MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN: Targets and effective practices

MEDITATIONS FOR WOMEN: Targets and effective practices

The use of meditative techniques gives women a charming energy that brings them joy and happiness. The female organism is rejuvenated, self-esteem increases, the relationship with the surrounding improves.


Compared to men, ladies have a thinner psyche. They are more than their elects prone to empathy and compassion, are stronger than the stress, so the level of female energy is able to quickly decline. Together with this decline worsen the quality of life.

Special meditations for women contribute to the return of vitality. Regular sessions improve the work of the cardiovascular system, lowers blood glucose levels, increases immunity, normalizes sleep, slows the aging processes of the body.

The use of meditative practices has a number of advantages, as the control of its own emotions is ensured, It takes place from alarming state and depression, stress resistance increases, the concentration of attention and memory improves, the entire body is healing. Hormonal background normalizes.

Meditation helps a woman to accept himself as a person and understand whether it is moving in the right direction. Ladies open new creative faces.


Meditation is useful to carry out all states of weak gender. With their help, a woman acquires the ability to always be in full harmony with itself and nature. It is very important to love yourself with all the disadvantages, learn to listen to the rhythm of your own heart, can be able to send energy streams in the right direction.

Filling the body of female energy contributes to the restoration of forces, an increase in attractiveness, strengthening the process of rejuvenation, acquisition of femininity. Lady, emitting love and joy, can easily succeed, find his love, create a happy family hearth, become a loving wife and mother.

Most meditative techniques are aimed at the release of blocked women’s energy. Meditations are aimed at improving self-esteem. Free circulation of positive energy flows in the surrounding space and the female body reveals love chakras. After several sessions, the lady easily acquires women’s happiness.

For example, Meditative practice “Belt Aphrodite” pursues the following goal: attracting male attention. The belt was used by the goddess at the moments of her husband’s alienation. Any woman can mentally get sick of herself with this magic thing. You need to feel the amazing belt on your hips. It is necessary to imagine it. Let the will of his fantasy. How the object looks like, which patterns or signs are depicted on it, what it is made, what is his weight?

It is important to feel in it of the real goddess.

The purpose of meditation forgiveness is to get rid of the sense of own guilt. During her, you need to look at yourself inner look and understand that I managed to achieve in life. What events could take place, but they had to refuse?

After attentive examination of wrinkles on the face you need to take a comfortable posture, close your eyes and return to thoughts in the past. Look at yourself at different ages. Remember that in those years it was important for you. Gradually reach a 5-year state. Try to look at the little girl in the eyes. Remember that the baby is afraid of the most, what she dreams about. Mentally hug a girl and forgive her for all the mistakes she will do in the future.

There are various techniques that target girls for beauty, acquiring eternal youth. To do this, we must mentally imagine the process of growing a flower from seed. Pay attention to how the sunbeam helps a gentle run to break through the reservoir of fertile land. Rostope is gaining strength, grows and transformed into a plant.

Then you need to imagine the appearance of bud. Thanks to the sunlight, it slowly opens and turns into a huge beautiful peony. It fills the whole room with an exquisite aroma. In these moments, the girl mentally replenishes its own internal reserves and begins to clearly feel its physical and spiritual beauty.

She feels that beauty and youth will not leave her for many years.

Women recommend periodically to perform meditations, aimed at getting rid of stress and negative. After the relaxation of the lady should mentally imagine the serene floating clouds. Then it is necessary to all their negative feelings like black thunderstorms.

Imagine that at any moment the shower can begin. Call for help strong wind and drive clouds. Leave only fluffy white clouds in the imagination. Now look close to each of them. Consider joyful events in them, fill your heart positive emotions.


The desired result can be obtained when conducting meditations at least 1 time per week. To improve the efficiency of the technician, you need to feel the energy at the bottom of the abdomen. First you need to grow abdomen with circular motions. Make 36 rotations clockwise. Then passed 24 times counterclockwise.

After that, they distribute energy streams on other parts of the body. The ability to manage your own resource allows a woman to heal various ailments and provide themselves with good well-being for many years.

