What are the exchanges of freelancers?

What are the exchanges of freelancers?

Recently, remote work is becoming increasingly popular in our country. This is affected by a large number of factors: the ability to perform work tasks from the house, the lack of need to use public transport, the opportunity to work in the capital’s company, living in the province and work on personal schedule. However, freelance newcomers often do not know where to start – where to find first customers and how to get orders. Popular way to find a job today – the use of specially intended stock exchanges for freelancers. In our article we will talk more about what it is, and also we will analyze what stock exchanges are.

What it is?

To begin with, it should be decided on what is the exchange of freelancers. In fact, this is a platform for employment of remote workers – search for orders, tasks and customers. For fans of remote labor without work experience, this is the best way to start your activities to provide certain services. Freelancer exchanges have advantages and disadvantages. It is necessary to evaluate positive and negative features in advance to know what to cook for, and what awaits you within the workflow.

Among the advantages of the exchange for freelancers usually allocate:

  • The reservation of various specialists (as part of the exchange itself, lawyers, designers, copywriters, screenwriters, programmers and T. D.)+
  • the ability to choose the tasks you are interested in and skipping those that you are not interested+
  • friendly to the user interface+
  • opportunity to get an order even without work experience.

The disadvantages of the exchange include such characteristics:

  • Traditionally, payment for freelance services within the Exchange is significantly lower than if the employee concludes a contract directly with the employer+
  • Many exchanges work through commission deductions from orders or monthly contributions, respectively, freelancer will have to spend personal material tools+
  • High level of competition+
  • Each exchange has its own rules and restrictions that will have to obey.

You can observe the fact that for freeline exchange is equally characteristic both negative and positive properties. However, even despite the whole negative, often on the stock exchanges, freelancers find their first customers and get the first fees. Accordingly, this method of finding remote work remains popular and widespread. It is also worth noting the fact that due to the high demand for exchange among freelancers, today there are a large number of similar sites:

  • Universal (here remote work will be able to find specialists of a wide profile, as well as those people who do not have any specialized skills)+
  • Specialized (specific specialists are in demand at such sites: for example, there is a separate exchange for photographers, designers, translators, tutors, and T. D.).

To get an order you are interested in on the stock exchange, you need to follow the rules of the specific site. Also compliance with all requirements increases your chances of obtaining new customers and increase earnings.

  • First of all, it is necessary to specify its qualifications and, if possible, to confirm it with examples of work, reviews of previous customers or documents (for example, a diploma or educational certificate).
  • It is also important to make a portfolio with your work. It should be updated regularly and replenished.
  • If you want to have success on the field of remote work, then you must constantly develop and grow in a professional plan. Only so you can get enough high fees, as well as interesting orders.


As mentioned above, today on the Internet you can find a large number of exchanges for freelancers (for translators, designers, newcomers, experienced professionals and t. D.). Consider several existing species online sites for remote employment.

For programmers

Programmer is a fairly popular specialty among freelancers. Accordingly, there are many ways to find work for such specialists.

  • “Habr Freilance” – This platform is one of the most popular IT professionals in the framework of the professional community. Here you can find orders for both newcomers and professionals with experience.
  • “Work for programmers” – In essence, this site is an electronic component board for programmers. Here you can search and place vacancies.
  • Workspace – Most often, orders are published on this exchange regarding the development, optimization and support of online sites.
  • Proglib – There are vacancies for programmers as within the framework of office work and relating to freelance.
  • Modber – This site will be interested in those IT professionals who are engaged in the development of 1C.
  • VC – By its structure, this popular stock exchange is reminiscent of news feed, where you can find vacancies in large IT companies.

To increase the chances of receiving a vacancy or order, you should accommodate your resume on each of the presented sites, and also regularly view news.

For copywriters and rewriters

Virtually anyone can become a copywriter and rewriter – for this it is not necessary to have specialized skills (of course, except good knowledge of the native language). In order to start searching for remote work, your attention should be paid to such popular sites.

  • Etxt – On this site, you can not only look for work, but also to place the articles ready and written by you for their subsequent sale.
  • ContentMonster – This exchange offers relatively high earnings for beginners who want to try their strength in copyrighting and reriting.
  • TEXT – This platform is one of the most popular. Here you can find as vacancies for beginners and expensive orders.
  • “Exchange Commander” It is one of the most prestigious, as its developer is a popular author of Maxim Ilyazhov. Here you can accommodate your professional summary.
  • Miratext – If you want to work on this stock, you will have to go through the incoming literacy test. At the same time here you can find orders with high payment.
  • QComment – This platform is suitable for specialists who do not want to write volumetric texts. For example, on the site you can earn through writing comments on various sites.

If you are just starting to work remotely and do not have narrowly specialized skills, you should pay attention to the vacancies of copywriters and rewriters.

For lawyers and accountants

To date, remote work is popular not only among those who have no specialized education, but also among highly qualified professionals. So, for example, a large number of exchanges for lawyers and accountants appear on the Internet.

  • Pravoved – On this stock exchange, practical application can find lawyers. On the website, users ask questions, and qualified specialists leave answers to them. In order to start working, you need to go through the registration procedure.
  • 9111 – The popular area for lawyers, which works on the same principle as the exchange PRAVOVED.
  • Junglejobs – On this site, a vacancy or project work will be able to find a qualified accountant.

It can be concluded that, over time and the development of technologies, even specialists from such traditional areas of human activity as lawyers and an accountant are moving to remote work.

For artists and designers

Payment for your creative skills can receive artists and designers working online.

  • Illustrators – On this site, new vacancies and projects appear almost daily, respectively, there is a high probability of employment.
  • Behance – in fact, this area is a design catalog. She is used by specialists from around the world. If there is a sufficient number of skills, you have a real opportunity to find a remote job in an international company.
  • Dribbble – This site is suitable only for those who own English, since the interface is fully decorated in a foreign language.
  • DIZKON – This platform regularly holds a variety of contests for designers with attractive cash prizes.
  • Render – Specialists of the creative sphere of a wide profile will be able to find work: for example, artists, animators, visualizers and t. D.
  • GameDev – This platform is suitable for computer games designers.

Accordingly, in the framework of remote work, professional use will be able to find experts from even non-traditional creative professions.

For other specialty

If you do not have specialized skills or want to try yourself in different areas, then you should pay your attention to the following stock exchanges.

  • “Yandex Patty” – On this site you can receive money for performing simple tasks on the Internet.
  • WowWorks – on the service you can take orders for small services in a wide variety of areas (for example, to carry out courier delivery).
  • CallCenterForum – This platform is relevant among those who want to get the work of the Call Center operator.

Top Runet Exchange

As you have already been able to make sure, today there is a huge amount of stock exchange for a variety of remote specialists (both for beginners and experienced). However, among the stock exchanges are the best. Consider the rating of the Top Exchange for Freilance in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

  • FL – This exchange is one of the largest, but at the same time it should be borne in mind that for its full use you will have to register a special Pro account.
  • Upwork – This site is popular not only in the countries of the former CIS, but also around the world. It is universal and suitable for finding a job with any specialists. At the same time, the fact that you need to know English to use it.
  • KWORK – On this site you can post a list of services that are ready to perform for a specific fee.

As you can see, in the modern world, almost every person can find a suitable job online. This will help you specially designed trained exchanges for freelancers.

You can view a detailed review of the most popular stock exchange in the following video.

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