Professions in IT: Tips for the choice

Professions in IT: Tips for the choice

IT, Digital – these words firmly entered our life. They are associated with different areas of activity – journalism, genetics, jurisprudence, economy. Blogs on the topic IT are invariably popular, especially when the author is at the same time a journalist, and “Aytichnik”. And more and more young people choose this profession, dreaming and stability, and about high earnings. But the specialties in IT are very many, descriptions, requirements and tasks they have completely different. Let’s try to figure out what exactly today is in demand in the labor market.

Pros and cons of work in the field of IT

As in any other sphere, IT has advantages and disadvantages. Talk first about the pros.

  • High salary. She is really high – a professional “starts” per 100,000 per month, and this is not the limit if we talk about Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the regions “Prices” for programmers services below, but the demand is steadily growing.
  • The ability to “grow” professionally. Constances constantly appear, requiring new skills and skills. In addition, industry specifics provide a well-known degree of freedom of choice: a person can either be a freelancer, or work in a small company, or try himself in a huge corporation.
  • The likelihood of remote work. Free schedule, no need to sit in the office and obey the rules of the internal labor regulation, the ability to work from any place on the planet, where there is internet – it is very attractive for many people.
  • The ability to see and understand the results of your labor. Unlike many professions, IT specialists can clearly see what they did what happened in the end – not an abstract “provision of services”, but a specific expression.
  • Programmers are a special community whose members love their “chosenness”.

The following circumstances can be attributed to cons.

  • Need to have Large-minded knowledge in mathematics, logic, physics, programming languages. Need an analytical mindset, the ability to think non-standard.
  • Constant need in expanding and deepening existing knowledge, Tracking new programming trends.
  • High-level stress resistance. Because it will repeatedly have to destroy everything made and start again.
  • Ownership of technical English. First of all, it is necessary for those who wish to work for foreign companies and receive high income.

The most sought-after professions

The IT sphere is perhaps the industry whose professionals are most in demand, while their number is constantly growing. So it was in the past few years, continues and will continue. To date, requests come to the experts on the blockchain, as well as specialists in the field of artificial intelligence. But there are other, no less popular professions in this industry, who only came to the Russian labor market, but develop with seven-world steps, because information technologies are the most important component of everyday life and the future.

Of course, the profession in the field of IT and Digital in our country is absolutely the same as in the world. The most in demand by specialists working at the junction of two areas, multilateral and multitasking. In general, multitasking is a keyword for a highly professional “ITCHNIK”, because if it is not familiar with the basics and programming languages, the latest discoveries, trends, not developing constantly, then he does not be a popular specialist. The list of the most popular professions related to information technology is presented below.


This is not a computer! It sounds absurd, but the programmer does not need a computer to write codes. And it is this and deals with – creating the source code for programs. The program is a common name for anything: laptop operating system, video games, applications for smartphone. Software codes are written not in words and not figures, but using special programming languages.

There are a lot of them, but the most common and demanded hardly dropped 10. The choice of language on which will work, the programmer performs independently. The choice depends on which task you need to perform.

The higher qualifications have a programmer, the more “workers” of the programming languages, he owns.


Business is built on the steady improvement of the quality of products, whatever they are – games for a computer or a firmware for the phone. Tester – one of the specialists to ensure this quality. Unlike those who plan, designs and creates a product, testers Check the results of work on how much they meet the requirements established initially. Testing can be carried out with respect to the product as a whole or part of its parts in order to identify errors or bugs in the development.

Testers are divided into specialization on those who test security, productivity, usability. Testing happens both manual and automated. In most companies, young employees are engaged in testing products, t. E. This is the work with which you can start your activity in Digital.

Next, with the acquisition of experience, such employees can become test analysts, autotesters, testing managers.

System Administrator

Thanks to system administrators, all the computer equipment, a local network, software in the organization work uninterrupted. Network Safety is also the scope of its activities. Perhaps the system administrator is the most wide range of responsibilities, it is also involved in the purchase of computer equipment or its necessary components, and is engaged in collecting computers, and controls how they work, and can, if necessary, repair or replace, and also engage in software configuration.

He must be able to work with all the software that is installed in the organization, as well as monitor the timely installation of updates on it. It can be said that this indispensable person is a link between the technique and people who work on it.

His task also to instruct users about how it is necessary to work correctly and safely on the equipment and with software installed on it.

System architect

This person carries out the management of projects in which the analytics of the requirements for the information system, develop concepts, how data will be integrated, interaction between components in software and hardware, the development of technical and design documents. It is the system architect that the organization and coordination of the work of the project team, control over the timing and development process, and is also a mandatory participant in the implementation, testing and maintenance of the entire software and hardware complex. This is one of the most promising professions, because according to forecasts for 5 years she will enter the top five most sought-after.

