Meditation for beginners: where to start and how to perform?

Meditation for beginners: where to start and how to perform?

People used to think stereotypically. If in their lives there are unpleasant stories or life rolls under the slope, they immediately grab the soothing drugs. And none of them will remember that funds from negative manifestations have long been invented by our ancestors. They used Meditation, to restore mental strength, raise self-esteem and even correct financial position.

The main thing is to believe in your strength and by virtue of your consciousness. And experience and knowledge will come as soon as you proceed to practice.

Why do you need to meditate?

A simple person, not a believer, it is difficult to explain things that it is impossible to touch. Such an individual can only be recommended to believe. To do this, he needs to know what the word means meditation. so, Meditation is the impact on mental activity, which will subsequently go into the state of in-depth concentration.

There are several types of meditation. There is Unidirected. In the event of its implementation, a person focuses on something or anything pronounces, or listens. There is a meditation that is based On emptiness. In this case, there should be no thoughts in the mind of a person.

And now we turn to the consideration of the essence. Meditation does not tolerate fuss. Therefore, in this issue, every answer is of particular importance. Research scientists talk about it. They showed that practitioners have a beneficial effect on health.

As a result of classes with a human body, such changes occur:

  • There is a significant strengthening of the immune system+
  • If a person suffers from high pressure, it decreases, the activity of the cardiovascular system also improves+
  • A man suffering from headaches can quickly get rid of such an age+
  • Diseases disappear+
  • Stress resistance increases, meditation in principle are designed to lower the excitability, which prevents living and thinking correctly+
  • The youth remains+
  • Improved sleep quality.

However, meditations have a beneficial effect not only for health, but also thinking:

  • Memory is significantly strengthened, as the brain work improves+
  • The processing process becomes more prompt+
  • A positive thinking is developing, and with it intuition+
  • Man acquires creative mood+
  • Training becomes more affordable, as the clarity of mind increases.

The emotional sphere is also filled with positive changes:

  • man thanks to practices acquires domestic strength and becomes confident+
  • less angry and flows into depression+
  • All emotions are under control+
  • There is such a thing as an emotional intelligence, if you develop it with the help of meditations, then you will receive an informed perception of your actions and desires+
  • In addition, a person gets internal comfort and thus gets rid of anxiety+
  • Mediting personality becomes immune to stress+
  • Various phobias disappear.

A man who is fond of meditations is different from others both appearance and inner world. Individuals, welcoming practices, are open to know something new and inexplicable. They have an interesting inner world. With them easy to communicate. They can concentrate their attention on any problem and thereby quickly solve it.

Meditation people are ready to communicate. They perceive other people as they actually. In their character manifest Self Control and Self-awareness. They never scandals and do not want other people in the wrong.

Why such changes occur in the human consciousness? Because the practitioner holds a great job with his own subconscious and takes it under control. Thus, he binds herself with space. When this happens, any individual becomes Personality.

Description of technology

Those who are still thinking to start doing meditations, it is necessary to understand, what they conclude and what actions need to be performed. So novice is important to learn how to meditate and know what techniques are in the world.

So, around the world there are many practices. They were created as our ancestors and contemporaries. New techniques take the basis of ancient practice.

To date, you can choose any technique that is practiced in India, Tibet, China, Japan and T. D.

List them:

  • Qigong+
  • Dzen+
  • Taoist Meditation+
  • Meditation, where mantras are used+
  • Meditation, where breathing is used+
  • Meditation, where the process of awareness passes+
  • Vipassana.

Newcomer worth knowing that The list is not limited to the above practitioners. There are more than 40 types of meditations in the world, including those who have been developed by the Adepts of Buddhism.

The word “meditation” is translated as “reflection”. There is no such translation in the east. But the words “dyan” or “Tien” are quite acceptable for the East. How meditation is associated with yoga? Just in the yogic tradition of Ashtanga Yoga practices meditation and is called Dhyana. Here the highest step is the dissolution of consciousness and the connection with the case – Samadhi.

Know everything and immediately very difficult. Therefore, you should start working with simple lessons.

Lessons should not last long. The very first meditation should be light and understandable.For example, such:

  • Prepare a quiet and convenient place, turn on the appropriate soothing music+
  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes+
  • Breathe deep and smoothly+
  • Do not pay attention to your thoughts+
  • Instead, try to focus on breathing: let the air passes through the lungs and penetrates each cell of the body+
  • Imagine how all your alarms and illnesses come out with the air+
  • Feel peace, sit in this position a few minutes to get the awareness of the whole thing+
  • ending meditation, exhale and open your eyes, realize that you feel after practice.


