Ring lamps for makeup artist: Features, varieties and rules of choice

Ring lamps for makeup artist: Features, varieties and rules of choice

The beauty industry is experiencing a second birth, and the reason for the appearance of circular lamps, which are actively used by makeup artists.


Previously, special lighting, from which there is no shadows and other drawbacks, could only be used in operating and design centers with high-tech equipment. Now such opportunities in the form of circular lamps are available to each.

Ring lamps primarily are an additional light source. Their use is relevant in cases where natural and basic lighting is not enough to create a professional makeup. Round lamps were widely popular not only among makeup artists. They actively enjoy specialists who are related to the sphere of beauty, bloggers and photographers.

The ring-ring turns out to be much more efficient than the usual light bulb. With such innovative lamps, the flow of light is directed, powerful and bright. To achieve high-quality makeup in a short time, which even with natural light will look flawless, it became possible.

Why need?

A circular lamp has a wide opportunity, which explains his demand:

  • When creating a photo from light in the eyes, a glowing circle is formed, which is called “Angel’s Eye”+

  • Excellent lighting of the object even in dark rooms+

  • Circular illumination increases the saturation and naturalness of paints, while not creating distortion and interference+

  • smoothing the flaws of the skin and its flaws+

  • Light bulbs in circular luminaires allow you to create makeup, which in day lighting will look bright and flawless.


First of all it is worth considering the classification by the type of light source.

  • Luminescent or tubular lamps losing their popularity and inferior to the leader of the LED variants. But you still need to get acquainted with such lamps because they continue to be issued. Their disadvantages include low level of light and fragility. But in fluorescent lamps, you can easily replace the light source to more powerful.
  • LED or LED lamps are becoming increasingly popular. These light sources are produced in two varieties.

  • LEDs with lenses Its direct competitors are inferior in brightness and power. Light bulbs can be broken in the process. When creating a photo, interference may arise that is completely unacceptable in the professional field.

Some users argue that the eyes are tired of such light sources faster, but this fact has no scientific evidence.

  • LEDs without lenses with SMD technology are more in demand because they are much brighter and more powerful compared to the first option. They do not burn out and they do not feel fatigue in the eyes. When creating a photo, no interference occurs. Such LEDs serve to 50 thousand hours. At the end of the service life, their brightness gradually decreases, which is difficult to notice with the naked eye.

No less important is the classification of lamps depending on the type of base and installation method.

  1. Desktop models are the most budget. They are not suitable for all masters. Specialists such lamps do not choose to work.

  2. Models on clamp – This is a more expensive option. They can be installed on the table, they occupy little space and convenient to work.

  3. Lamps on an outdoor tripod – This is already professional equipment. They have a more impressive price tag and are chosen by masters who are seriously suitable for their work. Such equipment offers ample opportunities.

How to choose?

To choose a ring lamp need to be seriously. After all, its cost is rather big, and everyone wants such investments to pay off for extremely short time. Therefore, it is worth examining the rules for its choice and advice from specialists.

  • Lightweight and compact models will be suitable for the exit master, which are easy to transport from one place of work to another. Do not forget about cosmetics that will be added from above, and we get a decent bag weighing about 6 kg.

  • Tripod – very useful device that expands the possibilities of makeup artist and facilitates its work. Very comfortable are lamps that can be fixed on the camera. With such light photos will be perfect and will not require improvements in the editors.

  • An important parameter is Number of LEDs, which have a basic impact on the quality of the light stream and the level of illumination. Small models on average have 240 LEDs.

Professional lamps are equipped with 480 LEDs.

  • Temperature light – also an important characteristic that attention should be paid. Selecting the temperature of the light stream is determined by the appointment of makeup. It can be a day, evening or professional image that is necessary for a photo shoot. For one case, it will be better to use white, cold light, for other options there may be more warm lighting. The makeup artists are well known all these subtleties, because they come up with them every day in the process of their work. In any case, it is convenient to have one lamp at hand, which can be used for different purposes.


Many companies offer ring lamps for makeup artists. In this assortment is not lost. We will help to deal with brands and choose from them the best “helper”, which will correctly serve and delight with impeccable results.

Immediately draw attention to the fact that the overwhelming number of brands have Chinese origin. This is not to be afraid, among Chinese producers there are many decent representatives whose products can safely compete in the global market.

Mettle Led loved to many masters who note the following features:

  • Flexible holder for photographic equipment+

  • Large power indicator+

  • A impressive diameter+

  • Wide selection of lamps by the number of LEDs with different spectrum of glow+

  • Convenient use+

  • Fasteners for the phone and camera makes the process of creating spectacular photo simple and convenient+

  • High quality assembly and durability with gentle use.

