What are the managers?

What are the managers?

Despite the fact that the manager today is called almost every specialist with higher education, in fact, this profession includes a specific list of specialties with certain official duties. The material of this article will tell readers, which is meant by the word “manager” and what are the main types of this profession.

What is this profession?

The manager is called a production process management specialist. His duties include solving the management tasks of various kinds. In fact, this is a professional in a certain activity, which is engaged in organizing and manufacturing, sales and service, capable of independently deciding administrative and economic issues.

This is the guidance position of the employee in a certain field of work. Its responsibilities include different tasks, for example:

  • Organization of production of competitive products+
  • Introduction to the workflow of new technologies+
  • Improving the quality characteristics of goods manufactured+
  • bringing the production process to perfection+
  • Reducing financial costs for production+
  • Increased profit of the company+
  • Satisfying customer needs+
  • Increased management efficiency.

Main types

Profession “Manager” is not universal. Experts do not solve the same tasks, they differ in functional level (for example, there are ordinary and main employees of enterprises). Each organization has its own differentiation associated with the level of complexity of tasks and responsibilities imposed on a particular specialist. According to the vertical division, Conditionally managers are classified for 3 links: higher, secondary and lower.

Top managers of this level are the general director, director, as well as members of the Board. It is they who determine the main direction of the work of a particular enterprise. They set goals and objectives, determine the business formation strategies, establish contacts with suppliers of raw materials, banks, authorities. Leading experts are perfectly understood in their work, they are the highest paid managerial category.

They know the production technology, implement programs and work plans, control the activities of subordinates, are able to post frames in accordance with the vertical division of labor.

These employees of companies are engaged in constant analysis of information coming from mid-level managers. On its basis, they make adjustments to the work plan of the enterprise.


Middle Management Specialists obey top managers and are responsible for the practical implementation of their solutions and strategies. They are planning, organizing, coordination, as well as the control of the work of employees of their divisions. This group of specialists include the director of commercial structures, heads of divisions of a particular enterprise (chiefs of departments, heads). These managers know no less than one-level colleagues.

However, they are limited in terms of adoption of independent decisions. These are executive executives between the highest and lower link managers. They are engaged in preparing information on the basis of which top management accepts certain decisions.

Accepted solutions Such specialists are submitted in a more convenient on the form of the form of lower link managers.


Production managers are engaged in solving operational tasks. These are the younger bosses, in the submission of which are performers and workers. Their work – managing specific groups inside structural units. Along with the management activities, such managers are directly involved in the task.

This is the most numerous group of managerial personnel. They are engaged in planning staff work, its motivation, follows that resources are consumed rationally. In addition, they are collected, analyzed and provide superior guidance information on the results of their department’s work.

Species on the nature of the activities

The classification of managers implies the division of managers by the type of tasks they perform. The list of specialists includes more than 10 varieties and directions. Each of them implies certain requirements for a person. Distribution on official duties is considered one of the best ways to classify.

Managers are different. These include administrative, operating, creative, innovative, banquet, visa leaders, control call center, warehouse. In addition to them, it can be such specialists: Bar Manager, SEO Manager, Booking, Insurance Manager, Compliance Manager, Sales Representative, Operator.

Management division is vertical and horizontal. The second determines the linear work organizers. Linear leaders give work to employees of their division at their level, while the level of the manager depends on the company’s hierarchy. Functional managers are responsible for the activities of the company’s departments entrusted. They allow linear leaders to make independent decisions.

By sales

These managers are responsible for the financial well-being of the company. Hire such specialists to increase sales, expand the client base, strengthening partnerships. Sales Manager should be stress-resistant, sociable, initiative. In addition to organizing abilities, Such a leader has customer-oriented, analytical and mathematical thinking.

He knows how to not only hear people, but also to convince them, manifests patience and obligation. Such a specialist works for the result at the tactical level. He reveals the potential sales capabilities, and also worries a product promotion strategy.

This is a high-paying work with career opportunity.


The official responsibility of this manager is the purchase of goods from suppliers at prices, optimal for a particular company. Such a specialist is not only attentive and communicated. It is responsible, active, deceitful, stress-resistant. The list of its functional duties is different from other colleagues.

Purchasing Manager Excellent disassembled in the range of goods of the enterprise, on which works, as well as methods of pricing, the basics of civil and commercial law. Its responsibilities include control over the filling of warehouses by the necessary goods, the planning of their volume. Purchasing Operator finds suppliers with low prices, solves with them Questions of claim.

By advertising

Advertising Manager can be called a specialist in promoting goods and services. From the marketer, this work is characterized by the practicality of the approach, using various means to increase sales. The head communicates with the enterprise team, it establishes external contacts, develops promotions and advertising tactics.

A specialist of this profession chooses a product promotion strategy, increases sales, analyzes the activities of the company, the client base is gaining. He concludes contracts, maintains documentation, places promotional materials. In addition, it works with graphics and design. Depending on the specifics of the company’s activities, he can engage in presentations.


Such specialists are in demand both in large and small organizations. They are engaged in conducting events whose goal is to identify the target audience with its needs. These managers are engaged in research in demand for goods, learn the market for competitive goods and services. They monitor the industry, organize the work of interviewers who find out the preferences of buyers.

