Features of the rustic wedding

Features of the rustic wedding

Wedding is a magical holiday that passes in one breath. Entourage and mental atmosphere of such a celebration often truly fascinate. At each wedding there is a unique marriage ceremony and acquaintances from both sides of young. At the celebration of all entertaining the planting toamada, and cheerful contests are held. The event will be distinguished only by geography and affiliation to one or another nationality.


In modern times, more and more young people seek to hold a celebration in a rural style. For urban residents, this step is to follow the traditions. Tired of bustle, large banquet halls, a cortery, dissected road “Stone jungle”, young seeking to hold a major event outside the city near the green nature.

It is noteworthy that in the rustic conditions to conduct ancient contests and pradedov rites is considered a more mysterious and original.

Considering a rustic wedding, you can note the following features.

  • Typically, such celebrations pass in the spirit of Provence, Rustic or Country. Retro here is felt in everything, rustic homemade accents prevail in rustic, natural color gamut.
  • In summer, the celebration is definitely carried out in the open air, among the natural ornaments and abundance of paints.

Menu for summer wedding is distinguished by abundance of vegetables, fruits and berries. Often, modern agrees in the rural style are complemented by Swedish tables, where snacks and drinks are in free access, and only bread and hot dishes are served on the reference tables. On the racks for the buffet, you can additionally beat the village atmosphere: feed apples in caramels, baked pies, corn, fresh kalachi, and even jam and jam.

Celebration can be held in a cozy cafe in rustic style or in a rural culture house, from where itifies the eternal 90s. The interior is saturated with bouquets of dried flowers and stretch marks from linen flags.

The palette of colors in the interior is diverse, rich and bright, just need to know the measure and not turn the atmosphere in the carnival. Very popular today Rustic style suggests the presence of warm tones: pink, beige, blue. Such color is preferable in clothing and young, and guests.

Bride and groom images

Summer wedding outfit must resemble a light sarafan in a romantic style. In the sewing clothes for the bride uses flax, guipure, cotton, in the decor there is a chiffon, organza. Ideally will add an image of a wreath of field and garden flowers, greenery, twigs mimosa, wheat and rye spikelets. The legs of the bride can decorate stylish ballets or sandals.

To the image of the groom should also come carefully: For rural styles, Rustic and Country is characterized by free shirt and suspenders, as well as a vest in a small cage. From the shoes you can choose Oxfords or top-catchers.

In winter, the newlyweds should not be sequins, rhinestones. Better Apply Unobtrusive Decor of Embroidery Notes – Gentle Lace. Warm wardrobe follows fur mug. Shoes are relevant in the form of a shore with a heel-glass. But if the bride is often often located in the fresh frosty air, it is better to get dressed warmer.

Boots, Unputs, cowboy shoes – all this will be harmonized with accessories such as a scarf in one color scheme with unites, warm vest with fringe.

A bouquet is selected in the winter theme: fir branches, bunches of rowan, small flowers resembling snowflakes.

The suit for the groom is also insulating, for this it uses a dense fabric type of wool, velvet. The outfit can be performed in modern colors, but with elements of antiquity. Deserts and Boga will be suitable from the shoes.


In the case when young people wish to completely recreate the atmosphere of a rural festival, it is recommended to rent a spacious barn, arrange wooden wheels from carts, small sheeps of hay, penets, massive baskets from the vine, old tools such as bayan and fathone, openwork tablecloths from “grandma stock” and a lot Other that will add rustic life entourage.

In the interior of a rustic wedding, natural materials are used, such as tree, bark, bumps, fir branches, wheat spikes – all that can be borrowed from nature itself.

Outdoors you can arrange long wooden tables and cover them with linen tablecloths, scatter in the corners. Small sheeps of hay. Decor of tables can serve baskets with alive flowers, vintage clay jugs, khokhloma crafts, candle holders, embroidered napkins, and much more from rural themes.


The photo model at the wedding is a modern trend at events, the way to leave a beautiful memorable photo in a certain topic. Photowon, made in a rustic style, is sometimes striking creative, despite the old promise.

For example, a zone for high-quality memorable photos, you can create from the composition of old doorways, parts of the fence, decorated with flowers and curtains in lace.

Beautiful snapshots are obtained near the village houses, in the open field with an abundance of sunflowers, wildflowers. Interesting will be a photo near the rivers, ponds, streams.

Centuries-old customs

Wedding activity includes the ancient traditions and customs of the peoples, which since ancient times passed from generation to generation. Much of customs was done so that newlyweds get acquainted with their future family rights and responsibilities. Everything was wore a humorous character. Consider some customs of the Russian rustic wedding.

  • Such a new-fashioned concept like a bachelorette party, in the old days I had a character of a funny event with the halter of old ritual songs and chastushki. At the same time, the groom with their friends fastened behind the cover. After the meal, gathering the living rooms, the delegation led by the young went to the bride.
  • Morning songs on the day of the wedding sought Swhaha and Tamada. At the house of the bride, they sang from the morning.

  • The current redemption process is often used today. Only instead of traditional contests for the bride and its guests, in the old days the relatives of the bride demanded a ransom, waving with brooms and sticks.
  • Appetizing torn – an integral part of the Russian wedding table and today. Its appearance represents the dome and decorates the many figures of people, animals, colors.
  • Dance under Medovukha – incendiary performances of guests under the separation of traditional drink.

About the wedding in Russian folk style, see the following video.

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