Issues of the bride on the redemption of the bride – Funny and funny options

Issues of the bride on the redemption of the bride - Funny and funny options

The redemption of the bride is one of the most amazing wedding rites and often sets the tone to the whole event. The nail of the program at this stage of the holiday is, of course, the groom, to which the close attention of all those present are riveted. Therefore, from his humor, the ability to keep itself, goodwill and resourcefulness depends on the excellent mood of guests and the total atmosphere of the celebration.

Tradition ransom

Custom to redeem the bride before the wedding goes its roots in the distant past. At that time, giving the daughter to marry, the family was deprived of an additional working unit and demanded compensation for it. To this day, the ritual reached a few modified form. So, if earlier, the redemption assumed to offer any material values, like: money, cattle, expensive tissue and household items, then in our day everything comes down to comic tests for the groom, a huge number of fun competitions and tricks.

We usually prepare usually girlfriends of the bride. They can not know better than the newly demanded and therefore try to ask the groom as much as possible questions. Thus, relatives can make sure how well the future spouse managed to know their narrowed and whether they give her hands in Reliable.

Questions are played in miniature scenes and are often presented in the form of a fun quiz, which is accompanied by original contests and unexpected tests.

Verification options

Issues of the bridegroom should be set in a game and humorous form, and the procedure itself should not resemble the exam. For this, there are many interesting options, closely intertwined with drawing, singing and doing comic tricks. One of the most common examples of the design of the questionnaire is “Chamomile”. The organizers draw a flower with a lot of petals on a large watman, on each of which the question is written either a cool task. And if the bridegroom does not arise with the tearing of petals of the petals, the following version of the questionnaire looks a little more trick, and to obtain a response to the question implies to show the resourcefulness and smelting. We are talking about balloons, inside which notes are placed with tasks, and burst that are offered without hands.

The next, no less interesting option of the questionnaire is “Roulette”. To do this, a roulette is made of colored paper and cardboard and prepare a list of questions. The bridegroom is offered to make a bet with money and promote the wheel. In the case of the correct answer, the money remains on the horse for the following question, and with the wrong answer, they are taken into account in the science of the bride. For each correct answer, the bridegroom receives a token, and in order to go to the next competition, he needs to score 5-7 such chips.

What questions ask questions?

Usually all questions for the bridegroom touch his beloved, her parents, as well as relationships between young. However, when drawing up the test scenario, the organizers should avoid confused and too personal questions, as well as those that can offend any of those present. In addition, questions should not be vulgar, concerned the features of appearance and affect the past relationships of young. Below are the most popular questions that can be combined with comic mini tasks or fun tests.

  • The appearance of the bride. Making questions to this block, the organizers should be stopped only at some common moments, without deepening in the details. If, for example, the bride has a drunken nose and it is in this, then questions or jokes on this topic should be under the strict ban. It is interesting, you can beat the question about the color of the eyes of your beloved, where instead to describe the color, the fiance is offered to draw it. And the desired shade among the proposed pencils should not be. In this case, the groom will need to show a mixture and get the desired color mixing several others. Oral questions about appearance can be replaced with small tests. For example, show the bridegroom a few shoe stelks and suggest choosing the one that belongs to his bride, or give a few tapes of different lengths and let it determine which of them corresponds to the size of the waist of the bride.
  • Plans for a joint future. This block of questions is aimed at find out how young people fit each other and are their views relative to the future family. In this thematic section, you can ask the groom about the place that dreams of visiting the bride, as well as how many children she would like to have. You can also find out how, according to the bride, the bride will call after the wedding of his parents. Interesting will clarify whether the bridegroom knows the child’s dream of a future wife and whether he is able to implement it.

  • Numbers and dates. This block is very extensive and includes the following questions:
  1. What day did young people meet?
  2. How much time was at the time of the first meeting?
  3. What time did the bride born?
  4. After how many months after the acquaintance was made?
  5. Winter shoes of what size is bride?
  6. How many windows in the house of the bride and how many steps leads to her apartment?
  7. How many minutes a day spends narrowing near the mirror?
  8. How many millimeters of growth in the future wife?
  9. Call the exact number of bridesmaids.
  • Bride’s preferences. In this block of questions, you can ask about what flowers it does not like, whether she will prefer dinner in the restaurant kebab on the banks of the river, what qualities she considers the most valuable in people and what kind of music listens in his free time. You can also find out if the groom knows about that he loved his bride, what a hobby she likes, how she loves to spend his holidays and what perfume is in recent years. The right answers to these questions should be recorded from the organizers. For each incorrect or inaccurate response, the bridegroom gives a symbolic amount or bumps off with candy. If sweets and money came to an end, then in the quality of compensation for the wrong answer, the young person is offered to sing, dance or perform a comic task.

  • Questions with foaming. This block uses tricky issues that assume two or more faithful options, and sometimes expanded the answer. So, the groom typically ask:
  1. What spirits are the future spouse in summer and winter period?
  2. What size leg from the bride on European standards?
  3. What was the day of the week when young filed an application to the registry office?
  4. What toys loved the bride in childhood?
  5. Does the bride have awards and diplomas?
  6. How many fourths in the school certificate of the bride and for what subjects?

Options for complex issues may be mass, however, when drawing up a questionnaire, the organizers must alternate them with easier and obvious issues. Otherwise, the groom may have a complex of inferiority, and guests are bored.

  • Funny options. Issues of this block do not have a certain topic and apply to all spheres of life. And both the question itself and the answer to it should have a lightweight content, to be funny and sometimes reminded by pun. For example, the groom can be asked why he decided to take the wives of our bride, and, in general, list the reasons for which he to marry. It does not prevent to know that the young spouse will prefer her to be brought to bed: dumplings or coffee? Also, the groom is asked to assume that the future wife will be reaping more: a bag of potatoes or a rose bouquet, and whether it will prefer to clean the beach at the beach. Then the newlyweds are asked to call ten ways, how to hide the snack in the apartment than the bride looks like a summer sky and transfer to the names and surnames of all possible bride colleagues.
  • Family and father-in-law. In this bridegroom, they usually ask what the first words in the moment of acquaintance with the future son-in-law, on what day this week it will celebrate his birthday and how much the test. You can ask about what the aims will sweep the son-in-law on a dinner and what dances she does not like.

Other test forms

In addition to the setting of direct issues, comic quiz can be diversified by the rabids and crosswords. For this, the organizers make up a list of questions that assume only unambiguous answers, and, based on this data, draw the grid of the crossword. Original look at childishly decorated rebuses with drawn by animals and toys, the guess of them will be a children’s passion or the current hobby of the future wife.

The redemption of the bride is one of the most vivid episodes of the wedding celebration, Therefore, you need to try to turn it into a fascinating and habitual game that would be remembered for a long time to remember all guests of the holiday.

About what questions to ask the fiance when buying a bride, see the following video.

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