Land and property relations – what is this profession?

Land and property relations - what is this profession?

Bureaucratic processes include many aspects and difficulties with which only professionals can cope with. A separate group of specialists is engaged in the process of regulating the use of buildings and land plots. The profession that covers the scope of land and property relations appeared in Russia under the end of the last century.

What it is?

Land and property relations – multifaceted sphere. Specialist should know all laws and innovations that at least indirectly relate to the field of land law. To date, real estate is one of the biggest values ​​of the modern world.

To properly make transactions and other documents related to buildings or land, you need to know legislation in various directions:

  • Legal area+
  • Agrarian+
  • Environmental.

If you do not consider all the nuances, the preparation of any documents may be dangerous. The legitimate solution of all questions and are engaged in specialists in land and property relations.

All the necessary knowledge they get in the learning process and on practice. This is the easiest and most understandable description of this specialty.

Experts perform the following work.

  • Photographing a land area. If necessary, professionals conduct geodesic shooting.
  • Definition of borders when disputing on ownership.
  • The solution of controversial issues that belong to the inventory of various buildings.
  • Analyzing the land market and exploring the current situation.
  • Registration of all necessary documentation.
  • Drawing up cadastral accounting, as well as registration of land and structures.
  • Resolution of the situation relating to property rights to immovable property or a certain territory.

Modern specialists combine several professional areas in one profession.

  • Lawyer. Knowledge from this area will necessarily need when you have to compile or reissue contracts and other documentation.
  • Marketer. The task of this employee is the study of the market and the current economic situation.
  • Economist. This direction is useful to competently arrange financial calculations.

Pros and cons profession

Each professional activity has its advantages and disadvantages. With them you need to get acquainted before choosing a profession for yourself. Land and property relations are a difficult matter, but interesting and relevant.

As positive qualities, we can note the following.

  • In the process of work, you need to communicate with many people. Some regard it as an opportunity to make new interesting acquaintances.
  • Knowledge in the legislative will be useful in solving various household issues.
  • Realship in the labor market.
  • The ability to organize your legal company or to deal with IP.
  • Continuous improvement in the profession, which is to study approved or changed laws.
  • Career growth immediately in several specialties (indicated above).

As a negative side of this profession, a large number of requirements can be noted. This is a heavy mental work with which not everyone will cope with.

To succeed in this direction, you must have the following personal qualities:

  • attentiveness+
  • stress tolerance+
  • Accuracy and Fast Reaction+
  • Persistence and politeness+
  • literacy+
  • Set speech+
  • Organizations+
  • independence+
  • Excellent memory+
  • ability to memorize and process large amounts of information.

If the candidate for a position does not have the above characteristics, work will act on the nervous system negative.


To start career growth in this profession, first need to gain basic knowledge. In this case, do not do without education. You can start comprehending this specialty after grade 9. Anyone can go to the technical school or college on the desired specialty (faculty “Land and property relations”). To become a full student, you need to prepare the necessary documents and pass the preparatory exams. For several years of training, teachers give future specialists the necessary primary knowledge that specialists will have to apply in practice.

Teachers are divided with novice specialists in knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Competent compilation of a plan of construction or land plan+
  • Introduction topical data in cadastral catalog+
  • Calculation of the cost of the structure (house, plant, apartment and other options) or territorial section+
  • Maintenance of legal transactions+
  • Measures of borders+
  • Setting markings on the map.

Also get the necessary education in higher education institution. In this case, the obtained diploma will be more prestigious and in demand. The required faculty may have a different name, for example “City Cadastre” or “Real Estate Cadastre”.

In the Russian capital there are 9 universities in which this specialty can be obtained. Also, the necessary direction can be found in the educational institution of almost every Russian city.

The modern learning process takes place in the following formats

  • Universities. To get a bachelor’s degree, it is necessary to study 4 years in the day office. With correspondence form of training, the student will need 5 years. For receipt, it will necessarily need a certificate of graduation grades.
  • Technical school or college. The certificate of full secondary education allows you to finish learning in just 2 years. If the applicant graduated from 9 classes to get a diploma to have to study for three years.

For receipt, the following documents will be needed:

  • the passport+
  • school certificate+
  • The results of the ege with the passing point+
  • Medical certificate.

A complete list of documents can be found when visiting the day of the open door. You can also get the necessary information by contacting representatives of the educational institution.

Place of work and salary

This profession retains relevance. To date, the development of the construction sphere is seminal steps, so specialists need specialists who will be able to provide the necessary services to the population. A professional relationship professional is included in the top of the most sought-after and necessary working specialties not only in Russia, but also far beyond.

Professionals who have all the necessary knowledge and skills can settle in the following jobs:

  • Construction firms+
  • companies that provide real estate services+
  • Cadastral chambers+
  • Real estate evaluating firms+
  • real estate agency+
  • Land societies and committees.

Wage level

Earnings directly depends on the region where the specialist works. Today, the salary of the Russian professional has from 22 to 60 thousand rubles per month. Most of all employees working in the capital and other major cities.

Also for earnings affect the following:

  • Employee experience+
  • Scale of the project+
  • Prestige company+
  • Customer Stream (if the employee works in a company or another institution).

Some experienced professionals work upon themselves. In this case, the level of salary depends on how many people use the services of a particular specialist.


It is worth noting that this working direction appeared in Russia relatively recently. Despite this, there is always a place for a specialist in the labor market, whether it is a novice or professional. Many students are arranged at work immediately after receiving a profile diploma. Some of them begin to develop their careers while still students passing the production practice.

If you are constantly improving in this profession, you can become a popular specialist in a few years. You can also open your business and maintain your own customer base.

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