Options for beautiful wedding hairstyles on a square

Options for beautiful wedding hairstyles on a square

Haircut kare loved women all over the world. It looks very stylish, easily and quickly stacked, relevant in any atmosphere. However, by planning a wedding, some brides come to some confusion, not understanding how with such a haircut to create an image that corresponds to the subject of the ceremony and is simultaneously romantic and spectacular. Fortunately, today professional hairdressers are able to embody absolutely any ideas: from retro-layer to avant-garde.

Stylish ideas for haircuting different lengths

The easiest thing is, of course, pick up the laying for a classic medium kara. Most often, the bride overwhelms curls that become excellent “base” for both a light feminine image and for bright and some provocative. Certainly, preference is given to large waves – small themselves look very cheap and unnaturally, and in a short haircut can also not for the better change.

Locks are recommended to leave in a free state or put in a bulk beautiful beam. It always looks good and combined styling with suitable wedding accessories. As a rule, it is combined with traditional curls to create it elements of one style.

Creating hairstyles begins with a “frame” – such that in the advantageous light allocates the advantages of its type and hides its flaws. Be sure to take care of the definition of the lower cut. The volume on the top of the top or the head is formed, to create a hairdryer, round comb or special devices. No need to strive to make a hairstyle “hair to the hair” – excessive slope adds age, while light dishevement symbolizes easeness and youth.

The next step of the curls are a bit disassembled to avoid pupging again. Finished hairstyle decorated with flowers or perfumed veil.

If we talk about the decorations, the living flowers look very impressively looking at Kare. Selects either one large flower, or several miniature boutons forming a wreath. By the way, if the bride fears that the plant will quickly lose the presentable appearance, that is, it makes sense to change it on a product made of polymer clay. Professional will make an accessory no less beautiful, but much more reliable.

In addition, there are numerous variations of special hair accessories: hairpins, broots, diadems, decorated studs, ribbons, feathers and even the most unconventional details. The only important condition – these elements must be combined with a thoughtful bride.

Possible head removes include veil, hat and veil. Fata can be attached to the hoop or ribbon depending on what is more appropriate for the selected style. Another option is to fix the decorative element from the bottom, under the hair. Long vehicle must necessarily be made of fine quality material and combined with an open light dress.

The shade of accessories is selected at the color of the hair – it should be contrast. That is, brunettes need pastel colors, and blondes are pretty bright and noticeable. Creating an image, it is important to avoid excesses – lush-shaped hairstyles with sparkles and overhead elements are completely optional.

If you turn to a professional, then you can not worry that the length of the hair will be insufficient for a beautiful hairstyle. In addition, there is a very real opportunity to use overhead locks to achieve the required parameters. In the cabin you need to have several spare options in case of the impossibility of recreation of the initial ventiy and do not forget about the “fitting” required not only for the dress, but also for hairstyles. Finally, it is necessary to withstand harmony between the dress, hairstyle, accessories, the theme of the celebration and even the identity of the bride. As a rule, romantic moods require naturalness and accuracy of laying, and the original ideas – the volume and impressive accessories.

Long and lengthening

Popular wedding hairstyles of the bride can be performed on a haircut elongated kara – in this case, any such hairstyle is very feminine and elegant. As a rule, it requires asymmetry, but you can experiment with direct probor. Usually, all hair is combed to one side, the volume is formed on the back, and those strands that turned out the extended, curly neat curls. As a decoration, a big hairpin with shimmering pebbles looks good.

Long kara can be removed in a neat beam. Front strands are combed or lifted in a different way, then removed into a neat beam on the top of the top or head. Several strands are produced and curled into a bit of negligent curls. Hairstyle itself is decorated with fresh flowers or elegant accessories.

If it allows the length, then a talented hairdresser can repeat very many hairstyles who choose long-haired brides. For example, it will be possible to make an aristocratic “shell” with a couple of strands released, decorated with pearls. Or decorate the wedding image of braids – to crush them with a bundle or form a rim on the head.

