How to specify education in the resume?

How to specify education in the resume?

Count “Education” – no less important information than information about personal and professional qualities and places of previous work. This data does not make sense. After all, by default, the employer, not finding information about the special program of your learning, will consider that you after school went to the factory or worked by the courier – in general, they were fulfilled with no remarkable work.

What happens?

Depending on how education was obtained by the university program, except for the highest (over), distinguish the following varieties.

  1. Specialized secondary – The student has studied in college or technical school.
  2. Incomplete higher education – interrupted early learning, based on the results of which the relevant certificate is issued. The following reasons are the reason for the status of unfinished higher education: care of the army, interruption of learning for health state (academic leave per year), the deductions for the impression (not until the end of the tests, exams), not completed final certification (unsatisfactory reported state exams).
  3. Incomplete higher – The certificate is issued when a student who meets high hopes has settled in one of the firms, working in which will improve its current university program, and also promises him early and essential in career. In this case, the employer requests the appropriate certificate. At the same time, the student continues his studies, but goes to a special, abbreviated operation and / or changes the form of training from daylight on the evening or absentee.

An option is possible when a student is translated to the free regime of visiting classes – while maintaining full-time status / evening studies.

If the student studied perfectly, which was confirmed by immaculately prone sessions and practice, instead of an ordinary diploma, he is issued red (with honors). At the same time, there should be no triplex on coursework / projects and according to the results of the exams. At least three quarters from the total number of estimates are extremely five.

Special education Yesterday, a student can get, enroll in graduate school, magistracy, doctoral studies. Deepening and expansion of the educational program – the case is more voluntary. For example, a student does not want to be a simple specialist, what millions in the country. It pulls him already in the field of scientific activity. He wants to leave after herself some trace in history, really making the world with something better, and not only living the life of a simple worker. He wishes to be on the edge of progress in the area of ​​activity chosen. Often he connects with her the rest of his life.

The highest award for the successful passage of all stages and tests is a scientific degree: Level of Candidate, Doctor of Science, Professor – Up to Academician. Now the specialist himself publishes scientific articles, methodological benefits, prepares a worthy change of young scientists and specialists.

What to consider when filling out the section?

Consider example. If you have received a higher education engineer, please specify, for example, information about the end of the repair and maintenance of smartphones and Android tablets, as well as about the course on the subject of increasing sales volumes and improving advertising efficiency.

But Do not specify that you, say, passed courses and sewing courses – Even if your hobby, who you have taken yourself in your free time. The employer considers this aspect as a circumstance, possibly preventing. It may not let you afford to get a job engineer of basic cellular stations.

How to specify additional education?

Training – Help to your postgraduate program you have mastered or continue to master. The same radio specificist is useful, for example, to undergo an in-depth English course for engineers (to surrender technical English). He will not interfere with courses for coaching, media advertising, promotion and promotion of websites. Such trainings, in turn, contribute to the promotion of this labor market specialist.

Another example: Specialist in computer science and management, information systems Useful to undergo extended web programmer or cameraman courses. Not even finding the main work in any company, they work well, for example, on the layout and promotion of sites – perform major orders unofficially and on different customers from each other.

It is thanks to supporting courses to improve the qualifications to promising employees easier to declare themselves in all. With proper and advantageous submission of yourself, they will not stay without work 15 minutes.

Examples of writing in the resume

To get the desired job, opening, correctly specify your education data. Will it be the main optional – it does not matter, but it should coincide with the theme of the desired position. So you and the employer are better configured to mutually beneficial cooperation. Below are several characteristic examples – excerpts from typical summary, thanks to which the applicants have a success. Thus, information about primary education is indicated completely.

  1. 2011-2016. Institute of Economics, Management and Law, G. Moscow. Faculty of Economics, Specialty “Economics and Managing Production”.
  2. 2017. Moscow Center for Business Solutions. Seminars and lectures on the subject “Fixing the receptions and techniques of active sales”.
  3. 2010-2015. Russian State Socyaniversity, Socio-Humanitarian Faculty, Social Department. Specialty “Pedagogue”.
  4. 2012-2017. Moscow Technical Institute, Faculty of Information Systems, Specialty “Programming”. There is a master of master (full-time learning).
  5. 1997-2002. Moscow Pedagogical University. Specialty “Lecturer of English and German”.

    Be sure to point out who and where you were listed – graduate student, bachelor, doctoral studies and other. Information about additional Vnevozovsky education is indicated, for example, as follows.

    1. 01-07.2010 G. English courses – Higher School Best English.
    2. 05.2011 G. Lectures and seminars on the subject “Takes and methods of highly efficient sales”.

    Additional advanced training courses are not specified before the main education. Be sure to specify the type and view of the course (Language, Computer). The essence of the training program is also clearly set out: if it is programming courses – specify the programming languages ​​you have mastered.

    Do not specify the list of courses and training programs that you would not be useful in this work.


    It is advantageous to submit yourself – clearly and compressed to describe your advantages, dignity. Correctly specifying information about any formation, you will significantly increase the chances of the fact that the recruiter or the head of the faced company will give “Green Light”. Without this information, no full-fledged and concise resume.

    About how to make a resume correctly, look next.

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