Decoration of the wedding table of the bride and groom

Decoration of the wedding table of the bride and groom

The perception of the entire festive celebration depends on the decoration of the wedding table of the bride and the bride. To create a place design that will be in the center of attention for a whole evening, the easiest way to contact the services of professionals. But if the bride and the bride or other members of their families are capable of incarnation of this beauty with their own hands, then they have a wonderful chance to give the will of their own fantasy and realize their creative ideas.


What will be the design of the wedding table, largely depends on the season. You can arrange a holiday in an open-air or warm room, which suggests the use of certain methods for creating an environment.

Also important and scope of the event. One thing is the organization of a modest buffet, and another – a full-fledged feather for the whole world. Entourage can be made expensive, and modest.

To create a cozy environment, an approach to business is important.

  • The place of the bride and groom are placed in the center – it should be seen from any corner of the banquet hall.
  • The table of newlyweds is needed to decoratively allocate him to attract attention.
  • You need to decorate not only the table of young, but also space in front of him, as well as behind.
  • When clearing, it is important to comply with the unity of style. Decor elements need to be combined with a dress and a bouquet of the bride, a suit of the groom, thematic shades and wedding attributes.
  • Specific elements in the design of the central table must elaborate with the décor on the tables of the invited.

“What should be mandatory decorations? “- a question ambiguous. It is largely related to the traditions of holding wedding ceremonies, which are very different depending on the locality, and from the desire or unwillingness to observe them with the bride and groom too.

So, many consider the presence of such attributes as wedding loaf, bottles with champagne and vodka, as well as the original decorated glasses of newlyweds.

In the west of Russia, the decoration of the tables often make a composition of a rj or wheat bouquet, decorated with red ribbon, as well as two wooden spoons and viburnum. In other regions, offer their symbolic signs for the wedding.

Decor options

The decoration of the wedding table must match the mood of the young. You can emphasize in the design of the atmosphere of tenderness and restraint. To do this, you can choose suitable colors of the type of blue or peach.

Fans of pomp can choose registration in bright colors with appropriate decorations and attributes.


Without flowers in decorating a festive table for a wedding, it is simply impossible to do. A variant is distributed when the main bouquet is in the center, and its modest “copies” – on other tables.

The background can also be issued by the corresponding colors. For this suit, for example, floral garlands. Winter to create a composition around the wedding table, you can use coniferous plants with cones.

Live flowers can be replaced with artificial, such as plastic, fabric or paper. If they are highlighted using LED lamps, it will be possible to give the composition a rich and exquisite appearance.

When creating bouquets and decorations from flowers, it is important not to overdo it with add-ons like ribbons and beads. It can make such decoration too heavy, and even tasteless.

As for the use of concrete color species, then recently traditional roses and lilies are increasingly out of fashion. If you are used, then not in the form of familiar bouquets in vases, but as a supplement to the curly branch on the table.

For a summer wedding you can use elegant garden or wildflowers. You can decorate with them, not only creating compositions in vases, but also using pots with different colors having a small stem.


Textile decoration Sometimes becomes the basis for creating the entire wedding table composition. Tabs make up the space behind the young, table and chairs. The volume is set using various flutes and folds that emphasize the characteristics of the fabric and its beauty. Drapery can play a key role in the perception of the place where young people sit down.

To create an airiness, you can use such fabrics as a chipboard, organza, chiffon and like it. Good natural fabrics such as flax or cotton. Sometimes even burlap. It perfectly complements the atmosphere of the wedding table, decorated in a rustic style in accordance with the general thematic direction of the wedding.

For a table, which is drawn up in the classic version, the lace canvas is more suitable. Lace fabric looks very elegant, especially if it makes a “skirt” for the table. Under such material usually put another, acting as the bottom layer. Thanks to this table, it is more convenient to use, and through the lace is not visible to the feet of sitting.

When choosing a lace tissue as the main one, it is necessary to take care that the elements of the lace are present in the design of the bouquet of the bride, and in the decoration of young glasses.