It is of great importance. If you come to practice with full responsibility, it will pass in the right direction, and you will receive from practice what we wanted. So start from certain points.

Choice of Time

This moment causes many questions. However, you should be repelled from your life preferences. There are lark people, and there are those who are used to sleep until midnight. And those and others have the right to choose the time that it will seem most convenient.

If you can not force yourself to get up early in the morning, then you spend the meditation or at lunchtime, or late in the evening. Preferably to make evening meditation before bedtime. If you are accustomed to getting up with the first rays of the sun, then spend meditations in the morning after accepting a shower.

However, if you want to do everything according to the rules, then know that Eastern practices are held from 6 to 7 am, and evening meditations experts are recommended from 18 to 19 hours.

Place for meditation

This question requires the most careful approach. For meditation needs to be highlighted quiet and cozy place, In which animals and children should not be present. Better, if it is a separate room, bright and well ventilated. If you are planning to conduct meditations late evenings, then install Special lighting. It should be soft and resemble sunlight.

In addition, indoors are necessary Install a comfortable sofa and add it soft pillows. Such items will be needed for convenience during meditation. The coupling of the sofa must be made of natural or close-to-it. However, if you are going to meditate, sitting in the lotus position, buy Special mat, To create yourself comfort.

The meditation site must be decorate with related objects: various thematic statuettes, paintings and exotic plants. However, this can not be done. Remember that the main thing in meditation is a concentration on my mind.

Comfort in the meditation room Ferry carpet. If your legs will touch the cold floor, then you will be distracted. In addition, for complete relaxation you will need incense or candles with a specific smell. Although you can do without them. In this question, everything will depend on your preferences.


All meditations should be held in a very comfortable environment. First of all, you need to start with your body. It should be clean, so Before meditation, take a shower.

Meditation clothing must be made of x / b fabric and be very spacious. In no case do not use the synthetics. It has a property of accumulating electrical charges, and it does not affect brainwritten. Too narrow and gracewear will distract you from the main classes. No wonder people who are engaged in Eastern practices always dress in Spacious pants and shirts.


This is one of the most important points. Sitting in meditation, you must experience complete comfort. Uncomfortable posture will distract you and cause tension. Know that some asians only at first glance seem complex. When you learn how to perform them correctly, you will understand that they are comfortable enough. Subsequently when you begin to apply them, you can evaluate their effectiveness.

Remember that the body when you are in a state of nirvana reflects the condition of your mind. When we are aware of the position of the body, we contribute to the correct implementation of meditation.

So, know that in the world There is a large number of PRESS. Meditations can be engaged in nature, and while sitting at home, and even when you go down the street. However, you need to find exactly the position of the body that only for you. If you have insufficient stretching legs, then with the use of some poses it can be quite sufficient.

If you can not overpower your body, you can simply set up on a soft sofa.

We now turn to the main issue, namely, the principles that must be followed when you accept a specific posture:

  • The back should be the most straightened and neck too+
  • The lower back should not be very hot+
  • The chest must be as disclosed as much as possible, and the face is relaxed+
  • Further, as far as possible, remove the shoulders and lower the chin to the chest+
  • Your knees must touch the floor.

Now let’s turn to direct consideration of the meditation posts that are designed to create the relaxation of your body and maintain your mind in wakefulness.

  1. One of the main poses is Siddhasana. Usually it is used in yoga. In this case, the heel of the right legs pressed to the buttocks, the heel of the left leg is located next to the pubic bone.
  2. Next is the possession of the lotus, which is known to everyone. It is important to have flexible joints and a good stretching. When performing this posture, you will essentially support spinal muscles and improve blood circulation. To perform it, you should put the feet on the hips and choose a convenient position.
  3. Hero Pose or Virachan. This is very complicated by its configuration. It somehow is particularly affected by the joints. To perform it stand on your knees and spread the stops. At the same time, the buttocks are on the floor, and caviar concern the outside of the thighs.

Do you think that data poses for you are impracticable? Then Try to start meditating from the use of simpler poses.

You must first learn to work with your subconscious, and the use of more complex poses will come a little later.

So, consider those provisions of the body that are suitable for beginners.