The cost of these models begins from 3.5 thousand. rubles.

Model QS 280 It is a desktop ring lamp with an affordable price tag, the average value of which is at the level of 3500 rubles. Features of the lamp:

  • Diameter 25 cm+

  • Desktop tripod+

  • Full equipment, which includes all the necessary items+

  • the ability to choose one of three colors+

  • A matte diffuser makes the light stream more uniform and removes unwanted shadows+

  • Dimmer allows you to adjust the brightness and heat of light.

Wide functionality and affordable cost make this model desired for a large circle of specialists.

Model Luxe is the most affordable option in our ranking – its value begins with 2800 rubles. Such low cost is explained by the meager package, which consists only of ring and adapter. Tripod, mirror, filter and other necessary little things will have to buy separately or do without them. But still there is enough benefits in this model:

  • In the ring with a diameter of 29 cm manufacturer compacted 256 diodes+

  • The power of the LED varies from 3200 to 5600 to+

  • The user can adjust the main characteristics of light (power and brightness)+

  • The angle of rotation is 360 degrees, and the maximum angle of inclination is 180 degrees.

Such a choice will be relevant to novice wizards with limited budget.

FC 480 LL – This is the largest lamp from our rating with a diameter of 45 cm. The size is not the only advantage:

  • Support for different colors+

  • Management not only from the remote, but also with a smartphone+

  • The display on which the selected settings and other useful information are displayed+

  • 480 LEDs+

  • Rich equipment, which includes all the necessary devices.

The disadvantages of the mirror include high cost, the average level of which is within 15 thousand rubles. But it is worth it, because it is Professional lighting equipment. The true specialist of his case will appreciate this chic model for.

Among the most compact and light lamps highlights the model RL 12 II. It will be the best option for masters who work for the most part on the departures. We look at it more carefully:

  • The outer diameter is 34 cm, which is an excellent indicator for weight in 3 kg+

  • Decent equipment in which there are all the necessary devices for full-fledged work+

  • 240 LEDs, half of which generates warm light, and the second half is aimed at creating a cold spectrum+

  • Light power at the level of 5500 to grabs for illumination of remote items, comfortable work of the makeup artist and creating high-quality photos.

Complete our rating will be an annular lamp Zomei 35. This model is interesting, multifunctional and costs relatively inexpensively. The list of its main advantages is as follows:

  • Wide ability to adjust the color temperature and tilt the lamp itself+

  • The diameter is 35 cm, which is the optimal indicator, in which the shadow will fall on the face+

  • The power of the light stream in 5000 lm is enough for good lighting even remote objects+

  • 336 diodes enough for powerful and uniform flow+

  • Nutrition from the network and batteries.

Operating Rules

Ring lamp need to be able to use. To begin with, it will be necessary to deal with its assembly and installation. This process requires fulfillment of simple actions.

  1. Unlock classic tripod, which in everyday life is called tripod. Weakening the side screw and spread legs.

  2. The height of the attachment can be adjusted, Guided by the features of work and their personal requirements. It should be borne in mind that the height of the middle part of the three legs from the floor level should not exceed 10 cm.

  3. Choose plastic diffusers, which change the temperature of the world and install on the ring. The correct locking of the light scatter will indicate the characteristic click.

  4. We spin the screw at the bottom of the lamp mount, which will allow you to loosen the locking element. This retainer is satisfied with the tripod and fixes it in the right position.

  5. The nest on the lamp is connected to the output On the power supply.

  6. Check correct assembly and reliability Fix all lamp elements.

  7. Connect the plug to the power grid and enjoy professional light.

If everything is clear with the assembly, you can go to familiarization with the rules of operation.

  1. Set up Brightness of the glow, which will meet the requirements of future work.

  2. Adjust the flow intensity By means of a console or dimmer (depends on the specific model). Usually this knob is located on the back cover.

  3. Determine Optimal position of illuminator, what is convenient to do due to the bending tube. The position of the lamp may vary in vertical and horizontal positions. This tube is screwed to the tripod, its position should be well fixed.

  4. To install the device on the camera required Special rail locks. They can be included in the package, otherwise they will have to be bought separately.

  5. Fixing the phone on the top Illuminator is carried out at the expense of a special lining.

  6. Strengthen the flow of light It is possible at the expense of a mirror that is usually included in the kit. To fix it, you need to take advantage of special bolts.

Each item must be securely fixed – it’s better to check everything here. Each unreliable connection creates a danger to makeup artist and its customers, increases the likelihood of unpleasant situations and reduces the life of an expensive device.

In the next video, you will learn a few expert advice on the right choice of an annular lamp for makeup artist.

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