Choose cool wedding gifts

Choose cool wedding gifts

Immediately after receiving the invitation to the wedding celebration, the question arises about the gift. Wedding presents differ from all others because they, on the one hand, must correspond to the scale of the celebration, and on the other – to carry a special semantic load. In other words, I want gifts to be not only expensive, but also significant. In addition, comic presents that, of course, can be seen at weddings, which, of course, give it to the main one, but they are sometimes remembered and perceived better than “serious” gifts.

What can you give newlyweds?

I must say that various countries have developed different traditions regarding congratulations in honor of the day of marriage. For example, Americans make up lists with those things they would like to get. Yes, they are delivered in advance. Of course, it is practical, but predictable.

In Russia and neighboring countries, people are more sentimental. There is not only the benefit and the cost of presented, but also the meaning that the donator has invested. Shrill words capable of touched and cause tears, better prefer cheerful and funny congratulations. Recently, the most popular gift is envelopes with bills, less often – certificates for large purchases and household appliances. It entails a two-way feeling. On the one hand, it is economically justified. On the other – the process of donation itself becomes simple formality.

So that the bride and the bride remembered the beginning of their family life with joy, envelope or gift certificate for the purchase can be added interesting surprises. They will revive the holiday itself and will remain in the memory of the newlyweds forever.

From parents

Even the most ordinary household subject can be perceived otherwise, if he is accompanied by jokes and good greetings. This technique usually uses the older generation – parents, aunt, uncle and grandparents. These gifts can be the most familiar objects.

  • Rock or frying pan as the necessary things in the farm and “arguments” during a quarrel.
  • Umbrella – for good weather in the house.

  • Broom or basque with soap – usually they come complete to vacuum cleaners or washing machine. Mean that no circumstances, including electricity disabling, can not interfere with maintaining cleanliness in the house.
  • Light bulb and washing powder – so that the feelings of the young were light and clean.

  • Vegetables and fruits – usually their names rhymes with good wishes. For example: cabbage – so that the wallet is not empty, garlic – so that you have a daughter and son, carrots – so that the mother-in-law and mother-in-law are friends and the like.

Such objects seem to necessarily should be expensive. Moreover, it will be better if you decorate them and place the appropriate inscriptions on them. Immediately a few things can be folded in an opaque bag and take turns, accompanying promscakes and additives.

    In addition to items, useful in everyday life, parents are giving things, symbolizing family values:

    • Candles as a symbol of a family hearth+
    • Paired figures of pigeons or swans meaning love and loyalty+
    • Images of storks and cabbage give a hint at the early appearance of children’s family.

    Here, inheritance, family relics are transferred – a blanket, caps, baptismal shirts for the next generation. Many mothers love to keep their baby’s first little things – they will be useful to demonstrate to grow out children, what small they were. From photos of the home archive, you can make a slideshow and accompany in advance harvested funny comments.

    From friends

    It is no secret that after the creation of a family, many friends, especially idle and unmarried, are gradually moving into the background. Therefore, a particular touching gift can be a video with congratulations in poetic or song. Here you can show not only a sense of humor, but also creative abilities. Such a video message can be a nail of the evening if the bride and the bridegroom will agree to demonstrate it to guests. Such a show must be coordinated with the wedding manager and include it in the script.

    If in a friendly company, this wedding happened one of the first, from other friends and girlfriends it is quite worth expecting gifts with hints about the end of the “free” life. Not excluded warnings about the burrs that are waiting for newlyweds in the family. Of course, such words should not be perceived seriously. It is important here that the joke does not hurt the feeling of both sides.

    And if you give an intimate character, you should not demonstrate it to other invited.

    Recently, musical congratulations are greatly popular. Friends can organize flashmob with cutting from popular melodies. So that it looked nicely, will require several rehearsals. The bride can join the flashmob of girls – then it turns out a surprise for the groom and the opposite. At the end, the dance can be made shared and invite other guests.

    Just a few simple incendiary movements will make a holiday unforgettable for all its participants. Alternative to reading congratulations can be rap. If you do not have any special talents, you can convert an existing song by giving it a special meaning.

    Another interesting idea can be a draw. Depending on the situation, you can do without your own, for example, ask for friends or hire actors. It may be already familiar to theft of the bride or an unexpectedly arriving “Militia Outfit”. Moreover, there are special agencies that will help you make a conceived.

    So that everything went smoothly, make sure the draw will not be offensive and will not delay for a long time.

    Original ideas

    At the very beginning of the family path, the new husband and wife try to emphasize their new status. To support this feeling, guests can safely choose things intended for two.