Amateur Greek Style will appreciate the creation of hairstyles with a wreath. In this case, light curls are formed from the main part of the hair, and several long strands in the temples are twisted in flags.

A short

Short square allows you to create a very stylish hairstyle with a veil, in the case when smooth lateral strands are removed from the face. They either curl and challenged the back of the nape, either curl and stacked by curls, or they are raised by the forehead and challenge on the head in the beam. Such a hairstyle is perfectly complemented by a dress with an open back or a deep neckline. It is important to mention that the vehicle should not be classic – it is better to give preference to the retro style accessory.

Speecually on short hair looks and styling with an additional probor. In addition to the usual (direct or oblique probor, which should not be long), a neat transverse section is formed on the painsh. In the same zone, it is important to increase the volume with the help of a brushing or ordinary nobody. Additional fixation such styling does not require – hair should lie naturally. The simplest hairstyle on a short square requires hair whipping on the top of the top and add an unusual rim, flower wreath or even tiaratices.


Bob-kara – a very fashionable haircut that is obtained due to several layers and graduated lower cuts. The most convenient to transform it into romantic laying, combining vertically swirling curls and the remaining soft waves or strained strands. The volume must be added only on top. It should be added that the sample in this case can be zigzag, and simply asymmetric.

If you do not want to be so puzzled, you can handle the hair by mousse and spin the ends of the hair out. In another case, strands are lifted and fixed with studs.


Asymmetry Haircut always allows you to create a memorable hairstyle. For example, on the one hand, you can create various neat weaving, and on the other – leave free and volumetric. Eccentric brides are recommended to do radically and simply: Sick yourself a key chain. Surprisingly, such a hairstyle fits harmoniously into many images. Finally, the classic solution is considered to make bangs for one side.

Laying a kara with bangs

Quite often, girls with a kara lay the hair in the style of the fifties: the bangs and a small nobody in the roots zone. Inspiration usually serve the characters of the Great Gatsby and photos of stars of 1920-1960s.

To create such hairstyles it is necessary to make one standard braid sample and one more in the zone of the painshush. Next to the second probor, a couple of strands, which are given some volume. Of course, the easiest way to simply opt, but you can also use big curlers or hairdryer. The rest of the hair is placed by smooth waves with professional mousse.

If the bride wants a veil, then the size of this accessory must be adjusted depending on the size of the bangs: the longer the bangs, the shorter must be. Alternatively, you can replace it with an elegant fit. In addition, if the bang does not fit in the right way, then it can simply be left in the usual form.

The easiest option of the laying does not even require hiding bangs: you can simply remove the hair in the back of the hair in a natural bundle and add, optionally, a couple of accessories. In the event that there are concerns that bangs will be interpreted during a celebration, it must be twisted with the rest of the curls and secure in the total mass of hair.

It should be explained that uniformity is considered the main requirement for creating such styling with bangs. This suggests that it is categorically not recommended to combine direct bangs with curls – it can only be done if the wave begins with the middle of the hair. Such item is better supplemented with a shell, a bunch or Greek variation.

An extended bang is more convenient to twist with a common weight of hair and remove to the side or use to form a pigtail or rim. In the case when this item is undesirable, it will have to be stacked at the top or aside. It is important to carefully fix all the transformations, especially the owners of thick hair.

Interesting examples

For a wedding event, many brides prefer tender and romantic images, for example, in Greek style. Hair necessarily need to decorate a golden rim, leave the leaving or remove into a neat low beam. Extra image will help a lung dress with an open back, shoes boats and several suitable decorations. In the case when the Fata is present in the image, the laying may be minimal. It is enough to create curls and remove them from the face, and a gentle accessory, combining and fabric, and elegant decoration will complete all the work.

Some stools of the finest fata requires a smooth “base”, so to create an image of the hair, you need to straighten and fix in a low beam. On top of the fabric put on a metal rim with vegetable motifs and sparkling pebbles.

How to make a wedding hairstyle for short hair, look in the video below.

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