Autumn Bridal Bouquet: Design Ideas and Subtleties

Autumn Bridal Bouquet: Design Ideas and Subtleties

Beautiful time of year, charming and fascinating with its paints – autumn – fertile for a wedding celebration. Bright shades of foliage, colors and berries inspire on unusual autumn bouquets for the bride. Choice for fantasy is huge: gerberas, chrysanthemums, maple leaves and even clusters of Ryabina. Consider several ideas and options for wedding bouquets in the autumn style.

Before choosing a bouquet

Bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere are part of the chosen wedding concept. These important triumph attributes should be chosen among the latter, when the main details are already thought out, the selection rules are taken into account.

  • The autumn bouquet of the bride must harmoniously fit into the images of the bride and groom. It is important to take into account, because in recent years I have a fashion for thematic weddings. Autumn style is perfect for a wedding in the style of “Country”, “Provence”, “Autumn Carnival”, “Halloween” or “Retro”. With the classic version of the celebration, it is appropriate to inclusion in the bouquet of autumn gifts, because they will become a bright highlight of the wedding evening.
  • Rule for the bride: the richer and gorgeous her dress, the more modest and easier should be a wedding bouquet, and vice versa.

  • Think out the form of a future bouquet in autumn style. Best and easier to make a ball bouquet. It is perfect for a magnificent dress fragile bride girl a little growth. A bouquet in the form of a cascade is better to choose for a slim, high bride in a silhouette dress. Just create and an asymmetrical bouquet that will attract attention to its large and small components of flowers, cones, berries.
  • Selecting the form, you need to decide on the components of the composition – flowers, leaves, berries. It is better to choose them. At the beginning of the autumn pore, it can be a bouquet with a predominance of yellow colors, and in the middle and at the end of the paint can be brighter – from orange to burgundy and burgher-purple. Greens in such a bouquet better cut to a minimum. However, it should not be overloaded too catchy colors, otherwise this composition will draw attention to itself, and not on the marriage pair.

  • Flowers should not have a sharp smell, otherwise the bride who will keep it all holiday will be uncomfortable, the head can be accelerated and the mood will be spoiled. A bouquet should not be too heavy by weight.
  • Including the composition of unusual flowers, it is better to clarify their meaning in advance, sometimes it may not coincide with such a celebration like a wedding.

Flowers of autumn

  • Chrysanthemums, Astra – The most famous autumn flowers. Their time of flowering falls on autumn, and there is from what to choose! All color gamut, which can be represented by cute chrysanthemums, keeping your beauty for a very long time. Astra, personifying tenderness, loyalty, can be both bright red shades and gentle pink, lilac, snow-white, they are perfectly combined with other flowers.

  • Georgina bring happiness to your owners and gratitude. In the wedding bouquet, semi-scattered buds of dahlias of different saturated shades look unusual, besides, this noble flower almost does not smell. This is not the entire list of colors, plants, add-ons that can offer a wedding generous autumn.
  • Gerbera It is always stylish, in a bouquet can be one or more combined colors. Symbolizing the well-being of family life, wealth and success, they will not cause allergies from the bride, all the celebration is guaranteed, glad to the eye of others.

  • No Queen Flowers – Roses rarely costs a classic wedding, many brides prefer them for tender smell and beauty, and therefore it is not necessary to retreat from traditions! Wedding bouquet with roses can be presented in autumn stylistics if it is skillfully arranged by maple leaves, viburnum berries, rowan, fir bumps or wheat spikelets.
  • Sunflowers symbolize wealth, fertility, full bowl in the house of young. Mini sunflowers in the decorative version can be a monobuete or combined with white and yellow chrysanthemums, astrams, daisies.

  • Calendula, Velhets are one of the symbols of autumn and warm sunny days. Let not be embarrassing the young of their simplicity and naivety, because they symbolize passion, fire in relationships. The bright lights of the velvetsev will become a highlight of the autumn wedding in the style of “Bocho”, “Country”, and you can decorate such a bouquet with twigs of fern.

  • Zinnia. Bright balls of this autumn flower are one-photon and pins, it is convenient to combine them with other colors and insert into the flower arrangement for the bride.
  • Lush hydrangea It blooms for a long time, right up to autumn cold, its diverse color palette will arrange the most demanding bride. Snow-white hydrangea and herself looks like a bride, symbolizes loyalty, respect, purity of thoughts. The only minus is a bright aroma of hydrangea colors that need to be taken into account when choosing it.

Of the unusual autumn colors suitable for the wedding composition, you can call the beat, ringuncules, crocosmia, kneading, amaranth. Crocosmia, Amaranth and targeting have a palette of orange-red and burgundy shades. All these flowers are well combined in complex compositions. Crocosmia usually has warm redheads, noble amaranth descends with burgundy waterfall, and targeting diverse and color and shape (from Fuchsia color faiths to yellow-red-burgundy cones).

Protest and Ranunculyus very amazing flowers. Ranunkulyus is just a butterfly from Asia, but how the multi-layer strikingly delicate flowers fascinate! The proteus is also worthy of all silence, because of its unusual form, the beat is better to combine with flowers easier.

Fruits of autumn

In addition to colors in the autumn wedding bouquet, berries, nuts, fruits and even mini vegetables can be used, since autumn and rich harvest are associated with each other. Autumn fruits can be used in a bouquet as decor, or as the main heroes of the bouquet. So, the berries are very beautiful and unusually wedding bouquets with rowan, viburnum, rosehip fruits, supplemented with roses and other flowers from white to burgundy shades.

You can not miss the opportunity to bring the beauty of the trees yellow foliage in the bouquet, using cool leaves, oak sprigs with acorns. Physalis twigs, chestnut leaves with its major fruits emphasize autumn celebration, remember young and guests for a long time. Spruce, pine cones – a great decor in a bouquet, especially if the celebration passes in the forest area. Ripe spikelets of cereals – a symbol of welfare in many nations, perfectly fit into the autumn theme of the wedding, they are combined with gerberas, sunflower, noble roses.

Small fruits, such as Ranetk apples, mini pears, bunches of grapes decoratively complement the autumn celebration. If the bride wants even greater extravagance, it can be used in a bouquet of vegetables: mini-cobs, mini carrots, mini-ticks are suitable for a wedding in the style of “Haloween”.

Independent manufacture

For the incarnation of the autumn bouquet of the bride, it is not necessary to use expensive florist services. You can make it yourself, choosing flowers and additional decor in advance. All the little things should be thought. Satin ribbons of different widths, beads, rhinestones, framework of a future bouquet, scissors, twine and other tools. Remember that the bouquet should not be large. It needs to be easy to keep one hand.

After all components are prepared, flower stems should be cleaned of excessive foliage. Flowers are better to choose on a long leg, because it is never too late to trim it. Then follows the most responsible time of laying. For a bouquet of a bowl, as for the bouquet, the stalks and sprigs of the decor are laid radially, bandaged at the base, the excess length of the stems is adjusted.

It is better to start from the center of the composition by installing the largest and beautiful flower or focus from berries (nuts, cones), then move in a circle, adding new components. The tape that bandages the bouquet should also be harmonized with the main tinge of a bouquet. Do not be upset if the bouquet does not come from the first time. The main thing is to do it not on the eve of the celebration, but a little early, for 2 or 3 days to have time in stock. The finished bouquet is removed into the portboot, filled with nutrient fluid for flowers, and until the hour of “X” stored in a cool place.

About how to make an autumn bridal bouquet with your own hands, look in the following video.

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