Easy hairstyles for a wedding

Easy hairstyles for a wedding

For the wedding ceremony, the harmonicity of the image is of great importance, this applies not only to the bride, but also girlfriends, witnesses and other invited guests. Therefore, one festive outfit will not be enough. Special attention should be paid to hairstyle and its combination with selected clothing.


Pre-wedding troubles are conjugate with the preparation and choice of many elements of the festive. The hairstyle on the occasion of the celebration is quite possible to do on its own or trust the hands of a professional master. But even despite the huge number of variants and ideas of creating an image, the choice of hairstyles for the bride or girlfriend should be based on several important points. Simple and laconic styling can also look at the wedding, like funeral and intricate hairstyles, the main thing is that the selected option look neatly and was able to emphasize the main advantages of appearance, at the same time without making a special accent on itself, as in the case of the bride, where is the dress must be the basis of the entire image.

That is why the lungs and in something simple wedding styling are in the trend and do not lose their relevance. To correctly choose a wedding hairstyle for the bride or girlfriend, it is worth sticking to some fundamental nuances.

  • The created hairstyle in the cabin or at home, first of all, should be reliable and practical. Wedding – an event that will take place all day, and all the beauty of the stacking must be preserved until the end of the celebration in its original form. In addition, comfort is very important to have the opportunity to have fun, dance and fully rest without risk spoil the work of the master and appearance.
  • Selection of laying and weaving options should be founded on the features of the face form to hide the possible cons and emphasize the benefits of appearance.
  • It is important that the hairstyle fit under the dress and the rest of the elements of the bride or evidence. In addition, the laying must match the evening stylistry.

  • It is best to start training a few weeks before the upcoming celebration to experiment and choose the most successful option. If a haircut is assumed, then for a month, even with the unsuccessful hairstyle, the hair will have time to grow a little.
  • To correctly choose a light hairstyle for the wedding, it is worth considering the seasonality of the upcoming event. In the spring or in the fall, the likelihood of adverse weather conditions, such as wind or rain, which can adversely affect laying. In this case, it is necessary to separately purchase fixing means of strong fixation. In the summer, you should not too weighty hair and the image of the clamps to keep the stack of freshness and airiness.

The choice of light options for creating wedding hairstyles will also be based on the relevance of certain models to allow the image to be modern and meet the fashion directions. For holders of long curls, there is a diverse selection of simple stacks that can be made home without excess spending coupled with a visit to the master. Below are some options for fashionable festive hairstyles.

  • Cashless curls laid in one direction, and fixed with the help of hairpins or studs, will be able to give the image innocence and airiness. Therefore, such stying is perfect for not only girlfriends, but also the bride itself.

  • Hair laid straight and brilliant strands will become a fairly simple version of the solemn hairstyle. However, the radiance of black or fiery-red hair will be perfectly contrasted with a snow-white dress of the bride, emphasizing the simplicity and elegance of the image.

  • The fast but equally original idea can be a horse tail. You can decorate it with expressive hairpins with rhinestones. Similar option will help visually lengthen the neck and shape of the face. In makeup to such a form it should be focused on the cheekbones.

  • Careless and free beam of hair with knocked strands – a win-win option for a newlywed or witness. Discovering curls will give the image of romanticity and ease.

  • Hairstyles in retro style did not lose their relevance today. Minimalism of such stacking will be an excellent option for solemn styling, in addition, a similar hairstyle for the bride can easily be done independently.

  • Spit is a win-win version of creating an elegant and memorable image. Options for creating hairstyles can be very much, starting with tight French braids and ending with conventional braids collected in a wreath. The luxurious choice for the wedding will be a braid made in Greek style, which will set a certain style, and will also become a symbol of luxury and wealth.

  • Kudri – such a hairstyle can be made on hair of any length. Variations on the creation of such stacking can be a lot, it all depends on the desire. The bride can appear in front of guests with large curly strands with a diadem or with small curls and small invisible hairpins that will decorate the hair along the entire length.

  • Another idea for a slight and spectacular hairstyle for a celebration can be a film. The creation of such a laying does not take a lot of time and strength, and the image will affect your chic.

  • “Shell” – classic of any celebration. Such hairstyle will be relevant for both the bride and invited women. There are several options for laying hair “shell”. When separating hair into several strands, you can create a multi-layer option that is more correct to decorate the crest with stones or the diadem.