Systems Analyst

Analysts – people who know how to structure and handle arrays of information, highlighting needed and most importantly. Those who know how to understand what Big Data resources are talking about, gaining large and very large salary. System analysts are engaged in organizing and supervising the automation of the work of a company or institution as a whole or its specific department.

It also includes the development of a system consisting of a complex of computer programs, which are designed to raise the effectiveness of business processes, participates in writing technical assignments for those who develop these programs, and also participate in testing and receiving the finished product.

The person who occupies this position needs the presence of an analytical warehouse of mind, engineering skills and knowledge, and should also be a good organizer.

UX / UI Specialist (UX / UI)

UX-designer – A person who can make an interface of anything convenient (provided that it is professional and good in his work). He knows how to process a user query in such a way that in the end it will be convenient to use the site, app or blog. Nowadays, the number of pages on the Internet, social networks are so large, which even in the presence of interesting and useful content, but the uncomfortable interface users will look for other sources of information. therefore A specialist who can fix the “bugs” in design and make it comfortable for use, is very in demand.


Application developer for mobile phones and other devices – a very popular and continuing profession. It is in demand both in major companies and consumers. Mobile developer – a person who can afford to work “on himself”, t. E. Freelance, making one-time contracts with customers to develop applications for their needs.

In Russia, today unusually demanded applications for processing photos and video taken on camera mobile phone, and they are becoming more unusual and perfect. Always popular games, modern graphics allows you to develop them at the new level.

Project Manager – a person who accompanies the project from the moment of the idea to fully implement and implement. He is responsible for how successfully the project will be implemented. To do this, he collects the team, the actions of which manages as part of the project. He puts the tasks and delegates the powers within their execution. The project manager monitors the deadlines in which one or another task and the project should be performed in general. At the end of the execution of all tasks within the project within the deadline, it reports to the customer.

Marketer in the field of IT – another promising profession in which the simple marketer will not be easy. Not enough knowledge of the market and the laws of its development, it is important to navigate in network advertising, know how social networks work, how to advertise in such a way that it “worked”. Now the need is very high in these professionals.

Artificial Intellect Specialists – People whose activity is as interesting, so and mysterious. It is believed that robots will very closely enter the daily lives of people, no less developed, such a branch as a machine learning. Therefore, a data analysis specialist or Data Scientist will be in demand even more than now.

Smart houses, companies and production – also the work of the hands of professionals in the field of IT, namely, engineers Internet of Things. These people organize daily procedures in understandable algorithms, ordering space that surrounds people. On the domestic labor market, this is a completely new profession, so she is still ahead.

For the integrators of cloud services there are no difficulties in understanding how “cloud” works. They set up “clouds” help optimize the information that is stored there, and also look for the balance between how to make the process quality and inexpensive.

What to choose?

Before making a choice of profession in favor of programming, you need to think good enough. Are you ready to work on the code every day, prescribing hundreds of his string? And then, finding an error (bug), start all over again, completely reworking work? But the result of your work will be a website or a mobile application, and it is very great. Previously, it was the opinion that the girls could not be “Aytishniki”, but now it is already an outdated opinion. Yes, girls in IT are much smaller, but they still have and sometimes achieve very significant results.

Newcomers easier to find the place of the tester, for this enough to get a trainee to a large company. But if you see yourself a professional earning large sums, you need to develop further. In the coming years, according to experts, the developers of mobile applications will be in demand (they are in demand now), analysts Big Data, cybersecurity experts, as well as those who deal with information protection. Of course, in each of the listed there are still several activities.

For example, the developer of mobile applications can work either on Android, or on iOS. Both are equally in demand and paid. Therefore, it is better to do the choice based on personal preferences. As for the language in which you plan to program, here you need to rely on the taste, but on statistics. Now the most relevant SWIFT, PHP, C #, C ++, Java. If you are new, choose a simple sought-after version, such as Java or C #. On both you can quickly get good earnings, especially if you have chosen the right training courses – with plenty of practice.

In general, programming is one of those areas of activity where the earlier practice begins, the specialist is better. No theory can be assimilated without practicing. Start with simple tasks on Freelance Exchanges, and the experience will appear by itself.

Where to get an education?

Even Professionals in the sphere of IT and Digital will not say exactly what is better – courses or higher education. They converge in one – the more practice, the better. If you plan to associate your web development activities, select Courses that are organized on the basis of IT companies. In this case, training will become your practice, and with a high probability you will get a job – in case of successful study, of course.

If you are interested in Data Science, it’s just necessary for your profile education here. Knowledge of the subject area are required, and it is as complex, how similar higher education. And, of course, constant self-education is one of the key components of a qualified programmer.

Without constant monitoring of new products and trends in programming a person risks confusion qualifications very quickly, because the rare area of ​​activity is changing, and new items shared on it as fast as it happens in the world IT.

About how to become an IT specialist from scratch, look in the following video.

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