Choose a rushman for wedding cavalry

Choose a rushman for wedding cavalry

Wedding – an important event in the life of two lovers, which decided to tie their lives with each other. To the holiday, many still try to keep the traditions that appeared a century ago. If you also believe in signs and honor the covenants of the ancestors, it is worth paying attention to everything, including individual attributes. And such important components like a wedding loaf and a trench for him, and can not be missed and forget.

The origins of tradition

Most folk traditions with great difficulty givend to the study of folklorists and ethnographers, because all this was passed from a person to a person and rarely recorded until the XVIII century. Many traditions were so-called unwritten rules, and it was implied that they needed to be performed, and not to know the disintegration not necessarily. Therefore, many such traditions turned out speculation and fantasies.

Slavs have bread associated with fertility and life forces. This was the main food along with porridge, vegetables and meat, the sayings were made about the bread (for example, “bread – everything head”). So it is not surprising that such an important event, like a wedding, was without this attribute. At the same time, the Slavs were very honored by the Sun, so the ritual bread got his round shape.

What is Rushnik?

Overall, Ancient and Extensive Traditions includes a trench (or “handbrake”). This is a long, narrow towel, intended for wiping hands and face after washing. Initially, it was different from the “Towel”, which was a large woven fabric, but now the differences were left only in Ukrainian and Belarusian languages. They have survived in many ways and because these peoples still observe the traditions associated with the trench.

Ancient Slavs The shape of the rushnik stallors associated with the road, Therefore, he became a symbol of the path, as well as connections. In children’s fairy tales and now you can meet the mention of how the main character receives a towel as a gift, which then turns into a road or river.

Another sacred appointment of the rushnik – to tie the wedding bows of the bride and groom. There was a custom, when the matchmaker, feeding the loaf, tied up with a caverent hand, thereby showing the continuity of the UZ.

Traditional patterns

Attribute This not only wedding. The towel is made practically on all holidays, and in each case there are special rules for its use, as well as certain patterns. To embroider them was the bride itself, like bed linen, and much more – it was part of the dowry.

Capaway when serving the bride and the bride always stands in the middle of the towel. Therefore, the central part of the canvase remains empty and does not embroider. But the edge of the chipseed towel is decorated with all the magnificity – from all the wedding trees he should be the most elegant.

Since the wedding loaf is connected with the sunny God, on the embroidery depicted solar patterns, birds, flowers and leaves. This is all that has been associated with the spring and the beginning of life. Custom is associated not only with the creation of a family, but also with a one-year cycle – weddings in the Slavs traditionally coped in the fall, after the agricultural season. And all the rituals were designed to survive the winter and speed up the arrival of spring.

Length and width of the rushnik must share for seven, And embroidery to occupy half of the total length, locating around the edges. The central part of the canvase remains absolutely white – it was believed that it was connected with heaven and Divine, communicating with them newlyweds.

The main in the patterns of the towel most often turn out to be. You can not embroider cucks and Solovyov – these are symbols of lonely people. And all other birds must be depicted in pairs, with lowered wings, and look at each other. If they turn out to be turned in different directions, it promises the disorder in the family, and the wings raised up – a sign of a combat rack, which will not be a place where the time to show humility and take fate.

Most often for embroidery, choose the following birds:

  • Petukhov – Symbols of wealth and prosperity+

  • Swallows and peacocks – Family happiness+

  • pigeons – symbolize loyalty and consent.

Often depict oak as a symbol of wisdom, leaves of viburnum, hops or grapes – as a symbol of youth, fertility and wealth. Popular also pattern in which Kalina is intertwined with acorns – this is a sign of matrimonial loyalty and a strong family.

Another symbol of a female and male connection is a combination of the Sun and the eight-pointed stars. The sun, like the Supreme Divine, appeared to the ancient Slavs by the personification of men’s power, and the Moon and the Stars – the female began. Usually this composition is complemented by spirals, waves or snakes, which depict water. This element, according to legend, is a link between a man and a woman.

Rules and signs

Choosing a finished trench, or engaged in its independent manufacture, it is worth remembering a number of rules that are part of the wedding ritual. The first and main rule – the length and width of the rushnik must be divided into seven. This is a sacred number for all Christians.

In no case do not take the trench, which has already been used at the wedding. It is considered a very bad admission, so it’s better to take care of your own, new canvase. Especially one must not take the wedding attributes for rent. It is also important that the canvas it was solid, and not sewn from different parts, otherwise the boughs with the bride will be loose and quickly collapsed.

If you do not want to spend time on trifles and decide to do with the purchase option, make sure that the towel does not smell paint or other products of the textile industry. Best so that it is made of linen or cotton fabric. Sometimes preference gives silk, but this is already a retreat from traditions.

It is permissible that the patterns are printed, embroidered with threads (this is the most traditional option) or beads. In Belarus and Ukraine a lot of masters who can make embroidery by individual order with your wishes. But it is better to see them in advance, especially in the wedding season, as the process is not fast, but orders may turn out to be much.

The best option is to make making yourself, After all, since ancient times, the Rushnik embroidered the bride, and sometimes they helped her relatives. Remember that it is possible to embroider a wedding towel only in a good mood – so you will give him positive energy. It is not necessary to sit back to the window – bad sign, so you close yourself and the product from the world.

About what wedding trees are, look in the video below.

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