Bachelor party before the wedding: how to spend it and what to give to the fiance?

Bachelor party before the wedding: how to spend it and what to give to the fiance?

On the eve of such an important event as a wedding, many guys arrange a bachelor party. The article will talk about who should organize an event and pay all expenses, as a bachelor party is usually held, and what is given to the groom.

What it is?

Before the wedding, you must have a bachelor party – this opinion is adhered to many modern guys. To arrange a party in honor of the groom – this is a kind of tradition, which has long been accustomed in many countries of the world. As a rule, this event passes quite fun. The company of friends led by the bridegroom is going, and everyone celebrates the last days bachelor’s life of their buddy.

Usually, the bachelor card is carried out so that later the groom, and all the rest of friends, it was something to remember. All the delights of the rampant, bachelor’s life of the young bridegroom should feel at this party, arranged in his honor.

There is such a stereotype that a diverse alcohol river must be poured on the boy, the crowds of dancers who are ready for everything must be present, and so on. Usually, the brides are adhered to such an opinion, which always oppose such parties. But very often, the bachers pass at all as it seems to girls. The event may be interesting, cheerful and quite fit the fractions of decency. Consider some ideas on how to organize such a boyfriend. But about it a little later.

Who organizes and pays?

According to the established tradition for organizing such an event, as a bachelor party, the witness is taken by the witness.

Usually, as a witness for a wedding, the guys invite their best and close friend or someone from close relatives. Therefore, it is the witness that all tastes and preferences of the groom will be able to organize an unforgettable party for him.

Often, all financial costs takes place, too, the wonder of the groom. But it is quite possible to combine efforts with those who will attend the party. In this case, all finance divide equally between all the participants of the boy. It also happens that the fiance itself is also investing in a future party. Such delicate questions are resolved in advance, together between friends and buddies who will definitely be present at the Bachelor Party.

It is worth noting that Very often, friends led by the witness secretly organize a similar event for the groom and arrange a grand surprise to him. And how will the financial issue be solved, and who will pay for the event, it already depends on the personal capabilities of each.

When spend?

As a rule, after the engagement and until the day of the wedding, the young people remain at least a month. Therefore, the bachelor party can be easy to arrange any day before the celebration. Of course, it is better not to arrange similar events right in the day or two to the wedding itself. After all, the last week before such an important event is always tense, and there are still a lot of things that should be done to do before the wedding. Therefore, the perfect time for holding a boyfriend is to organize it two weeks before the wedding itself.

If time remains very little, you can organize a party for the groom at least five days before the wedding. Just this time, enough for all participants in the boyfriend came to themselves after the party and attended the wedding in full toast.

How to organize?

It is quite possible to go a big and noisy male company to the nearest bar, and there just fun to spend time. But for sure everyone wants such a party to go somehow unusual and remembered the bridegroom and his friends for a long time. There are several ideas that will be useful to all those who are in the near future plans to organize a bachelor party.

Agree that every man loves extreme and speed. Therefore, you can organize a bachelor party in some unusual place, for example, to arrange real racing on karting. All guys love to drive on the cars, and the karting is the best option.

There, it is quite possible to organize a small buffet, then to celebrate the victory of one of the friends. In addition, you can pre-order original and memorable diplomas for each participant of this improvised competition. Of course, the main diploma should get a bride.

If the groom does not like cards, but he likes speed, it is quite possible to go beyond the city so that there is in nature to drive from the soul on quad bikes. And if the season has already begun, it is possible on snowmobiles. Being in nature, it is quite possible to arrange a kind of quest. You can organize everything in advance, and you will help make cards with interesting tasks. It will be fun to drive in nature, pass various obstacles, and eventually find the main prize. At the end of such a quest it will be possible to pretend the groom in advance of the prepared gift, or to arrange a party in the forest house. Such a boyfriend will like the guy.

Bachelor Party is a fiancian party. And therefore it will be quite logical if his long-standing dream come true at such an event. For example, if you know exactly what the groom has long been dreaming of flight in Aerotrub or about a parachute jump, then why everyone will not fulfill the long-time dream of the perpetrator of the celebration. And after such an extreme start of the boyfriend, it is quite possible to go to the nearest nightclub or bar, and there is already there to continue the fun.

In the event that the celebration is scheduled in the winter season, it is best to go to the mountains. There you can remove a cozy cottage for this funny event. To the day to have something to do, you can ride snowboards or skis. After such an entertainment, it will be very pleasant to continue the evening in a warm and cozy cottage, to warm up with a fireplace with a glass of mulled wine, and after you arrange a noisy party with dancing.

Wherever you organize a bachelor party, so that he goes fun and unforgettable, it is necessary to prepare various contests in advance. For example, the groom’s oath that he undertakes not to forget friends and meet with them at least once a month, has already become a traditional and integral part of the boy.

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