Beautiful bridal wedding bouquets from Call

Beautiful bridal wedding bouquets from Call

Choosing a wedding bouquet for the bride – the task is truly difficult. It should be far from banality, of course, beautiful and perfectly harmonive with the dress of the bride, the suit of the groom and the common entourage of the ceremony. In addition, festive flowers must personify a whole range of emotions: from light sadness and tenderness to hope for a bright future. Highly listed tasks are perfectly cope with elegant calla.

Symbolics flowers

It should be started with the fact that the birthplace of Call is called South Africa. English officers who held there service, noticed these wonderful flowers and brought them to their homeland. The first bouquets, by the way, were designed for the royal family. Then – in the twenties of the last century – this species began to gradually spread throughout Europe, and the brides began to choose a bouquet of callers to the wedding ceremony.

There was even a sign that if, until the next morning, the flowers were not covered, then the young couple expects a happy long year in the circle of a numerous family. The most valuable as then, so and now the types of Calla Zanydeskin. In culture, they are especially famous Zantedesquia Ethiopian (differently called Ethiopian blonde) and the white callers derived on its basis.

Today and in Russia, the brides can choose for themselves in such an unforgettable day a bouquet of Call. These flowers symbolize hope for a prosperous and happy marriage. In addition, they have an additional mystical importance – such a bouquet will protect the hostess from any negative. Surprisingly, in some countries the attitude to Callam is completely the opposite – they are called widden flowers and use not at weddings, but at the funeral. However, this concept successfully fits into the presentation of Slavic peoples about the bride. In Russia, ancient times was considered that a young girl dies at the ceremony, reborn by a mature woman.

The most common white calla, which means the purity and innocence of the bride. In addition, they symbolize the desire of the bride to eternal happiness in the Warm Union. Red calla shows passion and saturation of feelings inside a couple. Pink flowers personify tenderness and calm, and yellow is loyalty and attentiveness, as well as the desire for sufficiency and success. Purple tones talk about the tenderness and trepacy of the feelings of young. The black variety of flowers is associated with a mystery, elegance, having femininity and even aristocracy.

What bride will suit?

It is worth mentioning that the wedding bouquet of callers is not suitable for any dress. Performers are considered to be mermaid and column silhouettes, classic straight models and outfits in ampir style. In addition, it is impossible to remake with volumetric parts and clothes – too decorated dress will seem tasteless in the company with an elegant concise bouquet. There are certain restrictions and relating to the figure of the bride – full and low girls should avoid elongated callers. The fact is that the flowers visually further aiming the figure, making the whole image quite ridiculous and incomplete.

The same applies to pregnant brides. In this situation, it is better to give preference to traditional roses. There is, however, the opportunity to order a bouquet of mini-kall, but it only applies to thin miniature brides. Such a composition will not require a special additional decor and will be very appropriate to look.

Suitable shades

Family Call is rich in numerous variations of colors. You can choose classic white and delicate pink, bright yellow and calm peach, juicy red and burgundy, dark purple and black, positive salad and even two-color. All this suggests that the bride will manage to choose the same color that will correspond to her desires and to harmonize with the decor of the ceremony.

For summer and spring weddings, light, light and tender shades are more suitable – for example, white, beige, light yellow and other. In the cold season, bouquets of saturated-orange color, bright yellow, purple and burgundy red will look much better. It is worth mentioning that buds have different saturation. For example, a shade ranges from light-purple to a saturated purple, practically flowing into black. There are also transfused variations when one color goes into another.

Combinations with other colors

And although calla look great in the monobuete, they are great combined with other flowers. Ideal neighbors for them are called roses, orchids, freesia, alstromeria and lavender. Making up a joint bouquet, it is important to withstand the balance and watch that some varieties do not eclipse others. The use of too lush flowers, such as peonies and dahlias, and, in general, the main rule of the compilation of the bouquet is the expression “not to overdo it”. In the bouquet, by the way, should be harmoniously combined not only the shades of different flowers, but also smells. Therefore, the use of several plants with saturated sharp flavors is prohibited.