  1. Pose of semi-windows. In this case, one foot is located on the floor, and the stop of the other leg is located on the opposite thigh.
  2. Legs are in crossed position. This posture is also called Sukhasana. This body position is very strengthens the muscles.
  3. Pose Vajrasana (Diamond Pose) is the first step to perform more complex poses. With this body position, internal organs receive food. Taking it, you must put on your knees, and touch the heels to touch the buttocks.
  4. There are people who are unable to create their body full comfort With the help of the above ASAN for a number of physiological reasons. Such individuals can be recommendedDuring meditation sitting on a chair. At the same time, the back should be smooth.

Note: For long meditations, the use of a special pillow. It reduces pressure on his feet and helps to focus.


This moment is very hard. During meditation, different thoughts climb. So your consciousness has resistance. This process cannot be stopped and cannot be counted. You can only remove.

As soon as you begin to dive into meditation, immediately try to take the side of the observer for your own thoughts. Let them swim by you like clouds. You meet them and walk. Ultimately the moment will come when you stop noticeing everything around and shift in trance.

During relaxation you need breathe exactly. It is better to perform such an exercise: count 5 seconds when inhaling, then delay your breathing and again count 5 seconds, after which I exhale for 5 seconds. We repeat the exercise until the complete immersion comes.

When your body completely relates, find the space occupied by the energy of silence in it, which lives in the human heart. You can feel it only with your awakened consciousness. It is then that you can fully connect from the Universe. Then there will be a change in the quality of your consciousness. The material part will retreat, and instead the spiritualized worldview will come. As a result, your previous experience will be forgotten, and in return new opportunities will open.

What to do after?

After completing meditation, most people feel a huge tide. This means that the person who uses the person did everything properly, and the universe took his aspirations and requests.

As soon as you finish meditate, you must sit even a little closed eyes. Breathing should be smooth, and the pulse is calm. Realize everything that happened to you. Remember all moments and feel complete satisfaction.

Many advise after meditation a little sleep. So your condition will come to normal, and all the processes running during practice will benefit.

However, if you spend Meditation in the morning, So you experience this procedure perfectly, and she inspires you to achieve new cases. The universe gives a blessing and you need to take advantage. So be sure that your day will be wonderful.

Nevertheless, not all people after meditation may feel cheerfulness. No one argues that meditation is a healing condition. However, after her, a person must remember his body too. therefore, If you after meditation feel drowsiness or you have a violated orientation, you need to learn how to get out of practice.

Use some receptions for this.

  1. As soon as you begin to meditate, mentally imagine that your spine goes deep into the ground. So you can after meditation faster to return to reality and take control of your body.
  2. After holding practice, do not get up immediately, and do the following: Slide your palms in fists several times, breathe and exhale. Then feel your body again, as if scoring every part of it, and squeeze your palms again. Release this tension. Open your eyes.
  3. Sit on the floor and feel the spine as a healing force coming from the ground, fills you.
  4. Stand and go through the floor. Preferably, when walking hard to rest in the heels in the floor.

Tips of professionals

Modern people are underwhelmed with different meditation courses. They give vitality and give mental equilibrium. If you have already begun classes or just going to do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the useful information.

  1. Of course, time for meditations you must choose yourself, But if you have a very saturated life, then meditate is better in the morning. Such a recommendation is especially important for those who are only attached to the practice. Know: Evening meditations often cause insomnia, which almost always overcomes newcomers.
  2. You need to produce a self-discipline. Divide this stage for three months. The first month spend the practice for 15-20 minutes. In the following month, time should be increased. In the third month, you will achieve a new level and you can pay meditation much more time than previously allocated. Practice at the same time. So go to bed on time and do not waste time on trifles.
  3. If you are limited in time Or just want to control over the time of meditation, then set the timer.
  4. You can meditate everywhere and everywhere, even on the bus. However, it will be easy for you when you achieve perfection in the practice of practicing. Therefore, first meditate in a specially designated place for this place.
  5. If you are worried about the right landing during meditation, then check yourself. To do this, sit in front of the mirror and look at your posture. She must be flawless. If you notice the errors, correct them.
  6. Learn to relax your face. To do this, spread the feeling of full relaxation from the top of the top and to the very bottom of your body. Imagine that you are the sculpture of meditating Buddha.
  7. If dive is sick, Open your eyes and peel, and then start meditate again.
  8. With the sound of alarm, try not to jump off the place and do not do sharp movements. Sit and think about what happened with you. Then send gratitude to the universe.

With the help of the next video you can clearly familiarize yourself with the Aza meditation.

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