Original cake design ideas on the anniversary of the wedding

Original cake design ideas on the anniversary of the wedding

It is difficult to imagine any holiday without a beautiful and tasty cake, because it is engaged long before the event. Depending on the significance of the date, the dates choose a simple delicacy from the store or order something special from the masters. The anniversary of the wedding is a significant factor for which it is necessary to prepare everything so that the holiday is at the level, it concerns the cake that can be ordered or prepared personally.

Decoration mastic

Any cake is already art, but there are cases when you want to achieve perfection, the result that will satisfy all. If we talk about confectionery art, then such a turning point was the appearance of mastic, which came to our edges from the West, where he had long established itself as a way to make a masterpiece from a regular cake. The uniqueness of the mastic is that with the help of sugar test you can make any design, make a cake on the most diverse topics, with decorations, inscriptions, and even photos.

The cake on the anniversary of the wedding should be special, and therefore decorate it with banal flowers will be a little, here you need a whole plot, a picture of family life or dreams that you want to realize my husband with my wife. Registration of such a product should be thought out in advance, the plot of pictures and all the details are determined so that the result is at least partially predetermined.

Cream cake will be an alternative if the use of mastic will not satisfy family requests.

The choice of corteans, fillings, additional components of the filling of the cake, as well as its design, all this is thought out in advance and scrupulously prepare until the occurrence of a festive event.

Variants of desserts with photo printing

A relatively new option to decorate cakes has become a photo printing, with which you can make a dessert decor using a photo or picture. This option is great for both the wedding celebration, where the cake will be collected on the cake, and for any other holiday. This amazing version of the decoration of confectionery arts seems to be inconceivably difficult, but in fact everything is much easier.

To make photo printing for cake, sugar paper needed. This is a round or rectangular translucent form, which is almost tasteless and has no smell, plus very little calories in it. At the moment there are several options for such paper in composition, this is:

  • rice+
  • sugar+
  • wafer+
  • glaze+
  • vegetables+
  • Noria+
  • fruits and berries.

To make a photo printing on such special paper, you need to have a special printer where exclusively food paints are refilled. After printing the image, the sheet sucked well, and after that it is placed on the cake and covered with icing.

If you need to add a number of decorations, you need to wait until the cake surface will dry.

Ideas for inscriptions

Each family is individual, and therefore a cake that is preparing for a specific event should display its essence. In addition to the design of the dessert, it is worth thinking about the inscriptions that will decorate it. Words that will be placed on the product must have some kind of sense, it may be a wish of a young family:

  • “Together and forever”+
  • “This is the beginning of a long and happy way”+
  • “For two halves who found each other”.

If the cake is preparing as a gift of one spouse to another, then it may be a wish or word facing partner, for example:

  • “My most expensive person”+
  • “Forever Yours”+
  • “Beloved husband from smart wife”+
  • “With love forever”.

In addition, you can write cool phrases that will give a good mood to each participant of the festive event. In order for the effect of such a decor to be correct, it is worth aware of some of the rules of its use:

  • Do not write more than 6 words, because for a long time to read the inscriptions on the cake on a festive day, no one will be, but the proper effect of the content of the message will be lost+
  • Picking out the color for the inscription, it is worth looking for the one that will contrast with the cake itself to be highlighted on its background+
  • If the letters are voluminous, you need to work hard to fasten them well on the dessert+
  • Choosing the inscriptions, it is worth giveing ​​preference to those options that are suitable for the family reflect their character, hobbies or life.

Wedding cakes are very much options, therefore, choosing one of them, it is worth weighing all the positive and negative points and determine the optimal.

Beautiful examples for different dates

The family union of each pair can last different times, and therefore it is so important to appreciate each anniversary, noting it as an important family holiday, remembering everything is good, leaving a bad behind. So that every date has been unlike the previous one, it is worth considering the organization of the holiday in advance, the same applies to the order of the cake. Depending on the design of the design, the quantity, filling can be different.

If the anniversary is small, then you can do with a small dessert, and in case of serious dates it is worth making a cake in several tiers, and roll a big holiday.

1-10 years old

Every year, lived with spouses during this period is very important, because people learn to get around together, find a common language and establish life. This is a dangerous time when everything can collapse due to misunderstanding, and the family will break up. That is why it is important to arrange large family holidays on the anniversary of the wedding, remember everything good and tune in for a long and successful marriage.

