All you need to know about the organization of the second day of the wedding

All you need to know about the organization of the second day of the wedding

The celebration of the second day of the wedding is the logical conclusion of the entire wedding event and requires careful preparation and certain financial costs.

Traditions and customs

In the old days in Russia, the second day of the festival was attracted. With this day, a large number of traditions and rituals were associated. The wedding was usually argued for three days, and sometimes delayed for a week. Today, fun time has somewhat reduced and officially celebrate only the first two days. Some rites and rituals have been safely preserved to the present day and are widely used in the preparation of festive scenarios.

The most common custom in the villages is the joint campaign of newlyweds to the Russian bath, where the young spouse presents her husband as a gift of the birch broom, and then pour him his own, cleaning, thus, from “sins of bachelor life”. Holding the ceremony of purification, the young returned to the house, and the husband comes into it first. This means its dominant role in a young family and, as a result, the celebration of the Patriarchate.

During the next ritual, which is called a “good owner”, the newly minted spouse demonstrates to all those present his skills. For this, it is accepted to sweep the hut, and guests and relatives are specially littering at the same time and interfere with young. After with “cleaning” finish, the wife takes the needle and starts sewing or embroider. Cheerful guests also try to prevent her, constantly distracting young questions or tormented to push.

Up to this day rituals reached a few modified form, For example, a sewing test is not practiced at all, and when cleaning the room, his wife throw a candy candy with small money, which the girl should collect. Do not forget and rites with rich, at which two of the most fun guests are dressing up in the costumes of the bride and groom, sit down at the head of the table and surprisingly and the joy of those present are the real newlyweds. Then, muddy makes young people undergo comic tests in exchange for their legal place at the table, after which it is inferior, but the outfit is usually not removed until the evening is completed.

Popular old ritual is the distribution of a glass of alcohol, which is held by a young wife. At the same time, guests must leave instead of a glass on a tray coin, and then buy a pancake that baked a young spouse. However, comic tests suggest not only the participation of his wife, her husband is also relied on to show their seamless and skills. So, the spouse rubs firewood, clogs the hammer curves of nails and trying to cut out of the plywood profile beloved.


The scenario of the second day of the wedding constitutes depending on the preferences and wishes of young spouses, as well as based on how much money is planned to spend on the second part of the holiday. Among the ideas of continuing the celebration are the most popular are sitting with friends in nature, meeting in a cafe or homemade feast.


If young and parents tired of the noisy fun of the previous day, then you can spend the event at home. In this case, home cooking dishes are served on the table, and only close people are present as invited people. Home holiday does not imply a rapid celebration, but allows in a relaxed setting to communicate with relatives and loved ones. In addition, for homemade sites do not need to be a script and acquire a new outfit, and the festive banquet will cost much cheaper than in a cafe or restaurant.


Celebration in the catering establishment is the perfect option for noisy and cheerful companies, and also eliminates the need for independent organization of the table and decoration of the apartment by festive attributes. The cons of the restaurant holiday includes considerable additional costs, as well as the compilation of the contests, quizzes and games. In the case of the presence of a large number of guests, they hire a toasta or assign their lead. If the company is small, then it is not possible to limit oneself with too noisy gatherings with dancing and sincere conversations.

Payment issue of the second day of the celebration Every family decides in its own way. However, it will be fine if a young couple will take part of the restaurant: they can pay drinks and fruits, despite the majority of money will bring parents. An individual payment of each guest for its order is also allowed. However, alcohol in this case also need to pay the host.


If the wedding event is held in the warm season, then it is fun to celebrate the 2nd day and in the fresh air. The ideal option will be a picnic in the country or in a village, where guests and young will be able to rest after yesterday’s feast, make her herbs flavors and enjoy good weather. However, for the absence of a country phasenda, a picnic can be organized and in nature. For this, the picturesque shore of the reservoir is quite suitable or a walk on the opening deck of the ship.

In many ways, the choice of the first day celebration depends on the time of year. So, in the summer, in addition to picnics in nature and rustic feasts, you can organize a trip to another city for newlyweds and their loved ones. Young, as a rule, love to travel, and such an event will be a pleasant surprise for them. If the funds after the main celebration remained not so much, then as an alternative to a long trip, you can offer the youth of the quest in the native city or a walk in the Amusement Park.

Winter weddings require more active types of entertainment, so as a celebration of the second day, you can offer guests rolling from a slide or skating. If the technical side allows, you can pay a ski descent and instructor for all invited, as well as ride a sleigh or snowboard. Skating on the top three horses will also be remembered by guests very long, but for such fun it is necessary to provide a room for heating and organize hot food.

In the offseason, if the weather allows, you can organize a bicycle or horseback walk for young and their friends, and in the autumn period the entire company go for mushrooms. A very interesting option will be the case of a thematic holiday associated with national rites and traditions of the second wedding day. However, for this you need to contact the country ethnographic museum in advance and agree on the program.