The effectiveness of meditation depends on human activity. If the energy of women hits the key in the morning, then it is recommended to be meditated in the morning. “Oovam” advise to conduct meditative sessions in the evening, suffering from insomnia – before going to bed.


Meditation is suitable for women of all ages. Need to be able to concentrate on some things and keep your attention on it. Tip of the tongue must be pressing to the nebu. During meditative practice, it is recommended to smile. Smile contributes to the relaxation of the body and the development of attractiveness.

The main condition is the privacy. A comfortable atmosphere can be created by lit candles, the use of various incense and light relaxing music. Some prefer to listen to the noise of the surf, the sounds of the rain droplets, twitter birds. Another more suitable for conducting sessions in full silence.

If you are in irritated condition, offended or be angry with someone, then the session can not start. First you need to work out negative emotions with the help of other techniques.

If it is impossible to get rid of the negative, then the meditation should be postponed.

Technique implementation

Meditation can be performed in motion, sitting, standing and lying. To do it, you need to choose a convenient posture. Keep your back always right.

Specialists offer women to focus on the technique of fulfilling the best meditative practices.

  • For filling the body, the female force is needed daily in the morning hours to spend a special meditation. She drinks a depleted uterine resource with special energy. If it does not work out every day, then practice at least 3 times a week.

First you need to choose a convenient pose. Place your palms on the stomach below the navel, the left hand should be top. Focus on this area. Close your eyes, start deeply and smoothly inhale and exhale air through the nose. These moments need to be in wing. You surround beautiful and bright flowers. You feel divine floral flavors. Inhale the gentle smell of lavender or valley, fill your uterus with a charming aroma.

Muscles of a small pelvis must shrink and relax during peaceful breathing. Concentrated in the uterus energy in 5 minutes mentally directed up. In the breath, she must move to the heart of the heart, in exhale – leave the body. The procedure lasts 10 minutes.

Then you need to focus your attention on the nose, completely free from extraneous thoughts and go to the free contemplation. Next should be mentally moved from the bottom of the belly when inhaling up the spine, when exhaling – back. After an additional discharge cycle, you can open your eyes. It is necessary to get up smoothly and calmly, feline. Sharp movements are prohibited.

Experts recommend to proceed to everyday affairs after a full exit of the meditative state.

  • The method of getting rid of pain with the help of morning meditation involves imagine the healing of each cell cell. To do this, you must first comfortably sit down or lie down, close your eyes, fully relax. Then you need to try to feel warm in every part of your body.

Imagine yourself in a mountainous area with magnificent scenery. On the vertices of the mountains glitters dazzling white snow. You go on green grass and inhale pure mountain air. The path leads to a magical lake. Transparent healing water absorbs all your negative. She fills you with healing power.

Imagine your dive into the water. First you enter the water on the belt, then you still make several steps in it. All negative emotions are transformed into a black stone. Release it and watch it dissolves in water. He turned into black sand and crumbled.

Dive into the lake. Feel like each cell cell is filled with healing water. Voltage and pain release the body. Now you can open your eyes.

  • Methods “The Return of Love to Himself” contributes to getting rid of the feeling of uncertainty. In the process of meditation, you must imagine yourself in the snow-white room. Around cleanliness and order.

On the table there is a lot of a wide variety of jars and bottles of different colors. Take the bloc of an unusual shape in it youth elixir. It is made of herbs collected in the Valley of Immortality. Apply Elixir on face and neck. Feel how the skin strains and smoothes. The substance is well absorbed and returns the skin health and youth.

The other jar contains the energy of love. Lubricate the loving elixir of the color of the damask rose. Feel like hearts filled with love and compassion. It beats rhythmic and calmly. All problems are dissipated under a powerful lust of love.

In the third bottle there is a white liquid. She personifies gratitude. Mentally give the droplets of the magic elixir to all people who express their gratitude. Thank all your surroundings. Do not forget to leave a few droplets. After deep breath you can open your eyes.

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