Prosecutor: Responsibilities and Functions

Prosecutor: Responsibilities and Functions

Many graduates know in advance what professional way they would like to choose, so pay attention to the relevant disciplines. Someone sees herself in advance by the prosecutor, after seeing dismanting films and exciting TV series about this profession. But for the right choice of this clearly not enough. You need to know what responsibilities and functions perform a representative of this profession.

Who is that?

The prosecutor is a position, the main essence of which is to monitor the implementation of laws operating in the country, various structures, organizations, institutions, as well as individual citizens. The concept of the prosecutor is quite extensive and describes its activities includes many aspects. The features of the activities of the prosecutor are that he is still a state prosecutor in court. To take this position can a person with extensive experience in law enforcement agencies, a flawless reputation, its characteristic should include not only the milestones of professional growth, but also certain information about his merit. Before becoming a prosecutor, an employee can work as an assistant prosecutor, senior prosecutor, deputy prosecutor.

Besides, There is some separation of responsibilities. In addition to the fact that there is a prosecutor engaged in civil affairs and compliance with the legality in this area, for example, a military prosecutor, a transport prosecutor. The first is responsible for compliance with legality in the environment of military organizations, the second – for everything that happens in the transport sector. Air Airlines and Railways and Car Transport.

History of profession

The crimes were always committed, fair retribution also accomplished at all times, so the emergence of this profession is rooted in the distant past. The work system is known since the time of the ancient Rome, at the same time the profession of the prosecutor appeared. Under the sensitive approach of a fair judge also acted two opposite parties – protection and accusations. As for Russia, the emergence of such a institution as the prosecutor’s office is obliged to innovations Peter I. But often this work resembles secret services.

But that form, what prosecutor’s office is and in the present days, this service has acquired already in the 20th century, during the formation of the USSR.

Pros and cons

There are no ideal professions, each has its pros and cons. Consider the benefits of the profession of prosecutor.

  • This profession is in the list of prestigious. This position suggests that man is smart, has a good education, rich shoulders experience. He achieved a lot in this life, knows how to set goals and achieve them.
  • Work and affairs related to this activity allow a person to feel satisfied with his work while successful completion of cases and the possibility of achieving justice in one way or another.
  • Work in the prosecutor’s office is the satisfaction of some of its ambitions. This is especially true for girls, since it is most often assumed that this work is more suitable for men. True, lately changed everything. And the fair sex is not lagging behind the men, seeking high positions in law enforcement agencies.
  • Another weighty plus is that this is a sought-after profession. Never a person who has the necessary knowledge and skills will not be left without work. In addition, work can be found in any city.
  • To the positive moments include high salary. This is also a very good stimulus in any kind of activity.
  • Important moment is that the life of such an employee is very saturated with events. Every day you have to solve new tasks. The feeling of necessity is always present, and many it is very important to feel it.

The cons in this activity is also present, namely:

  • most of the time have to spend at work, free time quite a bit+
  • Work can be associated with certain dangers, and with stressings, the threats are not excluded, pressure from the participants of the process or higher authorities+
  • Requirements are very much and you need to comply with the post+
  • Often you have to deal with injustice and defend your position and principles to remain a honest prosecutor standing on the protection of people’s interests.

Official duties

Let’s stop more on what the work of the prosecutor is what he does daily.

  • When investigating criminal cases, the investigator at the final stage gives a business to the prosecutor who considers it, makes his conclusion. In the absence of any questions, the case goes to court. If there are any ambiguities, it can be sent to the following. In court proceedings, the prosecutor acts as a state prosecutor, at the same time the extensive evidence base should be collected by him and its employees. Otherwise the guilty of a crime can avoid punishment. Nevertheless, even the unsatisfactory sentence for the part of the prosecution can be appealed within a certain period. The tasks of the prosecutor enters the perpetual.
  • There is another direction of the prosecutor’s activities. He must ensure that citizens’ rights are respected. Therefore, this representative of the authorities accepts complaints of the population, considers, if necessary, the investigation is being conducted. And the prosecutor carries out on certain days of reception, in the process of which any citizen, previously postponed, can come and voice his problem. The reaction of law enforcement agencies should affect any appeal. In the function of the prosecutor at this stage it includes helping in all situations to achieve a positive solution to the situation.
  • The prosecutor controls the actions of law enforcement agencies, which are subordinate, if necessary, makes their conclusions and punishment. And also he controls the activities of enterprises and organizations. If necessary, prosecutor’s checks are held.