If you want the use of lace only “dotted” through the decoration of a place for a feast, you can restrict ourselves to using it in napkins, in the design of the VAZ and baskets and so on. It is important that such elements fit well into general entourage.


Use candles in the decoration of the wedding table – a very good way to create an atmosphere of intimacy or mysteriousness. They can not even light up to a certain point, and the proper impression will already be largely achieved.

Decorate the table well with candles of different sizes, decorated in a single spirit. Candle options today are many. They can be bought in the store or order a master engaged in the manufacture of handmade candles. Candles can be different diameter and height, color and design. They should be installed on sustainable surfaces (candelabra and platforms) capable of preventing paraffin on the tablecloth or flame ignition in case of tipping.

A good solution will be the use of candles, essentially led luminaires. They can get rid of the need to take special fire prevention measures when the table is decorated with materials that can easily ignite. Watching such lamps are very elegant. Sometimes they are impossible to extort from natural candles.

Many consider the use of aromatic candles to be a good option, but here it is necessary to keep in mind that these most fragrances in some people may have a negative reaction or this smell will simply quickly begin to interfere. Such candles are easier not to use at all or light them only at a certain point and very short.


Balloons often become a wedding attribute. Of these, interesting figures are obtained in the form of arches, wedding rings and bouquets. Such aerocompositions traditionally have behind the newlyweds table. They can be issued and place in front of the table.

Colors of balls are chosen in accordance with the common range of holiday.

Table decoration ideas do it yourself

Taking care of the decoration of the table of the young with her own hands, you need to pay attention to the fact that, in addition to matching the overall setting, the decor was convenient. His elements should not blame the bride and groom, they should have a place to quietly move without risk to overturn vases, candles and other “scenery”.

For the design of the wall behind the bride and groom sitting at the table, you can use a large number of colors. Of these, bright drawings are laid out in the form of hearts, swans and other symbolic compositions.

To preform a backdrop, you can use curtains. They can be laid by folds and bends in a variety of options, creating arches and waves behind the newlyweds. Beautiful if the fabric flows and creates the effect of flying clouds.

LED decorations can be used in several tiers. In such an entourage, young people can look like on stage. Everyone can admire them throughout the feast.

An interesting option is to use large inscriptions from individual paper letters. It may be the words “family”, “love”, the names of the newlyweds and so on. It all depends on the wishes of the newly spouses themselves. Such inscriptions are also placed behind the table.

When creating floral compositions on the table should be approached by this case, taking into account the symbolism of colors. Many people, such as hydrangea. Only the meaning of this flower – heartlessness. For the design of the newlyweds, the peony will be more suitable, symbolizing passion, or bells, emphasizing devotion.

To look original, it is desirable to apply fantasy and, for example, to make candlesticks from natural fruits. For this, oranges, small pumpkins or apples fit well.

The same unusual can be done vases. For this often use wine glasses and glasses, banks and bottles. All this is perfectly decorated with cloth, ribbons and other things from the arsenal of needlewomen. In skillful hands, even unpaired vessels turn into real landscapes of the decor.

Successful examples

It can be said that decoking the place of newlyweds in the banquet hall in white tones looks somewhat monotonous. But due to the multi-colored backlight, the backdrop and the front of the table become interesting, air, light and solemn.

White-green decoration in the spirit of summer glades is very appropriate when holding a holiday on the terrace or in the hall, where a lot of air. Translucent fabrics, green tones look gently and caress her eyes. Modest decorations in the form of ribbons and butterflies create an impression of naivety, grace and fine simplicity.

Young spouses who can attract attention will be happy to design a table in saturated colors. And the garlands of flowers, bouquets and other attributes can be placed so that they will serve as an elegant frame for a table, on which only service objects can be placed. For this table, young people do not feel cowardly.

At the table, decorated with lightweight fabrics and beautiful floral garlands, new husband and wife will be able to feel like a king and queen of a fabulous state. The atmosphere of the magic created by such techniques will configure all guests for a romantic way.

How to arrange a wedding table for the bride and groom, look in the video below.

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