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Many of us know that all human fears and anxieties are laid in childhood. The nature of each of us also begins to form during this period. Therefore, we can safely say that our childhood remains with us for life. Adult aware is aware that now he has become different, so he perceives himself as separately. At the same time, a small creature lives all the time inside our consciousness. If in childhood it was often offended or did not give due attention, it would always remind about it all the time.

Who needs and why?

Meditation “Healing internal child” Louise Hay developed for those who feel lonely and defenseless person. This meditation is designed to get rid of fears and insecurity.

This technique should be trusted only because Louise Hay on his experience showed how to act when the soul is wounded since childhood.

The creator of the technique was born in the poor family. Since childhood, learned what hunger and cold. When she grew up, one of the beautiful days decided to captivate with unconventional treatment methods. Then he became a pastor and began writing books on psychology.

When Louise got very sick, he decided to cure himself with his consciousness. This helped her meditation. To date, she was able to help other people get out of a difficult situation.

The above meditation makes it possible to formally immerse yourself in childhood and with this dive try to change the present. Therefore, this technique is needed to those who sincerely want to get rid of children’s experiences, which, in turn, are very strongly influenced by.

There are a lot of examples when problems coming from children’s age do not allow a person to self-realize. For example, if the child was offended at school age and he felt his worthlessness, then in adulthood he could not find a satellite, will be closed, it will not be able to realize his abilities.

To change everything, you need to try in practice the meditation Louise Hay “Healing of the internal child”.

What is a “inner child”?

To fully come to the perception of such a thing, you need to realize that The term “internal child” is an personification of one of the main parts of the inner world of a person. It is this part that contains various memories, both negative and positive, as well as fears, skills, early experience and t. D.

It is this part of the human soul responsible for the joyful perception of any events. Each of us well remembers the taste of ice cream, which we all ate in childhood. It was incredibly sweet and pleasant. I remember this moment, and now, being adults to please yourself, we also eat ice cream.

The same can be said about creative abilities.

At an early age, every child tries to draw something or loose. If he is praised, he tries even more and creates. As a result, a talented artist or sculptor can grow from such a person. AND In this great importance will play childish experience, namely “Inner child”.

When no one pays attention to the creative veil of a small artist, he begins to slowly close himself in himself, and his abilities go out. If such a person, being an adult, will want to revive the craving for drawing, then this will help meditation entitled “Healing of the internal child”.

Tackle: “Inner child” is a certain period of time that remained in the distant past. However, this time period may not affect the true and future life of an adult person.


This technique is designed for people who have become adults. No matter how old you are. It must be carried out in order for clean and fresh emotions in your soul. And they will definitely create new ideas in the mind that will help move in life further.

It is necessary to consider that Your “inner child” can be in such a state – to be depressed and frightened and t. D. If you see in your behavior disadvantage, the inability to ask for the like, then you need to learn how to deal with it. In addition, negative manifestations and emotions in your character also suggest that your “inner child” is depressed.

Therefore, you treat yourself inadequately, namely, be angry with yourself, scold and blame in all mortal sins. And most importantly, do not see your achievements and good qualities. This, naturally, enjoy the surrounding people, making you a “scapegoat”.

Some species inadequate behavior are expressed in the fact that they, being adult people, can not understand this. Such people are infantile, do not work and do not learn, try to live at the expense of others. So they need to start working on themselves. Otherwise, they will subjected to final degradation.

To do this, find out exactly how your “inner child” is manifested. If it is not quite healthy in the emotional plan, then you will be uncomfortable. If you are uncomfortable, then you need to hold wellness meditation and bring your overall state of the soul to equilibrium.

Meditation will help to establish contact with the “child” sitting inside you. This technique will push you to the emotional bora. Do not be surprised that during practice you will experience and sadness, and joy, guilt, and nostalgia, and other feelings.

Do not be afraid of the smelted emotional storm, and let it happen. If you want to cry, turn. If you want to laugh, you wander. Meditation is carried out in order to revive your feelings.

Now proceed to the main action.

  • Conveniently stay and close your eyes.

  • Make a deep breath through the nose, and exhale the air through your mouth. Repeat such manipulations several times.

  • Your body must gradually relax from the top to the fingers and hands. Imagine that this relaxation touched the tips of the fingers and returned again to the top.

  • After that, you must feel your body and realize your current age, as well as the momentary state of your mind. Think if you saw all.

  • Next, imagine that a child appeared in front of you. It may be a boy or a girl (here everything should depend on your sex).

  • The child is you. You are about five years old. Imagine how it looks. Remember yourself small, what are you dressed and shod. Observe the child.

  • Then mentally stand up, go to the child and stretch his hand. Take the hand of the child in your palm. She is very small. Sit next to and feel the growth of the kid. Look in his eyes. If you really want to kiss the baby, then Kiss him on the cheek, palm. Be sure to pay attention to the reaction of the Baby.

  • The eyes of a child must tell you about many. Look, sad, or with zadorinka, what is their color: carial or blue. Remember this moment. You have now got to love. In the eyes of this kid – your hopes. Take the baby in hand. Let him hurt to you. Feel it warm and let your heart respond to this gesture.

  • Think if you can now defend this child from someone else’s influence, will you make him up all the time. Ask him to tell what actions he expects from you. Promise the baby (Ke) that you will now be about him (about it) to take care, protect and delight.

  • Think about what you and only you can protect this child. From this he will feel care and stop afraid. Baby will no longer worry for not justifying your expectations.

  • Hug your “I”, t. E. child and promise to always defend him. Know, this is the most expensive thing that you have. Baby is your inner feeling.

  • The child must understand that he is heard and what you always remember about him.

  • In the end of the session, put the baby to the floor and slowly release your hands. Take a look in his face. It is Zasia. The appearance has changed, and it became clear that he glows from happiness.

  • Make a few breaths and exhalations again and open your eyes.


Thanks to these recommendations, your practice will become more efficient.

  • For yourself, it is necessary to specify the reason why you have a desire to do meditation. Good reasons will give impetus to a diligent attitude to practices.

  • Do not start the lessons that seem too tedious to you. Better start with a small.

  • Plan in advance the time you can allocate for meditation. If you like to sleep in the morning, then appliances are better to do lunch or in the evening. Perform meditating in strictly allotted hours.

  • Practice better in a certain place that will be quiet (without the presence of children and animals). If you can not execute any position, for example, the lotus position, then use a chair for practice. Sit on him, and under the back lay a pillow.

  • Track all changes that happen to your body and mental activity. For convenience, get a diary and write down all the processes in it that will seem important to you important and progressive.

Meditation “Internal Child Healing” in the video below.

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