A newlywed gift from parents for a wedding: traditional and unusual options

A newlywed gift from parents for a wedding: traditional and unusual options

Wedding Children is a very important and exciting event for their parents. And if the bride and groom is perceived this day as a fun and long-awaited holiday, then the older generation is the wedding day of the son or daughter, causing excitement and light sadness. In this regard, many parents pay great attention not only to the details of the celebration, but also the choice of a wedding gift that I want to do especially sincere and memorable.

Practical options

Gifts newlyweds from parents are usually allocated by their scale against the background of other gifts, and often stipulate in advance with both young and parents of the second spouse. The most expensive and practical things are, of course, a car or own living space, but not all parents have such an opportunity, and most of the families give the marriage less expensive, but no less necessary and interesting gifts. So, the most common presentation are cash. Despite his banality and prosperity, it is money that a young family is so necessary, they help to equip her life at the initial stage.

Another way to give money will require some labor costs and time, but is quite original and unusual. Parents pre-exchange the whole amount on gold coins and filled with a clay flower pot, which is also packaged with wrapper paper and decorated with a bustard. After the celebration, the young at their discretion will be able to either exchange coins on bills, or will store presented funds in the gold equivalent. The following method of presenting money is considered the most exotic of all existing and lies in the exchange of the prepared amount on the currency of different countries. After that, a large student globe is bought or a globe bar to which paper bills are attached, given their belonging to a particular country.

Often, the parents of the bride and groom say in advance this moment and bring the same amounts in the score. The price of the issue entirely depends on the material possibilities of each of the parties and is usually from 20 to 100 thousand rubles. Handing money young can be interesting to beat. The most common option is to create a cash cake when the bills are twisted into the tubes and are connected to each other with thin rubberry. Then the “structure” is packaged in beautiful transparent paper and tied up with a big bow.

And finally, the most simple, but no less original way to present the money will be the acquisition of two paired piggy banks (for example, in the form of a cat and cat) and filling them on top ten coins. Usually such gifts are perceived on “Hurray” and produce a real four. In order for his youth of his years, the couple thoughtlessly did not spend money donated money for any unnecessary things, you can open a contribution to the bank for a period of one year to several years. This approach is the most pragmatic and allows you to increase the amount for the period that it will be under interest.

In addition to funds, the most useful and practical gifts are household appliances and furniture. However, when choosing them, it is necessary to take into account that a gift is given to both spouses, which means that they will have to use. Therefore, the leather cabinet chair or food processor as a wedding present will not fit. But microwave, refrigerator, washing machine, personal computer, fireplace or TV will be very. If the guys already have their own housing, then air conditioning or built-in kitchen will be a good gift.

In addition, you can give a pair of stretch ceiling, “Warm floor” system, glazing balcony or new windows. If funds allow, you can pay to fully repair the entire apartment, as the lion’s share of the family budget is often due to its conduct. However, to buy furniture and household appliances, you need to approach the wishes of young. This is explained by several different ideas of fathers and children about the home comfort and functionality of certain instruments, so the acquisition of a gift certificate will be the most reasonable in this case. For young spouses living in a private house or having a cottage, a practical gift of a barrel or multi-kebar will be a practical gift.

If future spouses have all the necessary equipment, repair and apartment fully furnished, then a great gift will be the presentation of two certificates in the jewelry salon. A young wife will be able to choose an exquisite decoration, and the husband will exchange its certificate on the expensive wrist watch. Rule of partnership refers to all gifts that are presented to newlyweds. It often happens that every parent, in addition to a common gift, wants to congratulate his child with an individual presentation.

In this case, it is necessary to purchase a gift for the second spouse, and the cost of such presents must be approximately equivalent. But in any case, individual gifts must be somewhat modestly joint, and wearing both a memorable and practical function. An exception can be a family relic, a donated daughter from mom or daughter-in-law from mother-in-law. It can be an antique object or antique jewelry. In this case, a pair gift to the bridegroom may not be presented.

