Who is such a sandblastier and what is included in his duties?

Who is such a sandblastier and what is included in his duties?

It is no secret that in recent years, workers professions are becoming increasingly popular in the labor market. One of these is the specialty “Sandblasting”. Today in our article we will consider the peculiarities of the professional activities of the employee, as well as its official duties.


Sandblastier (abrasive resistant, painter-sandblastier) – This is a specialist whose work is to process various surfaces by means of a special air-abrasive jet, passing through the sleeve and nozzle under high pressure. According to external signs, the work of a specialist is similar to watering the lawn or car wash with a specially intended purulent hose.

It should be noted that The sandblaster profession is entered into a single tariff qualification directory of professions (ETKS). Accordingly, the person who occupies this position carries out its operating functions strictly in accordance with such official documents as Professandard, job description and internal documents of the enterprise on which it works.

Depending on the sand, which is used in the process, as well as on the power supply force depends the intensity of surface cleaning. Thus, according to the result of the procedure, you can get both partially cleaned surface and brilliantly.

Anyway, it is worth it in mind that For the work of the sand blasting character is characterized by a high level of harmfulness.

Due to the fact that this profession is quite difficult and responsible, employers nominate strict requirements for applicants for the position.

Official duties

As mentioned above, his official duties of sandblaster performs strictly in accordance with official documents. In this regard, they need to be as thoroughly and carefully examined before officially employed to work. You must be sure that you can fulfill all the tasks that the employer puts your work as much as possible. remember, that For non-fulfillment or poor-quality performance, you can incur liability.

Traditionally, the sand blasting solves the following tasks:

  • Exercises pre-training of sand, which will later be charged into specialized equipment+
  • produces sand charging into equipment+
  • monitors the correctness of all mechanisms+
  • Cleans various designs and surfaces by specifically designed sandblasting+
  • produces fastening of hoses and other components of the main structure.

It should be considered the fact that the above list of duties of the sandblastier is not closed. It can be supplemented and adjusted by the employer, depending on the specifics of the specific enterprise.

In addition, the nature of the work that a specialist is engaged in a large extent depends on his qualifications and professional discharge.

Knowledge and skills

In order for a specialist to effectively fulfill his operating functions, he must have a certain amount of professional skills and skills. Among them, first of all, it is necessary to allocate:

  • Ability to work with sandblasting devices+
  • Knowledge of the structural features of the aggregate+
  • Understanding the principle of operation of the entire mechanism, as well as its component parts+
  • Knowledge of safety regulations+
  • Knowledge of the foundations of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

In addition, many employers, in addition to professional requirements, put forward and requirements for personal features and the characteristics of a candidate for the position. This is due to the fact that the company takes a job not just a specialist, but also an employee who will become a member of the team. Consider the main personal characteristics that will be useful for sandblasting:

  • physical fitness and endurance+
  • ability to perform routine work+
  • The desire to develop and self-improvement+
  • Stress resistance and emotional stability+
  • patient and calm character+
  • Goodworking+
  • Responsibility and discipline+
  • good vision.

It should be borne in mind that you need to constantly replenish your theoretical knowledge, improve the skills and temper. Only in this case, you will remain a relevant and demanded employee in the labor market, and also get an advantage in the eyes of the employer among other applicants for the position.


Traditionally sandblastiers Professional training undergo in the enterprise, after organizing a company as an intern. At the same time, during the work, they gradually increase their qualifications to 3, 4, 5 discharge. In addition, you can pass in advance the relevant specialized training in an average professional educational institution (college or technical school) or courses. Anyway Much attention should be paid to its vocational training – it is only so possible to become a qualified technician in the industry.

Where it works?

Sandblastiers are in demand in such spheres of human activity as:

  • building+
  • Automotive industry+
  • enterprises that engage in staining.

    It should not be forgotten that, regardless of the specific place of work, the specialist’s activities are quite difficult. In the course of their duties, the employee deals with various negative impacts, in particular with dust and dirt. In this regard, among the professional community of sandblastiers, respiratory diseases are common.

    As for the salary of a specialist, it depends on a large number of factors:

    • region of accommodation+
    • Professional qualifications+
    • Place of work and other nuances.

    Salary may vary from 20,000 to 65,000 rubles.

    Overview of the work of the sandblaster in the video below.

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