In some cases, the celebration of the second day can take place without guests. Often, young people will retire in a restaurant for a romantic dinner or departed in a wedding trip right on the day of registration. This version of the celebration also has the right to exist and is considered to be very soulful and less expensive.

How to meet guests?

Guests meeting is part of many rites at the celebration of the second day, and on how interesting it will be held, the emotional tone of the holiday and the mood of those present depends. An interesting idea will be the meeting of the invited Gypsy TABOR. Start receiving invited can be gypsy songs, jokes, loud music and dancing. However, you don’t need to invite a real table. Usually several of the most artistic relatives are changed into national costumes, take guitars and meet the rest of the guests. The costume festivities, in which each guest at the entrance, is issued several accessories of any image, and he plays this character all evening.

You can organize a comic medical examination, for which the entrance is “Doctor with a nurse” and measure the invited pulse, reflexes and the temperature “after yesterday”, using the musical metronome and a big cardboard thermometer. With a low pulse, weak reflexes and body temperature below 40 degrees, a glass of vodka has been offered. Another comic option to meet guests is the sale of cutlery, and on the tables they must be completely absent. And in order not to eat hands, guests will be forced to buy spoons and forks. Alternatively, the forks may be present on the tables, and when the liquid dishes are “suddenly”, it turns out that the spoons for them still need to buy. Immediately after the guests enter the room, they can be offered to acquire themselves the best place at the table, which is near the young spouses.

Despite the fact that after the first day of the celebration, there is usually a lot of food, for the new feast there are fresh light, but at the same time hearty dishes. Food of the second day should be easily dismantled and low-fat. This is due to the possible consequences of yesterday’s overeating and drinking alcoholic beverages. To avoid too calorie sharp food with a large amount of fats.

It is better to stop on the preparation of vegetable snacks, fish and chicken dishes, as well as green salads, only not mayonnaise, but olive oil. Fish and chicken are usually prepared in an oven or a double boiler, after which they watered a light low-calorie sauce.

In addition to snacks, vegetable cutting and second dishes, it is recommended to cook soup. It may be ear, pickle or Solyanka, and the only condition for its preparation is the use of low-fat broth.

If the young plan to go to the wedding trip, then the second day of the wedding can be noted in the restaurant with the kitchen of the country to which they go. Thus, the spouses are symbolically divided by a partial trip with each of the guests, treating them with dishes of national cuisine. If there is no possibility to visit the National Restaurant, you can order several dishes from the delivery service.

When organizing a light bucket in nature, you can restrict ourselves to kebabs, baked fish or sausages cooked on the grill. Vegetable salads and lung snacks must be supplied to the meat. As for alcoholic beverages, the best option is dry wine or champagne. Too strong drinks on the second day are not used.

What to wear?

The appearance of young spouses and invited entirely depends on where the holiday will be held. If this is not a restaurant, then you can go to the celebration in simple and comfortable clothes, especially since our best outfits have already shown on the day before, so something else to invent the wardrobe is not worth.


If the holiday is decided to arrange in a restaurant, you no longer need to wear a wedding dress, but an ideal version will be a light bright dress.

Shoes can be chosen on a low heel, as the official part and adoption of congratulations already behind, and the young will finally be able to fully relax, dance and chat with friends.

When celebrating in nature or in another unofficial setting, you can wear a light skirt or pants, as well as the thematic pair t-shirt with the inscription “Wife” or something like that. The second, exactly the same T-shirt, should be on the husband and have the appropriate inscription “Husband”. It looks like this ensemble is very cool, especially if the design of T-shirts is carefully worked out and created directly for this pair.


In the restaurant, a young man can put on light pants and shirt without a tie. Jeans in this case are not allowed. The sleeve on the shirt is also better to choose a long one, and its color must be harmonized with a spouse outfit. But on a picnic or in the village, jeans can already be. In combination with a steam t-shirt, it will be a convenient and practical outfit that will not be shying movements and will allow a good to relax in nature.


Guests must also select clothing in accordance with the conditions of the event. For a country trip, jeans and sneakers will fit, and for a campaign to the thematic event, you will need to fit in accordance with the specified and mandatory color scheme. However, if the theme is narrowly, for example, sea, then it is definitely not worth it to acquire myself the main costume of the maritime officer. It will be enough to wear some bright accessory denoting belonging to a common style. In this case, it may be a shortage or striped blue-white brazer on the neck. To match the color themes, it is enough to tie a bow or take a balloon of the right color with you.

What is given young people?

Usually on the second day large gifts are no longer given, but they actively take part in cash contests and comic sales. The whole amount that collected in this way goes to the family budget of a young couple. However, on your discretion to prepare a symbolic gift yet. It can be a photo album, a set of towels, thematic T-shirts with funny inscriptions or circles with photos of young. Also appropriate gifts made by hand. It can be funny charms or soft talismans, but such gifts must be made in two copies and granting both husband and wife.

The video below discusses the pros and cons of the second day of the wedding.

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