Well, in conclusion – the classic of the genre. The practical and necessary presents have always been considered and continue to stay sets of bedding, tea and dining rooms, crystal vases, dying blankets and pillows, expensive curtains and sets of saucepan.

Surprises for soul

Such gifts do not imply the donations of any material values, however, differ in the originality of the idea and the newlyweds and guests are remembered for a long time. A good version of the congratulations will be the song performed by the parents of the bride and groom, as well as the presentation of their first family portrait. Now you can easily order any portrait in photography, and the only condition when choosing such a gift is the selection of the most successful photo that both spouses like. In addition to the traditional option, you can order a copy of the reproduction of the famous wizard with the image of spouses. Such canvas look impressive and probably will be remembered for a long time to all those present.

Also interesting, though, a short-lived gift will be a big Icornian, filled with top quality black caviar. You can come up with a lot of comic quatrain, as well as wishes of wealth and prosperity. In addition, the inexpensive, but very soulful and original gift will be various charms and figurines that can attract happiness and well-being with the help of Fengshui technique. You can also give icons or other religious characters purchased in relevant establishments.

Criteria for selecting a present

However, some modern parents do not want to give classic bed kits and are often focused on hobbies and lifestyle children. Such gifts are usually a narrow orientation and are very positively perceived by newlyweds.


If the young have a joint passion, it greatly simplifies the choice of gift. So, for lovers of campaigns and hiking, a tourist tent or a gazebo with soft windows will be a good presentation. If the steam is fond of cycling, you can give them two good bikes or a gift certificate in corporate cycle class. Fishing lovers will be happy with a modern inflatable boat, and connoisseurs of extreme rest – dear climbing equipment. If the young seriously fond of photography, then two expensive mirror cameras will come to them as it can not be, and if the couple loves long journeys, the fashionable road suitcase will take a worthy place among other gifts. A good supplement to the suitcase will be a tourist ticket for two with an open date.


The execution of the cherished dream of spouses is an unusual and welcome gift. For example, if the guys want to jump with a parachute, you can give them a certificate for one jump and pay the instructor services. Original and unexpected presentation will be able to be the organization of a world wedding trip or a trip to an exotic country, which young people have long wanted to visit. As an example, the most sought-after places for romantic travel are mysterious Thailand and touching Venice. If after organizing the wedding celebration, the parents’ budget will not endure such luxury gifts, you can restrict ourselves to the certificate for horseback riding or flight in a balloon. A good gift will be a ride on a yacht or a visit to the contact dolphinarium. Subject to a certain number of free funds, you can please the children’s visit to the popular singer, who will address the guests with a short concert program and willingly participate with the young in the photo shoot.

However, when choosing a gift for young parents, you should familiarize yourself with the list of objects, whose acquisition is better to refuse. The wedding is not accepted to give sting and cutting items, An exception can be only a melchive dear set of cutlery, in which, along with spoons, always includes forks and knife. No need to buy mirrors, houseplants in pots and empty vases. As an individual gifts, you do not need to consider a tie clamp, hair care accessories, cufflinks and a set of candles.

Most of the prohibitions are based on superstitions, which many young people prefer not to pay attention, but given the presence at the wedding of relatives of the older generation, it is better not to give such subjects. It will save from the extra explanations and will save all the festive mood.

What can be done with your own hands?

Gifts made by personnel, more often give grandmothers of the bride and groom. Such things carry a powerful positive charge and possess good energy. The most common presentation made by your own hands is a candy bouquet or a couple of beautiful long scarves, linked by a grandmother. A good gift will be a wicker basket with fruits, decorated with ribbons and flowers, or stitched homemaking as a charm for a new apartment. The joint project of parents on both sides can be the design of the family album couples with a selection of children’s and youth photos of the bride and groom.

Whatever the gift of parents on the day of marriage and what would be his material value, for a young family he will always be the most expensive and desired thing carrying warmth and love of parent hearts.

The fact that you can give newlyweds to the wedding, see the following video.

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