What exams need to take a psychologist for admission to university?

What exams need to take a psychologist for admission to university?

Long before the end of the school, many schoolchildren arises the question: what kind of choose a profession? Some decide to associate their lives with psychology. At the same time, it is necessary to know – what exams should be handed over to a psychologist upon admission to university.

Features of the profession

When choosing a future specialty you need to know what it represents, and before the end of the eleventh grade, it is necessary to clearly understand – where to do what items to “pull up”, if there are problems. The profession of a psychologist for many years remains in demand. Specialist of this profile can work at school, kindergarten, in the enterprise, in state structures, it can lead to home consulting, open your own office.

Profession is suitable for those who do not like routine work. After all, every day will have to help people in solving their problems, solve certain tasks for themselves, together with patients, look for access in different everyday situations and complex psychological dramas. It is interesting to work with children, helping them to adapt in the surrounding world, to establish relationships with peers. It is equally important to help people of extreme professions fight stress and create comfortable conditions for psychological unloading.

With a specialization, you can decide later, but about how attention should be paid to, you need to think about school.

What exams will have to take?

Defined with the future university and the faculty, it is best to know in advance what exams after grade 11 will need to be passed for admission. In various educational institutions at certain faculties, exams may differ. But most often in universities you need to take the following exams on a psychologist:

  • Russian language+
  • mathematics+
  • biology.

To do this, it is enough to provide the results of the exam, which is surrendered at school after grade 11. Some universities may need social science results. The option of a creative contest cannot be ruled out, in the process of which they may be offered to write an essay on a psychological topic. No one will make it implanted in the depths of the science of psychology. This may be a simple topic, for example, “What, in your opinion, is a psychologist profession?”,” What is your psychologist’s profession attracts?”,” What skills, in your opinion, a psychologist is necessary?”.

These tasks are necessary in order to understand how an applicant can state their thoughts, to link them, arguing how he owns Russian. This is very important in the future profession.

In addition, an important stage will be an interview, in the process of which you can understand much: as far as a person is communicative, as oriented in certain situations in the process of communication, as far as it is stressed and friendly. In fact, nothing terrible in the interview, nor in the creative contest. The main thing is to be confident and calm. And if the student has successfully engaged in school, prepared for admission, then all the tests will be able to go through without any problems and enter the selected university. Coming on a psychologist is best after grade 11. But there are different options when time is gone, the results of the exam are already invalid. In this case, you will have to pass exams when admitted to those subjects that university installed. It can be Russian, mathematics, biology, social science. Plus, an essay (creative contest) and an interview.

Another option – after grade 9. But immediately on a psychologist will not work, but to get more appropriate training, you can enter a medical college. Upon arrival, you will have to pass Russian, mathematics, biology, chemistry. After the end of the secondary special educational institution, you can continue learning in the university. Some aspects of psychology will succeed in learning in a medical college, and it will be a good help when admission.

Another option is to complete the pedagogical college, and after it to go to the Institute at the Faculty of Psychology. Exams in the pedagogical college may differ depending on the specialty selected. This will definitely be Russian and mathematics, they can add history, social studies, literature.

What qualities need to be developed?

But to pass successfully the exam, pass creative tests – this is not all. It is good to know the items – it is. In the process of learning in the university there will be many items that will help to master the specialty. But it will not be possible to become a good psychologist, if a person does not have certain qualities, without which it is not to do in this profession. These include a number of such characteristics.

  • Love for people. Problems and interests of people should worry not only as a means of making money. First of all, you need to be able to look at the problem with the eyes of your patient, to penetrate her, have a great desire to help.
  • Stress tolerance. Very often a psychologist will face people who show their negative emotions. But in all situations you need to keep composure, learn how to calm people in the most unforeseen circumstances.
  • Communicability. The ability at the right moment to carefully listen carefully or tell something important, explain some points in an affordable language – all this is necessary for a psychologist in the work.
  • Grammatically correct speech. The psychologist must be well educated, his speech must comply with all the norms of the Russian language, be a clear and intelligible. At the same time, in any situations, the psychologist must talk calmly.
  • Goodwill. The presence of positive attitude and benevolent attitude will help to place a patient to them. He must see what a specialist is interested in helping him.
  • Wide horizons. It is also necessary to support any conversation, reinforce your words with arguments, distract the client from sad thoughts, calm down.

All of this you need to think about the school so as not only to prepare for general education subjects, but also to understand whether the qualities that in the future will help to devote themselves in the selected specialty. If there is a huge desire to do it on a psychologist, you need to purposefully go to it and educate these qualities in ourselves. Maybe in addition to the main items, It is necessary to sign up for psychology courses that will help when admission, read literature. Then besides the necessary items that are required during admission, it will be possible to successfully pass the creative competition, and the interview.

Where to do?

There are a lot of universities in which you can do to learn at the psychologist. Almost in every city there is such an educational institution. Faculties can be called differently, but in each name, will definitely be present the word “psychology”.

Here are just some higher educational institutions that you can pay attention to:

  • Russian New University (g. Moscow)+
  • State Technical University. G. AND. Nose (g. Magnitogorsk)+
  • Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Service under the President of the Russian Federation (g. Moscow)+
  • Moscow State University M. IN. Lomonosov (G. Moscow)+
  • Kurgan State University (g. Mound)+
  • Moscow State Linguistic University (g. Moscow).

To any higher education institution you can enter both for free and for a fee. To enroll free, you need to go impeccable all entrance tests and get a high score.

If not enough knowledge, there is an option to get a fee charge.

About where to learn to a psychologist, learn in the following video.

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