. Most of the “instructions” offer first to click on the problem, and then offer a solution, for example: “You all the time forget the phone numbers and suffer from it, but you would have a good handle – you would write them down”.

However, at the interview you really do not know your opponent, and at all you cannot be sure that he has a description described – suddenly the secretary is written for him, and he has a branded and very expensive.

    For this reason, experts advise not to focus on the problem, especially since many do not like such entry into. Focusing on something unpleasant, you can subconsciously repel the desire to listen, so focus more on development and perspective.

    As an example, you can bring the converted aforementioned phrase: “Our handle takes ink under pressure, so writes in any position, which means you can record important numbers wherever you are”. The client is not interested in your desire to sell him a handle, all that is important for him is the result he will get through the purchase.

    Detection of needs

    Potential consumer will lay out any amount for the goods if you convince it that such a purchase can bring it a significant benefit. Globally exists only five benefits, and you have to understand what the subject you sell on the interview is beneficial to the opponent. Options may be as follows:

    1. Money – Material values ​​in our world are considered to be the main means of promoting existence and prosperity, and if you prove that the current investment will pay off with your head, you will buy your handle+
    2. time is the most that “money” in the famous saying, its stock allows growing in every sense or more bright and productively relax, so any item that allows you to significantly save time, will be in demand+
    3. problem solving– Most consumer goods are designed to solve this or that problem of the potential owner, and you just need to explain why this item specifically will cope with this task better than any alternative+
    4. Risk reduction – any ambitious person does not like his current position, and he seeks to increase, but even less pleasant it seems possible a possible deterioration in the situation, so your product will be successfully sold, if it becomes clear that after its purchase, risks are reduced+
    5. New features – The above-described ambitiousness does not always find a way out and opportunities to implement, so the subject you suggests should open up new horizons and prospects to your owner.


      The ability to speak is one of the most important human skills, without which it is difficult to imagine the modern world. Nevertheless, your task is to make some “wow effect” with your handle, surprise the listener, and it is better not through the ears, but through the eyes. Your praise to the goods will be a priori to be perceived as an obsessive (and optionally truthful) advertising, so it is possible that you just challenge listen. Another thing, if you are clearly and without long entry, you will demonstrate how your conditional handle works.

      Naturally, No need to focus on those properties of the subject that a priori should be inherent – If it is a wheel, then it is clear that it will roll, but it would be impressively demonstrate that it is rolling in equal conditions faster than analogues.

      The advantage of visualization is also the fact that it is difficult to challenge – the words may seem inconsistent, but in the XXI century you are unlikely to be considered a magician or charlatan, because information technologies would quickly reveal your secret and killed a reputation. Consequently, what you show is, most likely, though.

      Finally, with the help of visualization, from the very beginning, the objections from the very beginning – you voicate the minimum of allegations, allowing viewers to independently draw conclusions. Many people love to argue purely from the principle, but here they will simply do not work.

      Work with objections

      As if you were convincing, in most cases, an adequate consumer will objections, doubts and questions that he will try to knock down the land from under the feet. Differences for the sellers today are quite explained – we will be honest, there are enough proposals of goods that are much worse how they are described. However The presence of critical comments and tricky questions indicates that you have completed half the task – attracted attention to this subject that sell.

      Working in the firm and in advance knowing that you will have to sell, you will have the opportunity to prepare, writing like probable questions in advance and thinking answers to them. On the interview you can hardly have such an opportunity, After all, the personnelists, too, nonsense – it is possible that they will offer you to “sell” at all the handle. Here you will have to fight off from attacks, focusing only on your own intelligence.

      Immediately clarify that you are a confident person who knows exactly why his goods are better than others. As soon as you show that you yourself doubt, all potential buyers will be missed.

      It is clear that the sudden question can get you surprise, but try not to show it, do not start going to the vague bleeding. Especially do not use aggression, even if your opponent’s comments are similar to the frank mockery above you and your product. Get ready for Caverzam at least moral. By the way, the intelligence can help you get out – If you really drove into the angle with a question, make an “opponent”‘s intelligence “compliment, and you yourself do not forget to think about the answer.

        Especially great, if after the victory over all doubts you still remove the last trump card from the sleeve, which will achieve the enemy. This is the so-called gain gain – the last and most important argument that you have accounted for specifically for the moment when the potential buyer is already fluctuated. Theoretically, it may be a game on emotions, both both positive and negative.

        The first option is an indication of an additional valuable advantage that will ensure the possession of your product. The second is a hint that your advantageous offer is relevant only immediately, and with the slightest delay it will no longer be as valuable for one reason or another.

        What do not need to do?

        The first rule of a person who presents something – do not lose confidence and your product. You may simply not know the advantages of your goods that are quite real, but it will not become an excuse – your handle or pencil, or the ruler will no longer buy if you can not explain what it is good and why better than others.

        Another point is calm. It is possible that your potential buyer is not the most polite person, and the personnel, of course, will be interested in checking you in a stressful situation, so it will easily create it for you. You may understand that you are purposefully etched and trying to bring out, but you do not need to be done.

        Even if the attacks are clearly inadequate, you still have no right to demonstrate aggression in response – this is no longer a constructive dialogue, and so you definitely do not sell any thing, because even the suffering does not want to buy a glass of water in a person who has heard to him. Be Above – show that you know the strengths of your product and unreasonable distrust you do not touch you.

        Many newbies, even thoroughly prepared for interview in general and such a test in particular, still fall for the simple reason that too much attention is paid to theories and completely forget about the form. Communicative skill is not only that it is right and beautiful to speak – on your face is sometimes written more than you say. Least It is worth practicing a confident withdrawn smile and surely you should learn to hide fear or confusion.

        Naturally, even if you tell the most interesting text, you still do not buy anything if the face remains boring.

        Ready examples

        As mentioned above, to keep a dialogue, designed to sell anything, you need creative and with the claim to originality, but useful examples, of course, do not interfere. Consider several bright examples.

        • Without a phone, you can not submit a successful business – You, as an active person, you can not know. Our model is characterized by a more powerful antenna that catches a signal and in the elevator, and in tunnels. In addition, it is equipped with a large capacity battery – you can always answer calls everywhere.
        • You probably noticed that a sedentary lifestyle does not affect health too well. Morning jogging – a great way to feel yourself a living person, but you should buy our bottle so that the water is always at hand. Pay attention to the shape of the product and the color of the walls – the bottle is designed so that it is convenient to keep it, while it does not miss the sunlight, because of which the liquid remains the longer a cool.
        • When a person succeeds, he can afford something unique, this is such an indicator of its own prestigiousness. Arab sheikh, loving football buy themselves whole teams, and you are on the way to the greatest vertices buy this square ball. This certainly does not have any of your friends, besides, it can be comfortable to sit on it.
        • In the past century, an educated person was simply obliged to see the world, otherwise he was not considered rather knowledgeable. Now this rule is also working, and our tourist ticket would have helped to expand your horizons even more and find new foreign partners. The tour is designed for wealthy people who want comfort – all concerns about the organization of the trip We will take on. The raisin of the tour is to visit the press conference of Ilona Mask, where he will tell how to attract investment in his business.
        • Now there are a lot of sand around you, because you are in the desert, but the vacation will end, and you will leave home. You, of course, can take the standard souvenirs, but they are banal and there are all your acquaintances, and the worst thing is that they are doing in China, and not here. Only the one that under his feet, natural, but do not dial it yourself – here after all camels, not the fact that it is clean. We specifically seize sand from remote desert sites and fall asleep in beautiful bottles.

        The next video will tell about some tricks that can be applied when selling goods.

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