Candles for family hearth for a wedding

Candles for family hearth for a wedding

The burning of a family hearth at a wedding is one of the most sentimental and lyrical rites. The flame of the candle is a symbol of family heat, comfort and happiness, so it is the parents who give part of their home the heart of a new family. So that this rite looks even more touching, you can add it more romantic attributes, for example, decorate candles.


For the ceremony, you will need three candles – two thin candles and one volumetric, beautiful product. During the ritual on stage, parents of newlyweds rise. The mother-in-law and mother-in-law hold in the hands of burning thin specimens, the lights of which are lit another, the most beautiful candle – a symbol of a homemade hearth. The main candle can be in a special candlestick and stand on the table, and maybe in the hands of young. The burning of the hearth from two maternal candles symbolizes the transfer of family heat of the parental house to the house married children. It doesn’t matter when the rite is performed – at the beginning or at the end of the evening, it is important to create a twilight in the hall.

In some cases, the rite continues. Guests can help in this. They form a circle around all participants in the ceremony, in the hands of each guest there is a candle. The bride, the new owner of a family hearth, bypass guests and sets up every candle, thereby sharing his warmth of his new family. If such a continuation of the ceremony is planned, it is recommended as the main character to choose a convenient and reliable option, which will be convenient to adjourn other phytilites. By the way, in this circle of guests with burning candles will be very impressive to look at the first dance of young.

What candles are needed?

As already noted, for the rite it is necessary to purchase three candles: one – the main, beautiful, other two – easier. Products can be decorated with ribbons, rhinestones, coffee beans and other elements – no restrictions here. And also no matter what models are made – wax or its substitutes, although the wax is still used, it is not toxic, it does not smoke and burns for a long time, unlike paraffin. Dimensions, color and shape do not matter. It is necessary to adhere to the following recommendations for the selection of candles:

  • Choosing a candle with a beautiful design or decoring them yourself, it is important to take into account that the decorative details could not lead to a fire and did not interfere with the participants of the ceremony to keep products in their hands+
  • For the mothers of the bride and the bride, it is better to choose thin and long candles without a bulk decor so that they can be conveniently transferring the fire of a young family + product that keeps the bride must have a conveniently located wick for ignition+
  • If it is planned to continue the rite, the bride will have to bypass the guests and set fire to their candles, follows the main symbol to choose also in an extended form+
  • It is necessary to provide the safety of candles in advance and prevent the wax on the skin on the skin, as well as provide protection against heating, to this end it is better to purchase models with stands and holders + to protect your hands, allowed to use candlesticks or napkins+
  • You can keep the products in the glasses to protect the skin of the hands, but then it is advisable to make sure to make sure that the wick will be in advance.

After the ceremony

As soon as the rite ended, the candles can be left on the table where the ceremony was performed, until the end of the celebration. After the wedding, a new young family takes her candle in a new home and stores as a souvenir. You can continue to use the product if necessary, for example, to light it up every anniversary and take care of your child’s wedding to convey to him the warmth of his home focus. Parents newlyweds their copies also take home.

If products are made of wax, then you can perform another rite: to store them for four years and burn on the anniversary of the wax wedding.

How to decorate?

For decorating candles, especially the main family hearth, you need to use different decorative elements in any colors. You can buy ready-made beautiful wedding models, and you can make a product yourself, because it is more economical, because a large amount is spent on a wedding, as well as an exclusive option that has never been used anywhere else. If the wedding is framed in some defined color, it is better to decorate the candles to decorate the decor in thematic shades – so they will very harmoniously fit into the wedding interior and create an even stronger effect. To decorate a family hearth symbol, you can use ribbons, lace, flowers, beads, rhinestones. When applying colors, you should choose fresh samples, because they have to stay without water until the end of the holiday. Below are two options for decoration of wedding candles.

It is better to combine them with flowers from the bouquet of the bride and boutonniere groom.


Prepare the following items:

  • 3 Candles+
  • 3 candlesticks+
  • Ribbon satin desired color+
  • Natural flowers.

Manufacturing includes the following steps:

  1. Placing a candle in candlesticks, carefully eliminate paraffin residues+
  2. Carefully wipe the candlesticks so that there are no contaminants+
  3. Wrap every candle with ribbon, while trying to do it at one level+
  4. With the help of pins and needles we attach flowers in the middle.

In marine style

Prepare such elements as:

  • White Candles – 3 pcs.+
  • Satin tape blue or blue+
  • White lace – 3 pcs.+
  • Any decorative marine element as suspension – miniature anchor, starfish, shell – 3 pcs.

Manufacturing includes steps such as:

  1. Every white candle is wrapped in three thin ribbons to get uniform stripes – blue, white, blue, white and so on+
  2. In the prepared suspension insert the lace and knit on each candle over the tapes of the naval node, non-free, free, so that the decoration was in the center of the node.

General recommendations

A creative person can show a fantasy in any direction and implement the most courageous ideas when decorating wedding candles. Drawing up products, follow several recommendations.

  • You can instead of living to use artificial flowers, for example, make them from polymer clay. First we form a ball, then stretch it in the form of a drop, with manicure scissors cut the top to five equal parts and with the help of toothpicks turn every part of the droplet in the petal.
  • The overall decoration of candles should be harmonized with the theme of the wedding and combine with the decoration of glasses, champagne bottles and so on. If there is no topic at the holiday, it is recommended to decorate wedding characters in classic pastel shades.
  • Making the candles, it is very important to foresee the moment of security. Make sure the decor is not located too high and close to the fit. No less important role and in the quality of materials, it is necessary to use such elements that will not start melting or fall off when the temperature is raised during the light of fire.

How to make wedding candles with your own hands in emerald color, look in the video below.

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