Selection of a profession related to information

Selection of a profession related to information

We live in the era of information, and therefore it is logical that professions related to the processing and protection of information today are especially in demand. What is taken to armaled applicants. But this list is extensive – from accounting to journalism, from editorial work to topography.


Information is very different: an alphabetic, numerical, using other symbols (geographical, chemical, programming language). And each information needs processing – analysis, systematization, packaging, etc. Professions related to information on this and sent.

So with other areas: before the choice of profession, you need to make sure that the concept of its features is realistic, and not built on a primitive idea of.

Description of professions

In the top of the specialties that relate directly to the information are professions, which have to have different opportunities today. Some can allow a specialist to work remotely. Some are aimed at work in a major corporation, with a large number of intraprofessional ties.


A literary worker dealing with the creation, collection, editing, preparation and design of information is considered to be a journalist. Most often information is going to media editors. These can be printed resources, television and radio products, and recently electronic media.

The ease of entry into the profession is the illusion of modern society, because every video block manager can consider itself a journalist, which, of course, does not correspond to the truth. Journalism requires vocational training in high school. This is the base, which can be used in the future at its discretion. It is not easy to enter the journalist: as a rule, at the stage of interviewing, the future student must provide a creative portfolio. Without this, the journalist is difficult, because to prepare for admission begin in high school, collecting the desired material.


The translator is a specialist whose task is competent and approximately to the original to translate information from one to another language. Translation can be both written and oral. But usually prepare a universal specialist, capable of working with a specific person, translating it online, and in the form of a literary translator. Of course, there is such a concept as “Technical Translation”.

Much in demand today and specialists who are engaged in translating copyrighting – write infostat in English and other languages. That is, a person coming to the translation department can count on expanding the sphere of their professional opportunities.


This specialist works with the text, it often structures information, checks it, corrects errors and shortcomings, stylistic inaccuracies. Ready text must comply with the requirements of the genre for which he is preparing. The editor may be a manager (chief editor). E-editors – a responsible process, because the editor is responsible for the final version of the text.

Often, he has to do with adjacent functionality: the correction and even layout and publication (laying out the material to the site and T. D.).


This is the name of the position implying an expense in the economic issues of industry, banking, agriculture and other spheres. Economist at production is engaged in coordination of the company’s load, its divisions. He can plan production, take into account the remnants, calculate raw materials. Economists in labor and wages are developing employee motivation programs, deal with labor productivity. Economists analytics are engaged in analyzing the potential profitability of projects, as well as the financial indicators of the enterprise as a whole.


Programming person is called a programmer. This specialist creates the source code for the program that is written in the symbolic language. Programmer, by the way, does not work on a computer. He can write programs on anything, and on the computer tests the code.

The programmer is not the “Aytishnik”. IT technologies are about five dozen different specialties, and the programmer is only one of them. Programmers can be systemic, applied and web specialists. Application writes programs and applications, system – develop operating systems, web programmers are engaged in websites.


The accountant is engaged in accounting in the company, conducts document flow, prepares and sends reports (including tax) to control bodies. Ensuring the safety of this reporting is also a task of an accountant.

In addition, the accountant may be assigned to the following duties: to conduct financial transactions for the purchase and sale of the product, to pay with clients and suppliers, to carry out property accounting of the Organization, to accruize salaries, interact with banks and conduct an inventory. Advanced functionality concerns an accountant who is in the organization one. But if the company is large, specialists are somewhat, and each performs prevailing functions.

Marketing Specialist

This is a marketer whose task is to promote services and goods, competently build a sales system. The profession itself means the literally “studying market”, because the specialist studies the needs of the potential client. The marketer is engaged in analyzing the sales market, competitive intelligence, the formation of a commodity range, building a sales system, as well as setting tasks and transferring some functional to subordinate and employees.

Also a marketer can be responsible for holding exhibitions and seminars.


A specialist engaged in engineering activities, as a rule, is engaged in creating and improving technical devices. This profession refers to the form of the “man-machine”, and is focused on the processing and receiving new technical information. Engineer is a common name of many professions. For example, engineer designer, engineer, engineer, architect engineer and t. D. To get this specialty you need to enter the technical faculty.

Geodesist and topograph

Geodesist is a specialist who has a higher technical education, which is engaged in topographic-geodesic, explosive, designer and discerning work. The subject of its activities is to observe buildings and structures, their deformation, to conduct executive documentation. The topograph also measures the earth’s surface and leads ground tool to the terrain and relief. And this information activity allows it to create topographic plans using a symbol system.


This is an official who is supervising and controlling the correctness of the actions of organs and persons who are subordinated by a particular organization. You can work in the tax, in the personnel department or inspect, as an example, civil aviation. This profession can be used in various fields, main goal Activities – Control.


This is a modern office manager who coordinates the office of the office or its leadership. It is engaged in office work, conducts an incoming and outgoing documentation, systematizes information and is responsible for its storage and timely search. Higher education – preferably, but is not always a strict demand for the applicant (depending on which company, the size of wages and t. D.). A person working as secretary must be executive, responsible, attentive.


Library-information today changes its contours, but such specialists are still needed. With information work Copywriters (authors of articles, content for the site and t. D.), SMM-pin – Managers of social networks, or rather – commercial pages. The predominance of the Internet as a new niche for transmitting information, a new source, helps to appear new professions satisfying the requests of society.

How not to make a mistake with the choice?

The future specialist is still at school determines which sphere is more attractive for him. If everything is not bad with mathematics, and the region of the economy seems interesting, to do “for the company” on a journalist or engineer, of course, not worth. Economist – this is also a sought-after specialty, although it may require a certain specialization. Today there are many professional tests to determine the prevailing focus.

If you go through several such tests, you can not only understand yourself better, but also see unexpected, attractive prospects.

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