How to write a resume welder?

How to write a resume welder?

The profession of the welder is one of the most sought-after. The higher the qualifications, the higher the specialist in the labor market is valued. Welder is needed everywhere: from modest workshops and autosers to defense enterprises. There is also a steady demand for specialists who are ready to work as a rotational method. The summary should be drawn to all seriousness. Everything is important here: Profession and qualifications, discharge and availability of certificates, special knowledge and professional skills.

You should specify the actual experience of working, which may differ from the qualification – it may be interested in the employer. Qualification can be quite modest, but if there is experience in aluminum welding argon – it can be a pleasant bonus. Plus, it can be the existing experience in welding car body, especially when the device in the auto repair shop.


Summary is made individually, but has a certain structure. There are a number of items that are mandatory. Sometimes the desired work schedule and wages are indicated. The main points are:

  • personal data+
  • education+
  • work experience+
  • personal qualities+
  • Additional information.

In point “Personal data” F. AND. O., address, phone number and email. Also at the beginning of the summary indicated “purpose”. The goal can be designated job search or welder vacancies. Point “Education” implies the indication of the profession / qualifications and the availability of the CXC certificate. For example: Welder-argon electric gas welder 4 or 5 discharge.

“Work experience” – An interesting and important point that cannot be underestimated. It is worth identifying all the work experience, the better – the better. You should specify where you worked which responsibilities were performed, maybe there is experience in a brigade, as well as professional skills acquired during work.

Experience may differ from education and workshop. If there is experience with semi-automatic welding machines or experience in unusual conditions – be sure to write about it. Such facts can be decisive when choosing your resume from hundreds of others.

In the presence of a certain experience, items may look something like this:

  • Welding works in any position, including height+
  • Welding of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals+
  • Possession of manual arc, semi-automatic welding, as well as work with argon+
  • Performing welding of pipelines of various diameters, as well as pipelines implying operation under high pressure+
  • Execution of welding frame structures and construction reinforcement+
  • Installation / disassembly of systems and structures+
  • Knowledge of safety equipment in the production of welding, knowledge of the production process (something)+
  • Experience in senior positions (with his actual presentation).

The key requirements are high qualifications, the availability of work experience, good physical training (including the absence of bad habits), good vision – all this can play a decisive role.

Also decisive factors can be the readiness to work by the Watch method (for example, in the extreme north) and the possibility of organizing a welding brigade (if there is such an experience).

What you do not need to write?

Definitely do not need to write wrong. In this case, you can get into the ugly position. Deception is unlikely to help get the desired position and definitely will not help her. Do not write extra and unnecessary information, on which important items may be lost.

The text should be brief and informative, understandable, eliminating complex wording.


We give a few examples of the average resume.

Electric welder

F. AND. O. – Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich.

Desired Salary – 27 thousand. rubles.

Desired graph – full employment.

Date of Birth – 09.06.1994.

Family status – single, no children.

Education – GPTU №2 g. Murmansk on the qualifications “Welder of manual arc welding”.

Work experience:

2015-2018. – LLC “Heat Salervis”. Murmansk. Hand arc welding welder 3 discharge. Performing welding work of frame structures in the lower and vertical position. Pipeline welding in the lower position.

2018-2019. – LLC “Gorvodokanal” G. Murmansk. Welder 3 discharge. Welding pipelines, including water, leakage.

Professional skills:

  • Welding of metal structures manual arc welding in the lower, vertical and inclined position+
  • Welding pipelines+
  • possession of welding skills by semi-automatic.


F. AND. O. – Stepanov Stepan Stepanovich.

Date of Birth – 08.09.1990.

Family status – single, no children.

Education – Building College №5 g. Moscow by profession “Welder 3 category”.

Work experience:

2011-2015. – STROYEKTROSERVIS LLC. Moscow. Hand arc welder 4 discharge. Welding of frame structures and reinforcement, low pressure pipelines.

2015-2019. – LLC “Boiler room №24” G Moscow. Fitter for repair of boiler installations. Repair of boiler equipment, welding high pressure pipelines.

Professional skills:

  • Welding of frame structures, low and high pressure pipelines in various positions+
  • Possession of the skill of welding ceiling seam+
  • Certification “Nax”+
  • There is experience in a semi-automatic and plasma cutter.

How to create a professional summary in Word, look next.

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