Choose a wedding bouquet of bridal from Alstromeria

Choose a wedding bouquet of bridal from Alstromeria

An important element of the bride’s image has long been considered a wedding bouquet. Previously, preference was given to an elegant bouquet with roses of light shades. These flowers personify cleanliness, innocence, but time changes everything, and today a bouquet is selected under the themes in which the celebration is held. Romantic alstromeria will help create a spectacular composition, it is harmoniously combined with white roses and other colors.


Visually, this gentle flower is very similar to Lilia, in the commoner it is called the Peruvian Lilia. If you believe legends, then the combination of roses and alstromeria loved the ancient ink, because together they symbolized the radiance of the Sun.

Inca believed that such a combination of flowers gives vitality, charges energy and brings happiness to spouses.

Despite the fact that Lily Inca has a tropical origin, it is not capricious and has a mass gain.

  • A stunning exotic species fascinates and makes it possible to create all sorts of compositions of various shades.
  • Flower is distinguished by high endurance. Miniature lilies calmly carry the scorching sun, ice wind, as well as other weather cataclysms.
  • An extensive flower color gamut amazes even sophisticated minds and makes it possible to realize all fantasies. Alstromeria has light pastel shades and bright, saturated colors, which allows you to collect a bouquet under any stylistic wedding direction.
  • Alstromeria does not possess the smell. The plant will suit girls who do not endure obsessive aromas. In addition, in combination with other colors there will be no showing aroma or odor incompatibility.

Best ideas

Most often alstromeria for a wedding bouquet use in several versions.

In combination with roses, white alstromeries look cute and exquisite. If you choose this composition, you will greatly facilitate your task, because absolutely any variety of roses is suitable for white alstromeria.

Today, bush roses are very popular, the combination will look very romantic.

Monobuket. Alstromeria itself does not need an addition, it is rich both on the external beauty and originality and color. Of course, for a wedding bouquet It is better to choose a white color that is the most common. He will emphasize the atmosphere of celebration, in addition, white alstromeries will give the bride the image of a more tender and fragile Virgin.

Pomander is now very popular. This bouquet resembles a ball, it is attached on an elegant tape and puts on hand.

This will help not only free hands, but also to attract all the eyes to a miniature unusual bouquet.

Gammelia is real art. This type of design requires very high mastery, because creating a huge flower from a variety of buds is very difficult.

This bouquet looks extraordinary, and if you decorate it with bright accents, you will get an unforgettable element of the wedding image.

Very spectacular and bright compositions are obtained by combining alstromeria with other colors. Consider the most popular options.


Chrysanthemums with their wide color palette will create very creative bouquets in a pair with Alstromeria. They are perfect for a wedding bouquet and in their meaning, because they symbolize well-being.

The combination of colors of two different shades will create a concise, elegant bouquet. Chrysanthemums and alstroemeria bright tones will decorate the celebration of the riot of paints and its originality. But do not forget that more than five different colors will have the opposite effect and overnature a bouquet. The composition will be harmonious if you select one basic tone, for example, white and supplement it with several bright accents.


The combination of Peruvian lily with an exotic iris can also surprise with its beauty and originality. The most effective combination is rich-yellow irises with white alstromeries, but this bouquet should be properly issued, otherwise he will lose its extravagancy. Such a bright and catchy bouquet requires a laconic cut dresses and a minimum of accessories and jewelry of the bride.

Dreamily and romantic looks a bouquet with pink or gentle-lilac iris. Such a bouquet is perfectly suitable for elegant and fragile brides. Those who will prefer the iris, it is worth knowing that these flowers are very weak and do not bring cold.

If, contrary to all the desire to add to the wedding bouquet, the Irisa did not fade, tey the flower stems, it will help them save a little longer.


Compleuing two similar flower, it is worth an effort to make a lot of effort so that it turns out a truly beautiful and harmonious bouquet. You can beat similar colors with the help of a correct combination, for example, to create a cascade of smoothly overgoing shades of light pink to a more saturated pink color. If the basis is selected white color, it is better to add more than greens. It will make the composition more tender and attractive.

the Rose

Today, choosing a bouquet of the bride, the girls pay attention not only to the appearance of colors, but also on their meaning. If you are very susceptible to mystical notation, then a bouquet of roses and alstromeries for the wedding ceremony – the most suitable option.

The name “Alstromeria” means “welcome and cute”, such flowers are suitable for those who want to say a satellite about the sincerity of their feelings. Rose has been considered a lot of centuries with a symbol of beauty, many poets chant the queen of flowers in their verses.

But rose has other meanings, such as dignity, eternity and sincere love.

Choosing a bouquet of roses and alstromeries, do not forget about the value of the color scheme:

  • White color has been considered to be a symbol of purity and impossibility+
  • Red – Passion Color+
  • Pink – sign of admiration, tenderness and strong affection+
  • Purple tone says that a couple entails each other+
  • Yellow shade like extraordinary and bright personalities.

No wedding costs without a luxurious bouquet, and how it will be, entirely depends on the preferences of the bride.

      In this case, fantasy is important, but if you want to choose a beautiful and practical bouquet, it is worth stopping your choice on the compositions of roses and alstromeries. This combination carries all the tenderness and beauty that flowers can only pass. Such a bouquet will be an excellent addition to the image of a cute, adorable bride.

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