Professional marketers not only explore the market, they develop and promote brands, attract consumers. Such specialists are dealt with in the basics of economics, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, mass communication, linguistics.

They develop and adjust marketing plans, are responsible for the accuracy of report information, as well as for the quality of the analysis.

Brand Manager

This specialist is engaged in promoting goods to a specific brand or brand. It uses all available methods in order to popularize its company products. This is a strategist with organizational and applied job responsibilities. Such a specialist is engaged in studying and analyzing demand and proposals for specific products of the company.

The head of this type is in demand from producers of goods in large and small business. He monitors the company’s reputation, studies the market of competitors, is engaged in the planning of brand promotion, forms prices and assortment. Its obligations include marketing research. It works with merchandisers, predicts sales, develops product sales schemes, accounting.

By transport

Transport manager perfectly understands the organization of loading and unloading. It coordinates the transportation of raw materials and finished products of the enterprise. This is a specialist versed in the market of transport services. He evaluates the state trends in the transportation market, knows the addresses of the main customers and suppliers.

His job responsibilities are to coordinate the transportation of raw materials and the finished product in order to obtain the optimal result of the cost and quality of services. He chooses the best routes, organizes the work of its own transport, cooperates with transport companies.

Such a leader is responsible for the safety of the material values ​​entrusted to him.

Customer Service

Customer Service Manager catches the set of customers and offers them what they most need. Specialists are looking for customers on different available channels. Such managers analyze the market, detect the target audience and monitor the work of competitors. In addition, they attract customers, forming their interest in the company’s product.

In the duties of these specialists enters Processing incoming calls, as well as email. They are customer-oriented, work at a high level, turning potential customers in permanent customers of the company. This is the leading link of the company, customer service managers account for business plans, commercial offers and contracts.

By development

Development Manager There is no one else like an internal consultant of the company’s development. He looks at the business as a whole, finds critical points for its growth and development. His work is to establish relationships with customers. He thinks over the communication strategy, implements it in each of the departments of the enterprise.

Such a person can manage staff, he promptly solves conflicts, finds a way out of difficult situations. This is a confident PC user, working in editors, perfectly owning English. He knows how to convince, active, hard, persistent, strict, teach, punctual, decent.

This manager operatively copes with a large flow of information, he knows how to reinforce his arguments with arguments.

Project manager

Such specialists are engaged in fulfillment and delivery of customer projects. Position is considered highly inappropriate, the head controls each stage of project execution. The final result and customer satisfaction depend on his work. Among the demanded industries are worth noting Finance, Construction, Sports, IT Technologies.

The specialist leads the project, determined with the deadlines for its implementation and budget. Its powers include the conclusion of contracts, it fully leads the design campaign, agrees with the client of execution, negotiates the nuances of projects.

In addition, the profession provides for the maintenance of technical documentation.


This specialist is engaged in the management of enterprise money. His responsibilities are the effective use of resources, as well as the optimization of money circulation. Financial leader assesses the potential opportunities of the company, it is planning and controlling costs, works with customers, ensures solvency and liquidity of the company. Besides, He has organizational commitments.

Since the financial manager is engaged in financial activities and management, he must have a higher economic education. Such a specialist should understand the analysis of the financial market. This is a person with knowledge of accounting that can work with securities and credit institutions. It is needed to attract the company’s financing.


Such a head of the department is necessary to form a personnel composition of the enterprise. The responsibilities of the HR manager enters the selection of specialists necessary for the company. In addition to controlling the personnel reserve, it is engaged in the creation of an intangible motivation of labor. HR manager is developing the organization of trainings and training courses of employees.

He works with candidates, conducts interviews, ensures staffing by employees of the necessary professions. HR manager leads subordinate to him employees. He watches the labor market, informs the leadership of the situation with the personnel, their wages.

Such a specialist conducts personal affairs of employees, makes decisions on hiring, translation, promotion on the service staircase of hired employees.

Other specializes

In addition to basic activities, other experts include. For example, tourism manager Engaged in the organization of tourist trips. He assumes his job on the recreation program of his company. Such a leader develops a route strategy to a resting place and back.

He chooses a terrain, a hotel, selects the entertainment program, implements the company’s product. In addition, such a manager analyzes the activities of competitors and is engaged in the design of promotional products.

Office Manager Engaged in documentation, controls the state of technology at the enterprise. Its obligations include the purchase of the necessary stationery. He leads a working time table, prepares business meetings, draws up skipping, follows the maintenance of equipment.

Bar Manager responsible for the bar, this is the main person in the bar. It organizes work, provides a bar with the necessary equipment. Its duties include communicating with suppliers, ensuring proper conditions for storing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Such a person is the main consultant of the designer when drawing up a bar zone project.

Clement Manager Controls cleaning the premises. He teaches the staff the basics of proper technological cleaning, develops and adjusts the technological maps of cleaning. This managerial distributes tasks and sections of cleaning between subordinate employees. In addition, he controls the appearance of workers, supports a positive psychological climate in the team.

Production managers Areasing product optimization issues. Equipment and savings are responsible for the purchase, delivery, storage of raw materials and goods, engaged in signing contracts. Innovative managers Manage research work. They create prototype products.

Look even more information about this profession in the following video.

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