Bridal bridal bouquet from hydrangea: options for beautiful compositions and combinations

Bridal bridal bouquet from hydrangea: options for beautiful compositions and combinations

Willingly combination in the bouquet of gentle hydrangeas and roses, fragrant mills and wonderful orchids will not leave an indifferent one girl. What is the meaning of these colors, why they are ideal for the bouquet of the bride, what options to choose for a wedding, you will learn in this article.

Who fits?

Wedding bouquet of romantic snow-white hydrangeas to the face of any bride. This is a win-win option for a classic wedding celebration.

The presence in the bouquet of a blue color palette obliges a lot. Decorations in the hairstyle of the bride, wedding dress, costume and boutonniere groom, interior of the wedding hall and a bouquet – everything should be in one color scheme.

White hydrangea and roses, blue orchids and blue freesia – perfect option for the thematic wedding:

  • Marine, River, Pirate+
  • Blue, Blue, Vasilkova+
  • Aristocratic blue-gold+
  • Winter in blue and silver tones.

A bouquet of hydrangeas with bright blue orchids will be spectacular to look in the hands of a dark brown brunette and burning brunettes.

Composition with caster shades milling – excellent find for fragile blonde with golden or platinum hair.

Bold combination of colors attracts admired guest glances to the bride. Girls who love to be the center of attention can choose a mixed floral composition with a predominance of purple orchids, blue mills and lisianthuses, snow-white and light green hortensia.

Extravagant brides will prefer a bouquet where saturated burgundy hydrangeas alternate with blue and purple. Focal points in such a composition – blue orchids, red anthuriums or crimson calla.

Varieties of bouquets


At the request of the bride, an experienced florist will create a bouquet, not only the corresponding wedding style and the appearance of the girl, but also reflecting her inner world.

It looks sophisticated, a monobuete of a white or blue hydrangea in the hands of a young and timid bride.

The composition is made by parallel assembly of plants with a stepped laying.

Charm bouquet in a clear round form, which looks very romantic even without additional decorations.

Large compounds of hydrangea allow you to create compositions in the form of a round bouquet called a hemisphere. Here it is good to use roses, anemones, tulips that are a smooth structure of petals and an oval form of buds will create a bright contrast against the background of wavy petals of hydrangea. The bottom of the bouquet is covered with a lush greens.


Bouquets – “rapids” – this is an artistic negligence created by the hands of an experienced florist. Coqueturily knocking out of the total mass of the twigs, buds, spikelets create a feeling of natural simplicity. In the hands of the bride Bouquet suggests that love is the most natural and beautiful feeling on earth.

Fragile freesia bells, gentle hyacinths, air branches of gypsophila and orchids, similar to butterflies fluttering over a bouquet, give peace and peace – in life there are only flowers and delicate mutual feelings.


Cascade bouquet always emphasizes femininity and elegance of the girl. This is an unusually spectacular version of the bouquet, underlining the beauty of the bride and its wound outfit. Plants with smooth lines, like a fantastic colored waterfall, descend their tender stems and buds down.

The lush bouquet cap is formed from hydrangea and roses, and its luxurious inflorescences tends to the feet of the bride Cascade phalaenopsis.

How to save fresh?

I want flowers in a bouquet to be fresh as long as possible. To compositions where there is hydrangea, it is necessary to show special care. In Japan, in the homeland of hydrangea, it is called a “dummy” flower: it becomes sluggish and lifeless without water.

A bouquet collected by the usual classic way “on its legs”, throughout the holiday you need to periodically put in water. Take care in advance that the small vase everywhere attended with you: In the marriage registration hall, in the car, on a walk, on the table of newlyweds.

Do not put flowers in the sun or near the heating devices – try to find them the shaded cool place.

Florial secrets

Experienced florists, knowing the special love of hydrangea to water, create bouquets that do not require constant to feed colors in the vases, which is very convenient, especially hot summer, is the compositions on the portboot and bouquets on the “false legs”. They are great for exit registrations and long photo sessions.

The design of the portbooter allows you to constantly feed the oasis with flowers. Water is in the knob of the PBBB, and so that hydrangea felt good, it is necessary to periodically tilt the composition down.

Note that many hydrangeas in the portbuette do not put: they can quickly die.

It looks at the composition very elegantly and solemnly, although the water present in them makes them somewhat heavy compared to the usual bouquet.

Bouquets on the “false legs” create both in the portboot, and on the floral sponge.

Plants cut and insert into an oasis using the mounting technique for fastening. So that the bouquet looks natural, make imitation of the living legs of the cropped stems. “False legs” decorated with ribbons, as well as stems of flowers in a conventional composition.

