FEATURES OF Cashmere Wedding and Celebration Tips

FEATURES OF Cashmere Wedding and Celebration Tips

Cashmere Wedding is a holiday that people who lived together with 47 years since the wedding day. Forty seven years of family life – quite a long time. Not too often you can find a couple celebrating cashmere wedding. People who preserved love for a long time, worthy of the best holiday, so their relatives and loved ones should know exactly what kind of date is called “cashmere”, how to organize a celebration, and which presents will be appropriate.

Cashmere wedding – what it is?

This date is an intermediate anniversary, but despite this, it is extremely important and is of great importance. Joint experience gained during this time is incredibly valuable for spouses. At the celebration, they remember all the good moments that have happened to them over this time. Most often like pairs of strong, happy, and have a harmonious relationship.

Many are thinking about why the anniversary is called cashmere.

Cashmere is extremely pleasant to the touch, fluffy and warm tissue, which is made of wool lambs. These characteristics are excellent for the collaboration of spouses for 47 years. If the couple marks such a date, a warm relationship has been installed in their family, they respect each other. Between such spouses reigns comfort and harmony.

Cashmere is a pretty expensive fabric, as its threads are made of rare goats. People are manually combed animals, and it is extremely difficult to do it. A similar type of fabric symbolizes that spouses were not too easy to maintain warm and strong relationships for forty-seven years, but they were able to get rid of a variety of problems, passing a lot of tests, supporting each other in everything. Such marriages are rare.

Also, cashmere does not wear out for a long time, remains durable, and does not lose an attractive appearance. Break this tissue is almost impossible. This suggests that the marriage of people who were able to go side by side so much time, also reliable and strong.

How to organize?

Spouses celebrating such a celebration should not try to arrange a noisy and big holiday. Usually, only the closest and most close and relatives of people are invited to cashmere wedding to make it family, cozy and warm. Do not roll lush celebrations and large-scale banquets. The hall for the solemn part can be decorated to the atmosphere to be more pleasant. An excellent decor is inflatable balls or compositions made of living colors. It is necessary to choose flowers that fit each other in color topics. For the table, a monophonic, light tablecloth made of natural fabric is suitable.

The menu for a celebration should not be too creative and prefigured, it is worth paying preference to your favorite homemade dishes, which are usually prepared for family holidays. Classic Item Serving – Best Option.

It will be better if the spouses will put on any cashmere clothing element. You can enable fantasy and purchase an interesting skirt for a woman, and an unusual, stylish jacket for a man. If a pair like the classics, you should pay attention to small accessories. It can be a boutonniere, a beautiful brooch, not too noticeable hair hoop or flower.

It is better to use silver cutlery, because it is it that has 47 rooms in the Mendeleev table. Unusual arch, formed from balloons, can symbolize ease of couples. Also, every guest gost should wear something cashmere. The entertainment program will be superfluous on this celebration, as the spouses will like the cozy, calm holiday without dancing and karaoke.

What to gift?

The person who was invited to this celebration should thoroughly think about that he will present spouses as a gift. Cashmere Wedding is a pretty serious occasion, since the spouses lived together for a very long time. It is best to choose a useful and memorable present that will remind a couple of this event for a long time.

Presents parents

Choosing a gift for parents, you need to try to symbolize care and love. Consider the most popular options for loved ones.

  • Cozy, warm set of cashmere will emphasize the heat of relationship and will give spouses only positive emotions, because it is extremely pleasant and necessary gift. In the set there may be mittens, cap and scarf.
  • Cashmere Pajama will also be worthy of the present. You can buy a thing with initials or stylization. The gift will not only be practical, but also creative.
  • Sets of cashmere plaids of small and medium sizes. They will help spouses to warm with cold autumn or winter evenings, and create a cozy atmosphere in their home.
  • Woman will be glad beautiful and stylish cashmere shawl. An excellent option is a product made of pashmina.

  • If someone wants to present a thing that is useful in the farm, it is better to choose a set of interesting cashmere mats for a chair or armchair. Also a good gift will be a volumetric cape on the sofa.
  • An extremely useful present, which is quite just beating in a comic shape – a means to care for cashmere products. This gift will be appropriate only if the spouses have such things.

Many believe that it is possible to give only products made from cashmere. But the elderly people are extremely pleased to receive not only such things, but also a household appliance that will help them make life easier, and will save a couple of excessive physical exertion.

Grandchildren or children can be presented to the perpetrators of the celebration Fun homemade toys or kitchen tacks. Spouses will be pleased to use what is made by the hands of people close to him.

If the guests know the preferences and tastes of the pair, they can give a jewelry. Great Presentation will be a beautiful, elegant ring, an interesting suspension. Woman can be presented to expensive earrings, man – cufflinks.

A wonderful idea will choose a gift associated with a hobby of spouses. Women who love creativity will like knitting kits, strokes for embroidery beads and lays down with stones. Men at such age are always happy with an interesting collection weapon, equipment for fishing, tourist sets, elite alcohol. You can also give a certificate for the original master class, an unusual walk, movie tickets and theater.

Present each other

The spouse can present his wife a cozy, warm cashmere coat that will serve for a long time and will be a cozy reminder of his love.

A man will be glad to any silver ornament or things, manually knitted his wife.

Present from friends

Gifts are something that will raise the mood of spouses, but no necessary and useful things are able to replace warm and sincere wishes, so guests are better to prepare and congratulate “young” with the help of poems, prose, or just words that will come from the soul.

Cashmere wedding can be given to spouses made of silver. Graceful cigarette, creative flask of small sizes or business card holder – Things that are small but a pleasant presentation. If the doning knows the tastes of the spouses, you can give an attractive statuette that can decorate the design of the apartment. Set of silver cutlery – practical and quite interesting gift.

Gadgets – fashionable and modern present, which in our time will be rated by many people. Couple will undoubtedly become a stylish and creative digital photo frame that will allow them with convenience to watch family photos for nice, favorite melodies.

This gift will be able to establish a warmer relationship between spouses, and will help them recall all the good and joyful moments.

If you need to choose a budget, but at the same time a useful and decent gift, you can purchase the following things:

  • Good set of delicious chocolate or chocolate candies+
  • High-quality, dear alcohol+
  • Beautiful and original bouquet.

Cashmere Wedding is a warm, family holiday, which brings not only “young”, but also other family members, because almost all relatives and close friends of the family are present at this celebration. It is important to keep a calm, peaceful atmosphere, and do not overdo it with the organization of the festival.

How to organize a celebration to parents for a cashmere wedding and what a gift to present, look in the video below.

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