Design of bouquet

In general, it should be immediately mentioned that the calla themselves are so self-sufficient that they do not need an excess wrapper and a large number of additional parts. In addition, the form of bud allows you to assemble the composition of any size – make it small and neat or large and luxurious. A bouquet of these colors can be made independently. It is enough to simply collect them in a neat beam, imagine the height of individual stems and cut off peeping tails, and then tied up with a lace cord or ribbon to the tone of the dress. If there is a desire to make a little variety, then it is worth adding some large graceful rich-green leaves or twigs, and also decorate the pearl thread.

In those rare cases when the wedding is organized in art nouveau styles, minimalist or avant-garde, then for a bouquet, it will be enough to combine the calves of snow-white and black flowers, tapping them with a neutral tape. Snow white buds are also harmoniously complemented by eucalyptus leaves or drazes. Greens always adds freshness composition. To diversify such a bouquet, you need to combine callas with a rose milk color.

Bright and memorable will be a composition of snow-white Call and fresh purple irises. Often bright bouquets with this flower are complemented by burgundy berries. By the way, preparing a wedding bouquet, you should not forget about the boutonniere of the groom – both compositions must be combined. The same applies to “live” decorations for brides girlfriends.

In addition to traditional green leaves, decorating bouquets are recommended lace and branches, and in suitable cases even cones, feathers or shells. Forming a composition, it is necessary to navigate to the largest flower, for example, a rose, and have caullys next to him so that they rise. Usually calla are located in the center and surround other components. Flowers are placed tight, but so that one element does not muffle the other. It is fixed in the middle and at the beginning, and then a smooth shared section is carried out. Ribbon or other cords are fixed using pins.

Speaking about the form of a bouquet, today the most popular is called cascade, which is very easy to implement due to the long legs of Call. Montobuses are popular – they are compiled, as a rule, only from Call, but at the same time they do not look like a few copies, but as a large exotic flower. This is a glamor. The simplest is the option when the buds on long stems are neatly laid out on the helix and tied with a cord. In the case of the creation of a round composition, a large number of different plants are usually required, so only calves do not do.

Laconic and discreet bouquet got the name Biedermeyer. Many girls choose an accessory in a vegetative style – it looks very natural and comes to a wedding ceremony celebrated in nature. Thematic extravagant celebrations require the use of a bouquet of a bouquet, which, rather, acts as bright decoration of the wedding dress. Bouquet-clutch from Call is used on winter weddings accompanied by photo shoots.

Tips of Stylists and Florists

Experts believe that by choosing a bouquet of callers for a wedding, it is quite possible to order it in advance. He will not spoil anything – perfectly wait for the solemn ceremony, and then for several days it will delight his owner. Flowers calmly cost without water for almost 2 weeks – this is, of course, largely simplifies the situation: the traditional attribute can be selected and place an order a few days before the ceremony. By the way, if the heads of Call dropped a little, it says that too much moisture turned out to be too much. It is enough to extract a bouquet of a vase and remove for a couple of hours in a dry and unlit place.

Do not fear plants and low temperatures – so they are recommended to choose for winter weddings. Withstanding temperatures up to minus forty, they will definitely survive staying on the street. The same applies to high temperatures – callas normally feel at forty degrees of heat, which means they will not fade on the hot July wedding. TOSlow bouquet waiting for a solemn day to be placed in cold water. True, it will also have to cut a little stems every day. If the flowers fade a little, then they will be enough to get out of the water, somewhere to withstand in a dry place, then scold the tips with boiling water and omit and lowered for a couple of seconds in melted paraffin or wax. In the case when the procedure is performed correctly, the lifetime of the bouquet will increase by fourteen days.

Despite all the advantages, it should be warned that the smell of these colors is very bright and rich. Therefore, if the bride does not tolerate the long-term impact of strong smells, it is better to be better or completely abandoning such a choice, or combine them with plants with a neutral smell. There is another third option – ask the seller in the store to handle a bouquet with a special solution that eliminates the smell. In this case, the bouquet will no longer be bullshit, but it will be kept much less. Again, completing the issue with the smell, it is necessary to be ready that these flowers are quite easily caused by the appearance of allergic reactions.

About how to make a wedding bouquet of bridal from Call do it yourself, see the following video.

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