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Choose a wedding hairstyle without Fata

The obligatory component of the image of the bride is the Fata, since it emphasizes the purity and innocence of a girl walking under the crown. However, despite the traditions, recently, many ladies prefer to do hairstyles for a wedding without Fata. This is explained not only by the personal preferences of the fair sex, but also fashion trends.


To date, there are many variants of hair styling for the bride without traditional Fata. Similar wedding hairstyles are hairstyle with an unusual volume and puff. Decorative rim or wreath complements the image and allows the girl to feel more comfortable, as it eliminates constantly interfering tissue. In addition, the lack of a classic attribute deprives the experiences about how it will be combined with the outfit.

The main feature of laying curls without Fata is that all attention in the image of beauty focuses on the hairstyle, Therefore, it should be flawlessly performed and original. If the celebration falls on the hot season, then the hair should be removed as much as possible from the neck using the minimum of varnish and gel.

At the same time, it is important to ensure that the laying retains its original look during the busting of the wind and in rainy weather.

Often for wedding hairstyles, the design of which is provided by the absence of Fata, simple curls are made. Hair slightly curl around the edges and dissolve.

To give the image uniqueness and chic, it is recommended to perform a strand decor with colors and special accessories. It is desirable to select a bouquet and decorations. For example, beautifully watch pearl hoops with cervical ornaments of silver and fianitis. The original solution will be a wreath of gems, it will be perfectly combined with accessories with Corundum.

Wedding veil can be easily replaced by the following attributes:

  • Crown, Tiarathy, Tiara+
  • a small veil of transparent fabrics+
  • flowers or woven wreaths+
  • Laces and ribbons+
  • bandages and rims+
  • Stiles and hairpins.

Choosing a stylistry without Fata, it is important to consider the style and the color of the wedding dress. In most cases, hairstyle can be created even without any decorations. To do this, it is enough to do with small decorative accessories in the form of invisible and studs.

Long hair

If the curl length of the bride allows, you can quickly create a hairstyle, which will give the image of natural and romanticism. On long soft waves, an original flower arrangement or one big bud. If the girl has a narrow face, then you should choose an option with lush curls. This form is recommended to arrange the diadem.

Long curls allow laying in different ways. They can be beautifully laying on the side or assemble in a high tail.

Long curls are greatly popular without Fata, collected in a beam. It may be hairstyle, imitating light carelessness, or hair collected with perfect accuracy.

A variety of beam options open the back and shoulders of the girl, beautifully emphasize the stylish dress finish, allowing you to consider every detail of the festive dress. Bundles are often tie to ribbons from lace, silk or satin. At the same time, the tape can simply wrap around the collected beam or form a bulk bow.

Tint of the dressing, as a rule, is snow-white or selected in accordance with the color of the hair. Blondes recommended ribbons in beige colors, brunettes will decorate the red, blue or white braid, but the browns are better to stop the choice on golden, pearl and coral shades. Such an addition can be a highlight of the image.

Huge demand is used with hairstyles without fate with beautiful nodules and weaving. For this, the heads are screwed around the head, in which the decorations from flowers or tapes are pre-woven. As a result, it turns out a charming and delicate image. In addition, a Greek braid of a side or “French spikelet” can be weave from long strands. An unusual solution will be two braids, accused around the head. They must be fixed with studs.

Short Hair Laying

The simplest is the styling without wedding veil on a short haircut. It is characterized by the lack of complex forms, but looks beautiful. Since the hairstyle is created without the main attribute of the wedding, the focus is on the use of accessories and decorations.

At the same time short strands should not be too fixed by means for laying. Hairstyle should remain light and natural.

Cailboxes of medium length are most often assembled and strengthened by varnish. High laying design perfectly combined with modern wedding dresses. To visually lengthen the curls and give them the missing volume, it is recommended to first find the strands, and then collect them from behind in a bundle, decorating a hairpin or flower.

If the bride wants to add a hairstyle to a significant length, you can apply overhead shigns or curls. It is important to select to the color of the face and hair, otherwise it will be noticeable that the strands of “artificial”.

No less interesting styling with free curls. They must be slightly twist and dissolve. Similar option Great for hairstyles Bob or Kare. Deaming the styling will help the diadem, a small hat or openwork veil.

Bold brides you can experiment and agree to laying in retro style. You can choose curls resembling “Cold Waves” like actresses of cinema, or make straight strands, decorated with rim. Similar stylistics original complement short wedding outfit.

For the representatives of the beautiful sex that are owners of bangs, it is better to make volumetric laying. Sometimes they are combed and harvested inside. Not bad option – when the hair is removed upstairs. But with such stacking should be careful that the image does not work too official.

The short length is recommended to compensate for stylish decorations in the form of rims and diadems. No less interesting Laying with ribbons or buds of colors.

If the styling is made in a classic style, it is important that the minimum number of accessories attended the bride (for example, an elegant necklace or pearl earrings). If the outfit involves the abundance of parts, then the hairstyle should do with the minimum decor. If a laconic dress and a small amount of jewelry is selected, you can focus on the hair of the bride.

Master class on creating wedding hairstyles without Fata See further.

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