If violations are revealed, the enterprise activity can be suspended, and with more serious violations, the company can close.


Not everyone can get this position and manifest well on it. There are a number of requirements imposed on persons appointed to this position.

Personal qualities

Ideally, of course, the prosecutor should be an honest and principal person. He must have a strong character, possess courage and determination. It is very important to have an analytical warehouse of the mind, be able to solve logical tasks. Important in this profession and stress resistance, the desire to understand everything thoroughly and find the right decision, without focusing on foreign factors and influences that may interfere with the performance of work.

In such work, it is often necessary to give preference to work, sacrificing sometimes by family responsibilities. To this, too, you need to be ready. It will be useful to be a little psychologist, to deal with people’s sentiments, be able to evaluate their actions and understand the reason for their occurrence.

Knowledge and skills

As for the candidate requirements for this position in a professional sense, here is a prerequisite for higher education. Naturally, the future prosecutor should be a thoroughly familiar with civil and criminal codecs, a constitution and other documents that are necessary in its activities. No one can become a prosecutor immediately after graduation, whatever knowledge he has shined. First of all, experience in law enforcement. Often, this specialist works by a second-channel, investigator, an assistant to the prosecutor, and then can also receive the position of the prosecutor when knowledge and skills are enough to fully fulfill the duties entrusted to him.

The representative of this profession, among other things, must have perfect literacy, correct speech. He will not only have to do documents, but also conduct a dialogue in court, with visitors.

Despite the highest education, the prosecutor, as well as his employees, will have certification, which passes regularly with certain periodicity.

Rights and responsibility

The prosecutor has the right to use all documents and powers regulating its activities. He has the right to be a state proven in court, collect missing evidence. In his competence, organize any checks, if there is a need for a punishment, if legislation is violated. At the same time, it should be remembered that the prosecutor bears certain responsibility to the state and people. The offense and abuse of official position may result in serious consequences, including to punish in the form of imprisonment, so it is always necessary to fully observe this face.

Important! When choosing such a path in your life, it is also necessary to keep in mind that entry into the party is unacceptable, as well as posts in state power. No commercial activity can also be as a supplement to the main work. But at the same time, the prosecutor can teach in high school, lead scientific activities.

How much earns?

The salary of the prosecutor consists of the salary, as well as some premiums and premiums. It also depends on the experience, over time she can increase. In addition, the level of remuneration may depend on the place of service, and from the region. At the initial stage, the salary can be 30-35 thousand rubles. On average, the prosecutor with experience and appropriate skills and knowledge receives from 40 to 80 thousand rubles. With a large length of years and high rank, this figure may be more.

Training and career

It is necessary to immediately say that if at a young age there was a persistent desire to get a profession associated with jurisprudence, then learning should be started in school. Moreover Attention will have to pay and accurate and humanitarian sciences. Currently, it is possible to prepare for admission and get primary education in this area, by enrolling in a specialized class, where special attention is paid to those subjects that will be needed upon admission to universities, and in addition, such specialized classes are given and legal foundations.

After graduating from school to study at the Institute at the Law Faculty of at least five years. There are full-time and correspondence forms of training. In any case, you need to pass the exam with a high number of points, most likely, it should be such objects like Russian, history, social studies. But when admission, you need to take into account the requirements of the educational institution in which. Perhaps the list of objects may be somewhat different or to make more items. Important! Courses for this specialty are not provided. These can only be advanced training courses or provided for those who want to get a narrower specialization.

In Russia, there are a large number of institutions, universities, academies, where you can get legal education on a free or paid basis. In the first case, it should be only high marks, perhaps the presence of a gold or silver medal. For example, it may be such educational institutions as:

  • Moscow State Legal Academy+
  • Academy of Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation+
  • Ural State Legal Academy+
  • Saratov State Academy of Law+
  • Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law.

But in almost any city there are universities where there is a law faculty where you can get the right education. After graduating from the university to work by the investigator, the assistant of the prosecutor, his deputy. And only then, subject to successful work, you can get the position of prosecutor. It can work in urban, district, regional prosecutor’s office, as well as military or transport.

In the next video you are waiting for one day from the life of the prosecutor.

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