Beautiful wedding hairstyles on medium hair with bangs

Beautiful wedding hairstyles on medium hair with bangs

Wedding, among other things, gives the opportunity to shine with his beauty. As far as the bright impression will produce the bride, it depends not only on its dress, but also from the chosen hairstyle. The owner of the average hair length with bangs has every chance to come to his holiday with stacking, which will make her true queen of the holiday, and not only from a formal point of view.

Features hairstyle

To the middle length, hairdressers include their hair at least to the shoulders and a maximum of the middle of the blades. Moreover, this category can be attributed to the extended square and cascade. The average hair length with bangs allows you to create a wide variety of wedding hairstyles, while adjusting the disadvantages of the face, spending on creating an image not too much effort. Laid hair do not interfere with moving, and the risk does not occur that during the holiday they will crumble. Hairously preferably choose the features of the figure and face.

Close to the completeness of girls will suit volumetric, and it is better to choose the laying in the form of curls or smooth. Rack contraindicated styling, seeking upwards, and low girls, on the contrary, add a few centimeters of growth. For a square and rectangular face, it is advisable to choose an image with curls on the sides of the face, as well as a low beam located. For a round face you need to choose asymmetric bangs and hair, beautifully collected on the top. For triangular – Locking Locks are needed so that braid samples are visible on the head, and Kudri descended below the chin.

Bang – best oblique and long, masking wide forehead. Girls with soft features of the face will fit an image with a straight bang, which will emphasize the beauty of the eye and will make its owner outwardly younger. Although if the hair is not thick enough, such a bang may be unsuitable. Those who are lucky to be born with an oval face can afford almost any hairstyle and any version of the bangs. Kosy is the best option for those in whose features a triangle or square. Extralen – distract attention from unsuccessful features of the face.

Even if the bride wanted to change his appearance before the wedding, adjusting the shape of the bangs, it is necessary to do this in a few weeks to a solemn day. No one can give guarantees that the hair is needed by the forehead after they see them, will not be too short. If the experiment put in front of the wedding itself, it may pretrate the mood pretty. If the task is set – to start laying the bangs on the new way, then the time you need the time to have learned to lie differently. In advance should be abandoned and creating a wedding image. You can try to make different laying options to understand which one like most. Then the most responsible moment will not have to worry and spend too much effort to create the desired result.

Styling depending on the length of the bangs

Many girls bangs are an excellent complement to the haircut. Although with her appearance depends on the state of strands at the level of the forehead. If the hair does not come together at the ends, have a healthy shine and pomp, clear geometry, it means everything is in order. Such an element hairstyles does not require refinement before creating a wedding laying. At the same time, part of the hair trimmed by her forehead, it looks great and with free curls, and with the collected upstairs, and with openwork braids.

Direct bangs opens up great opportunities for various experiments When developing hairstyles of the bride. The requirement for the bangs itself – so that it is exactly trimmed and smoothly laid on the wedding day. Direct bangs will give an interesting effect in combination with curls. Although the seashell’s time proven can look at it no less effectively. Combine such a bang with braids need very thoughtfully. It should be avoided “frills” in this sense. It is better to limit the restrained decoration of braided hair.

Long bang allows you to dispose of it in many ways. With the hair of medium length, this part of the chapels can generally be lifted and included in a common mass, and it can be accent on it, putting it, for example, wave. A good option is to combed the side or stab so that it does not interfere with the eyes. As well as when creating hairstyles, the unhealthy bangs are divided into two equal parts by the surrender and make a beautiful framing from it. Most of all this option is suitable for owner of oval type.

Oblique bangs can decorate almost any hairstyle. It is combined with a high nobody, when the curls are liftedly removed back and freely fall on the shoulders. This laying for hair medium length allows you to make an image easy and bright. Oblique bangs, unlike direct, makes it possible to create decorations on the head of the most intricate brand. It is interesting to do with this hair option you need a forehead hairstyle of a horse tail. Short bang also pushes a hairstyle type of tail or beam. Whatever the option choose the bride, with such a bang, the hairstyle will definitely not interfere.

What is suitable for the Diam and Fata?

Part of the hairstyle of the bride traditionally is a veil or diadem. With a diademable girl walking under a crown, becomes a real princess. Beads and rhinestones turn such a decoration into a real crown. Usually, the diadem is worn so that it is on the border between the bangs and the bulk of the hair. And you can also make a batch at the top of the head and decorate this part of the curls of the diadem. With the hair assembled in this way, it remains to dilute the rigor to several thin curls by the face on the sides. In essence, such a decoration as the diadem is universal. It makes a gorgeous image of a girl with any bang.

Fata still remains the main decoration of hairstyles of the bride. And is unlikely to ever cease to be fashionable. When laying with a straight bang, it will be good to look good in one layer. But, for example, hairstyle with oblique bangs assumes the presence of Fatas in any variant. Here you need to focus on the fact that this decoration is well combined with the girl’s outfit. Under the Fata, smooth hairstyle, and cheerful curls, and hair braked in braids, as well as a variety of knots and beams.


The style of wedding hairstyles with bangs has no restrictions. For such a case, you can choose, for example, a popular Greek style, thanks to which you can appear in the image of a real goddess from ancient myths. This style involves the original weaving options. Medium length hair fully allow such hairstyles. Supplement to such laying often become ribbons or flowers. Will fit into the image of the diadem or elegant rim.

Retrostil implies elegance in the hairstyle of the bride. Face waves can be made from both major strands and extended bangs. A fata of any length is suitable for retro image. With bangs will be combined and Babetta, made on the back of the head and complemented by ribbon or beads. Girls, showing interest in the fashion of the eighties, can arrange a hairstyle of a horse tail.

The hairstyles in the style of boho are distinguished by air and deliberate dishevement, although the specialist will surely narrow the hand of the master who created the hairstyle. Bang in such structures plays an important role. This style will fit the hair from the forehead, separated by half and laid on both sides of the face. In this case, the bangs need to be fastened by invisible so that they do not interfere.

Beautiful options

Wedding hairstyle can be very restrained. It perfectly fits the elongated bang, laid out. Interestingly twisted strands over it diverse. Hairstyle from the average hair length can be done very simply. Twist the ends of the curls, grab them with a thin pigtail from your own strands and decorate with flowers. Fata and straight thick bangs will complete the image by making it gentle and sophisticated.

Deliberately careless hairstyle from hair collected in a low beam, in combination with a straight bang, below the eyebrows makes the image of a girl underlined with young and gentle. It looks especially brightly on black hair with a healthy shine and a tint of other shades.

The win-win option for the blonde will be laying with a wrench. With such hairstyle seem harder and volume. An extended bang in this case it is more profitable to remove in the total mass of the chapels. The beam can be decorated in different ways, but in combination with a straight bang, the image of the bride is charming. It looks great on dark and light hair.

How to make a beautiful wedding hairstyle on medium hair, look in the following video.

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