Summary of the accountant for wages: Recommendations for filling

Summary of the accountant for wages: Recommendations for filling

Accountant is one of the most sought-after professions on the modern labor market. Official sites of employment centers, bulletin boards and specialized platforms on the Internet are faster advertisements about open vacancies for similar posts. And of all accounting specializations, one of the most popular is the specialization of an accountant for wages.

In order to make such a position to such a position, you need to provide a potential employer competently compiled resume. It contains all the information about you as a specialist.

How to make a resume for wage accounting? What errors need to be avoided when drawing up this document? In the article you will find examples of correctly drawn documents, as well as answers to your questions.

Recommendations for filling

If you are applying the payroll or accountant accountant, then you should make your resume with special care. After all, it is this document that will become one of the decisive factors for the employer in the process of making a decision on whether he will take you to work or not.

SUMMARY FOR SUCCESS TO SECURITY MUST BE CLOSED STRUCTURED. Such an approach to the preparation and writing of the document will allow the employer easier to navigate in your resume.

So, it is customary that the resume consists of several required blocks:

  • personal information (surname, name and patronymic, as well as marital status)+
  • Contact Information (place of residence, phone number, email address)+
  • purpose (We specify the desired position and responsibilities that you are ready to perform)+
  • education (It is necessary in chronological order to list all the educational institutions you finish)+
  • work experience (We specify not only the name of the company, but also a specific position and period of work)+
  • Professional skills and skills (All competencies related to position)+
  • achievements (for example, the development of its own accounting methodology or victory at the regional professional competition)+
  • personal qualities (for example, communicability, responsibility and t. D.)+
  • Hobbies and hobbies (You must show the employer that you are a comprehensively developed personality)+
  • Additional Information (for example, you can specify the readiness for moving or the availability of driver’s license).

Also very It is important to take care not only about the inspection of the resume, but also About his decoration.

So, throughout the document, it is recommended to use the same font (for example, Times New Roman), as well as the same level of alignment (for example, in width).

    In order for the document easier to read and perceived by the employer Select the subtitles larger or bold.


    In order for your candidacy for a wage accountant perceived seriously, when making a resume, it is important to pay attention to several details. If you are able to avoid common mistakes of many applicants, then automatically increase your chances of obtaining the desired post.

    So, consider the most common errors when filling in Summary:

    • A large number of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors (In order to avoid them, it is recommended to re-send it several times before sending a document, ask for help from loved ones or friends, take advantage of special computer programs for checking text)+
    • Large volume (It is believed that the summary should not occupy more than 1 page, so you show respect for your potential employer’s time)+
    • Excess personal information (The document required for employment should not contain biographical details of your life)+
    • The use of art techniques and spoken phrases (The document must be written in an official-business style)+
    • Pattern phrases (Do not copy the summary from the Internet, be sure to show your individuality).


    In order for you to make it easier for you to make your own personal document required for employment, You can focus on competently compiled examples and samples of resume.

    • Such a summary will surely enjoy the employer and will impress. So, first of all, it is worth noting the fact that the document contains all the necessary information relating to professional activities. In addition, the applicant attached a photo, and also accurately designed and structured the document, due to which it is easy to visually perceive.

    • The main disadvantage of this resume is too large. In connection with these, such a situation may occur that the employer does not have enough time to fully read the document and appropriate to evaluate the applicant. In addition, the candidate for a position did not allocate the subsections in the document, in connection with which it is quite difficult to perceive.

    • The applicant included in the summary not only the basic information, but also some additional data. For example, the latest Count “Additional Information” contains data that a candidate for a position owns a foreign language, as well as specialized accounting programs.

    About how to make a summary of the accountant, look in the video.

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