The first year of life together is called the Citse or Marlevé Wedding, because the dessert can be decorated with mastic in the form of bed linen or bedspread. It was during this period that her husband and his wife enjoy each other, spending a large amount of time in bed. There may be several original cake options:

  • The use of color gamut and bed linen prints as a cake decorating is symbolic for a young couple, while the dessert is obtained beautiful and very appetizing+
  • You can decorate the cake of the mastic in the form of a patchwork and the corresponding inscriptions. To make the product more personal, it is worth using the initials or names of a husband and wives who lived in marriage.

The following wedding dates are no less important, and the design for the cake can be made according to the name of the event:

  • 2 years – patchwork or paper wedding+
  • 3 years – leather+
  • 4 years – linen or wax.

The five-year anniversary is referred to as a wooden wedding and is considered one of the first serious holidays for the family. Cake for him may have an interesting appearance. For example, the use of a decor in the form of a tree cutting with green leaves symbolizes the resistance of the pair that their marriage is alive and will be such for many years.

Each anniversary has its name, and, accordingly, the symbolism, on the basis of which you can choose the design of the cake:

  • 6 years is the cast iron anniversary+
  • 7 years – copper or wool+
  • 8 years old – tin+
  • 9 years – faience+
  • 10 years – tin or pink.

In a ten-year anniversary, it is worth especially carefully prepared for the holiday and make an unusual and very beautiful cake to celebrate the first round date of the family. Options can be roses, they always look at the cake, and especially if they are a symbol of a specific date.

To place both wedding symbols on the dessert, you can use objects of dishes, which can be tin, and roses, which together will create a harmonious composition.

10-20 years old

If the couple lived together for 10 years or more, then the wedding days will become even more significant, because children will be attended, and in some cases her grandchildren and wife. After the ten-year anniversary, the next important date will be 15 years old marriage, which is referred to as a glass wedding, which means that the cake must be appropriate.

White cake, which depicts glasses, glasses or wine glasses will become an excellent option for this event, because for 15 years of marriage people through a lot have passed and became very close, they see each other as clean glass, without secrets, secrets and deceptions as on Palm.

The twentieth anniversary of the wedding is called porcelain, which shows the harmony and beauty of the family relationship, because the cake must match the name.

20-30 years

Twenty years from the day of the wedding becomes another border, passing through which the married couple is closer and strengthens its relationship. The next anniversary, to which you can begin to prepare in advance – this is the 25th anniversary, the name of which Silver Wedding.

Festive dessert in this case should be decorated with silver decor. You can install or write figures 25, corresponding to the age of the family, which celebrates its holiday.

Even more significant will be the 30th anniversary, which has the name of the pearl wedding, and on the basis of this you can come up with a cake design.

The presence of pearls on the product or marine themes with a shell and pearls will be the original option for a festive dessert.

30-40 years old

After the celebration of the thirty-year anniversary, her husband and wife become one, their union can destroy, they support each other, for their children and grandchildren. The next date that such a family will celebrate will be the 35-year-old anniversary called a coral wedding. In this case, the cake design may be as follows: the presence of corals, pearls and other details, symbolizing a strong and reliable marriage, will become a wonderful option of decor and a good gift to spouses.

Another important border of family life will be the forty-year anniversary of marriage, which has the name of the Ruby Wedding. The design of the cake can be made surprisingly beautiful and diverse.

The cake in the form of a red heart will be very symbolic, and swans will be the personification of spouses who lived in love and loyalty for so many years.

40-50 years old

For those who were able to cross 40 years of living together, you can begin preparations for the 45th anniversary, whose name is a sapphire wedding. Cake for such a holiday can have the following form: Blue mastic, which is laid on a cake in the form of a heart, will look very beautiful, festive and solemnly. Optionally, you can add dessert by numbers, names or wishes to spouses.

The most significant date that is not destined to meet together is the 50th anniversary of the marriage, which is called the Golden Wedding. The cake in this case is simply obliged to be chic.

The large cake of golden colors for the whole family, which for 50 years has become much larger, because, except for children and grandchildren, there are already great-grandchildren who will come to the holiday of their relatives with great joy.

How to make it yourself?

To please the spouse, you can make a cake yourself, for what you need to find a recipe that will taste the second half, and try to make a trial dessert. If everything happens, you can take a job immediately before the event.

Special attention is paid to decoration, there is also nowhere without practicing, everything that will be located on a festive cake must be done several times to fade the hand, and the result did not disappoint.

How to decorate a cake on the wedding anniversary, look in the following video.

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