A bouquet lives much longer than ordinary, and opportunities for creativity and fancy florist gives much more.

If you want to make a bouquet of hydrangea on your own, you should consider the nuances that will help you to save a bouquet for a long time:

  • Hydrangea after cutting put in hot water through the cap+
  • so that the flower drinks better water, split the stem with a knife and remove all the leaves+
  • You can add “crosant” – a means of extending the life of cut colors+
  • Inflorescences should be fully discontinued, without green buds, especially in blue and burgundy hydrangea+
  • Collecting a bouquet, put hydrangea tightly to each other: it will save moisture inside a bouquet, which is important for colors+
  • In ordinary bouquets, florists are placed hydrangea in floral flasks on long holders, which allows to feed flowers with water.

Options combinations

The game with various types and shades of hydrangea in combination with flowers different from color and texture, Allows you to create floristic masters of creatures of extraordinary beauty:

  • Round bouquets, where the top of the sphere is collected from snow-white roses, and completes the composition of soft blue hydrangea+
  • Sphere from blue hydrangeas, accents in which are white roses+
  • Monobuet, where saturated blue hydrangea gradually replaces the blue and goes into white+
  • Combination of green and light blue hydrangeas with ovals of indolent buds of cream roses and white large live lisianthuses+
  • The top of floral art – glamor of the petals of white rose and blue hydrangea.

Freedy – constant hydrangea companions in wedding compositions. When creating spherical bouquets, florists often remove oblong freesia buds so that they do not disturb the planned shape, but To create asymmetric compositions and bouquets in natural style they fit perfectly.

  • Bouquet Center – Blue Hydrangea, surrounded by cornflowers with bright green sprigs of indiffered inflorescences, playfully towering over the composition. Complete a bouquet of white roses, beaten by greenery Salal.
  • Beautifully, a bouquet of white hydrangea, disassembled into small inflorescences, in combination with blue freesia, large white and small creamy bush robes.

Perfectly complement orchid compositions:

  • Bouquet of wavy white hydrangea and white bath+
  • Dairy inflorescence hydrangea and blue cymbidium flowers.

We stylish various decorations in wedding bouquets:

  • Pearls+
  • Boujin drops+
  • rhinestones+
  • Brooches, hairpins, pins.

For bouquets in natural and sea styles, stones, shells, decorative cords are used.

Legs of bouquets decorated with satin and silk ribbons, lace.



Flowers accompany us everywhere – without them life would be gray and faceless. Ancient art of speaking in the color of the colors helped people express the strongest feelings and emotions: joy and admiration, lunizing and delight, sadness and sadness.

Hydrangea, or “Japanese Rose”, – Guest from the Far East, Sheaven gives and legends. In some countries, for the magnificent flickering of blue inflorescences, it was called the symbol of coldness and indifference. Other nations presented Hydrangea as a gift as a sign of loyalty, hopes and faith.

“Your for life” – so the man says in the language of flowers, presenting a beloved bouquet of hydrangea.


Those who visited the African continent and saw the endless fields of blooming freesia, can consider themselves lucky.

Tender Freesia – Symbol of Faith, Hope and Love. Unusual fine aroma of freshness with light synthesis of citrus fruits, by giving, freesia received as a gift, saving beauty spring.

Awakening nature from winter sleep, young spring tired and fell asleep. Cooked winter decided to take power into their hands and turn everything alive in permafrost. The fragile frequency was not afraid of the Lyut Frost and rang into his little bells, raising the alarm. Young goddess woke up, and reigning the kingdom of heat, love and colors again.


Majestic orchids consider aristocratic colors. In ancient times, people believed that the goddess of the world, passionately loved by a simple man, agreed for him to come in the earthly world with an excellent flower – orchid.

Since then, these amazing flowers are considered a symbol of passionate and strong love. Snow-white orchids tell a woman that it is the most desirable and beloved. Blue and blue – express the feeling of admiration and gratitude.


The queen of flowers is a white rose – Born out of sea foam, which covered the body from the sea of ​​beautiful Aphrodites. The fascinated beauty of the gods gave her a wonderful aroma, but the envious was deprived of the Rose of immortality. So she stayed on earth to not long, but sincerely and deeply worry the hearts of people with their beauty.

White roses symbolize purity and innocence, dedication and loyalty, selfless and sincere love, which is higher and stronger than fleeting passion.

Violet Roses – Love at first sight and hope for a new meeting, blue – admiration and delight.

Wedding composition of these wonderful colors will strengthen the girl’s faith in the strong and sincere feelings of their elect. There is no doubt that any bride with admiration will take such a wonderful bouquet, giving consent to always go through life with your favorite hand in hand.

How to assemble a bouquet of a bride from hydrangea, look in the following video.

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