  • The effect of “wet” hair will be relevant for bride girlfriends with long or short hair. Such stacking is quite simple to perform at home, and a variety of fixing products with sparkles will be able to supplement the image of elegant curls of any length and colors.


In the light of a huge selection of wedding hairstyles there are a lot of options for their decoration. Available variety of various tapes, hairpins, bows and diadem allows you to choose a decoration for any image and style not only for the bride, but also for girlfriends and witnesses at the celebration.

The traditional decoration on the head of the bride is usually protruding. It can be long in the floor or, on the contrary, shorten. This accessory can be used with hair of any length, making a classic “shell” under it. However, modern brides are most often replaced by this symbolic attribute with rims or diadems.

Floral wreath can perform as a wedding decoration for women. It gives the image of romanticity, especially relevant to the decoration in the summer of the summer departure marriage ceremony. Now wreaths can be made of both alive and decorative colors. However, for the rim, the bride will be important harmony of such a decoration and a wedding bouquet.

Tiaras look luxurious with any hairstyles, Decoration can be encrusted with precious or semi-precious stones. Tiara and Tiaratices will become an excellent addition to the modest girlfriends of the bride.

Quite often as decoration of wedding hairstyles Girls prefer rims from ribbons. The decoration will be able to add up for a retroprically or decorate a classic “Babett” or “shell”.

If large or voluminous tiara do not taste, the studs and invisibility, having a stone, floral buds on their base, floral buds or beads can be used as decorations to the wedding image. They can be used for strict hairstyles or for air curls. Several decorations in the hair are capable not only to securely fix the desired element hairstyle, but also decorate it.

Combs containing flowers from textiles and rhinestones are very convenient to use, They can simply decorate the hairstyle or consolidate a veil. Such an accessory will emphasize the feminine image, and the variety of options will give the opportunity to choose it for any outfit and other decorations.

As a wedding decoration for hair, ordinary hairpins, stylized under the satellular outfit, can also be. Selecting the attachment of the hairpin on the hair depends on the hairstyle. Usually an accessory is decorated with flowers, stones or pearls.

Another original decoration option can be small elegant hats. Such options can be used as a bride and evidence. In some cases, hats are complemented by a lace veil.

How to do?

Prepare for a solemn ceremony by choosing a suitable hairstyle, it is quite possible on your own. The main thing about this issue is to clearly think over the scheme and pre-practice in laying. Clear adherence to the technique will help to make stacking, which will be a little to give up the beauty of the Wizard from the hairdressing salon. Very beautiful and relevant at a similar celebration can be a classic hairstyle consisting of tails. Phased creation of such styling is considered further.

  • Well combed hair must be divided into several sectors. First need to highlight a central strand that is going and fixed ahead.
  • The rest of the hair must be collected in a tight low tail behind.
  • Bottom hair must be divided into two equal strands. To create volumes, they can be slightly combed, and then smooth. To maintain the effect of puffs, it is best to use any fixing composition.
  • Next, the lower strands of the hair must be divided by length, distinguishing with a rubber band in the middle. Parts fold in half and fix with spills and invisible to the head. To create an additional volume, formed elements are slightly stretched.
  • Next, you need to spin the front strand with the help of a curl or “ironing”, after which fix near the main part of the festive hairstyle.

Another beautiful and at the same time a slight option hairstyle for a wedding made at home is “Babette” when using a special roller. Stacking technology as follows:

  • Hair is collected in a low or high tail+
  • Next on them put on roller+
  • Hair is divided into two parts and go around it, masking inside+
  • Ends can be fixed using elastic, studs or elegant tape, you can use varnish to consolidate or leave some strand and weave brazing from it.

Beautiful images

As an original and easy version of the solemn hairstyle, styling, forming the similarity of flower buds. Such a hairstyle will suit any hair color, and to create colors it is not necessary to have long hair. As a result, a light and incredibly beautiful curls will appear on the head of the bride or her girlfriend, which can be additionally decorated with a flower arrangement or studs.

For holders of long hair, a successful solution to creating hairstyles to the celebration will be the use of a variety of weaving. Spit add luxury and elegance. And various free weaving options will be equally relevant for blondes and brunettes. As decorations, you can use any accessories that are harmonizing with the image.

Greek weaving with long flowing curls – a wonderful festive laying option that does not require any additional jewelry. Easy negligence in the created composition from the hair will give the image the necessary solemnity and tenderness, so such an idea can also be used for newlyweds, and for invited to the wedding of fair sex.

About how to make a light hairstyle for a wedding with your own hands, look in the following video.

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