    • T-shirts with inscriptions. Instead of cheerful inscriptions, you can use the image, each of the half of which is located on one of the masters. They will look a single whole, only when newlyweds are close or hugging each other. Cool paired bathrobes, slippers, mittens are also suitable for lovers.
    • Bed dress. This includes signed individual pillows for each of the spouses or one large blanket, conditionally divided in half, as well as bed linen with the same patterns of drawings.
    • Tableware. The most interesting souvenir here will be one plate for two with different design and double cups, including changing your color from the temperature of the content.

    • Certificates, diplomas and medals. Beautiful alternative to postcards. They can be made independently – this will require suitable text that can be beautifully issued in any affordable editor, and then ill. For the medal it will take a beautiful ribbon or braid, and if there is no time, they can be bought. Similar distinctive signs can be awarded not only the perpetrators of the celebration, but also their parents.
    • In addition to the previous point You can deal with close relatives of newlyweds comic titles with the presentation of “documents”. After receiving the title of the best mother-in-law, the relationship between newly acquired relatives will be better.

    By the way, that the memory of the wedding remains not only in newlyweds, but also in the guests, they can also be given comic certificates. For example, on the right to swim or drink tea in the house of young. Holding a husband with friends on football at any time.

    • Bouquets. Almost every guest goes to a wedding with a bouquet, since the flowers are associated primarily with something solemn and festive. In order not to be banal, instead of colors, a bouquet can be made of sweets, tea, fruits, vegetables or alcoholic beverages. Such a present is like a much longer, besides, it is not only beautiful, but also useful.

    And so that the process of unfolding and use has become more enjoyable, the apparels with funny facilities in the future family life can be hidden among the contents.

    • Portrait or cartoon – that’s what really becomes the decoration of the family nest. Such a surprise can be ordered in advance, since most artists can write a portrait of photographs or directly in the wedding day. Charzist’s services are not so expensive, and he can portray not only newlyweds, but also invited. Already finished works involuntarily cause a smile and raise the mood.

    All of the above presents can be given to both the day of marriage and subsequent wedding anniversary and anniversaries. Similar little things will serve as a good reminder of the feelings that the husband and wife are experiencing to each other.

    How to prevent a gift with humor?

    In the process of donation it is not so important that to give, more important – how to do it. Even money can be given unusual. For this there are several ideas at once.

    From the bill you can make a tree. It can be an design in the form of a paper craft or a real seedling in a pot, whose branches are attached bills. The living tree can be beaten as an illustration of the proverb about what a real man should do. In addition to planting a tree, you can give a brick (to the beginning of the construction of the house) and a children’s toy (for the future Son).

    The monetary gift can be issued as a treasure. To do this you need a small pot. Paper banknotes are stacked on its bottom, and the coins are embanked from above so that the pot is really heavy. Such a gift will certainly cause surprise and laughter.To the top layer of coins look especially original, you can specifically prepare small coins from other states. If you get such a number of little things problematic, they can be replaced with toy, chocolate or other “treasures” in the form of cheap jewelry and rings.

    This idea can be used to organize a peculiar quest. Hidden in advance treasure can search for newlyweds. The spirit of competition can be created if you share guests to the bride and bride team. You can use cards or tip systems in the form of notes hidden in different places.

    Of course, as a result, the treasure will be in the total budget. In addition, such a game should be consistent with the leading and take a little time so that guests do not bounce.

    Following modern trends, you can make an ATM layout. You can simply put the bills to the new husband and wife to take them in a difficult moment. Or supply it a simple mechanism with a spring that works in this way: when any plastic card is inserted into one hole – money starts from another. Such an unusual way will be remembered for sure. And the ATM itself can be used subsequently as a piggy bank.

    Money cake looks very beautiful. To make it, you need to make two from cardboard, and better three layers of height, equal to the altitude of monetary bills. The amount you have planned to give, you need to exchange for smaller banknotes. The diameter of each layer will depend on their quantity.

    Every bills need to be collapsed with a non-free tube and wrap a transparent stationery. Then the tubes are installed around each tier and tape tape so that they do not disintegrate. For stability, all three tiers must be connected to each other. To decorate such a cake, you can use bows, lively or artificial flowers.

    If you like to do something with your own hands, you will definitely like the idea of ​​another cake. It will consist of hollow inside pieces – it is inside them that money can be placed, as well as pleasant notes. Newlyweds will definitely appreciate your efforts and will be happy.

    Adults also like multi-colored balloons, especially if there are money inside. Together with bills in each ball, you can pour confetti – then the process of the Lopan will be especially bright.

    As you can see, the options of original gifts are really a lot. Usually invitations come long before the scheduled day, so you can thoroughly think about all the details. Your efforts to make pleasant newlyweds will definitely notice.

    An example of the original gift for a wedding, see the following video.

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