Original ideas for a gift for a wedding do it yourself

Original ideas for a gift for a wedding do it yourself

Gifts for a wedding celebration give a wide variety of, but unique and touching will be the present made by hand. However, there are many different nuances that should be taken into account.

Gift selection criteria

Wedding is a very important event for young spouses, and for guests of the event too. This celebration is dedicated to the connection of two loving people who plan to pass through the hand in life in love and respect. That is why gifts should be memorable and nontrivial.

In previous years, envelopes with money, this gift is relevant to this day, But it undoubtedly pleases that the company in recent years is increasingly making up the presents made with their own hands.

However, keep in mind that it really should be a quality thing. Gifts from the series “Tip-Lump and Finish” are allowed only if children are given, younger brothers and sisters who do not have their own budget, and to express their sympathy to newlyweds want.

It is very important to exercise their creativity with caution to unwittingly not offend newlyweds, so when choosing crafts, be sure to take into account their character, hobbies, relevance of the present and, of course, degree of relationship with a married couple.

As you know, there is no taste and color of comrades, but there are a number of interesting ideas of similar gifts that They are considered universal and can be donated to both friends and relatives:

  • Double souvenirs or clothing – it can be hand-painted figurines, dishes with inscriptions or pillows with embroidered thick threads with the names of the newly minted husband and wives+
  • Homemade items – For example, a wooden kitchen board with a scorched wish of a long and happy life, boxes, photo frames, pictures+
  • Souvenirs with photos of young – Family portrait, stylishly decorated photocollage+
  • Money – But not in the convective, and filed in the form of a cake, boxes of candy or toopiaria.

Unusual amount of money

In our unstable and difficult time, money remains the best gift. Young will always find them use, because they need to poison their family nest. equip the house and establish life. However, the times of envelopes went far into the past. Nowadays, there are a lot of original and unusual money issues.

Very stylish and originally looks like topiary – this is a miniature tree, on the branches of which the bills grow instead of leaves.

Make it easy. You will need:

  • money+
  • English pins+
  • Ball of foamed material+
  • Pot bright shade+
  • gypsum+
  • Wooden stick 20-30 cm long+
  • Jute Shpagat+
  • Adhesive Pistol.

The stick will be the basis for the trunk, and Crohn will form from the ball, so it is necessary to fix it on a wooden stick. For greater clutch strength, it is better to use hot glue. When the connection site dries, it is necessary to fix the tip of the twine under the ball and the trunk of our future trees is tightly wrapped.

While the design dries in, in a separate container, a gypsum should be made. With its absence, you can use alabaster and pour into a bright pot. When the composition starts to be captured, the stick should be plugged into it and hold until the gypsum dry finally and the design will not be stable. On this preparatory work ends and you can proceed directly to the design of Topiaria.

To begin with, collapse coilers from bills. If you use a ball of 8 mm, then it is advisable to twist 150-170 bills. To do this, they are folded in half, then carefully fell into the baseboard, turn over and make the conduit wrapped part. All this should be fixed on the ball by an English bead pin at the end. Best to mount the curses in a circle, gradually filling all empties.

In completion, only a little decorate a money tree. For this, small coins can be useful, preferably “golden” – they are simply poured into a pot so that they are completely covered with a layer of plaster, and fixed with a gluable gun.

If desired, you can attach a small tag with warm wishes of newlyweds.

A small advice: Topiary looks more attractive if the bills of different shades are used when creating it.

Very interesting and nontrivially looks money cake. To make it, you should prepare consumables:

  • Tight cardboard+
  • Adhesive Pistol+
  • Rivets+
  • Decorative bows+
  • ribbon+
  • double sided tape+
  • money.

From cardboard 3 circles-bases with a diameter of 10, 20 and 30 cm should be cut, and another circle of 10 cm will be needed for the lid. Edges of the circles are covered with ribbon to reap the cut line. Best of all with this task can cope with a glue gun.

Then from the cardboard it is necessary to cut a strip of paper, the height of which is equal to the size of the cash bills, and the length is slightly smaller than the diameter of each circle. For each circle, its separate bar is cut. Each you need to roll and glue vertically to a circle. In this way, all three tiers of the cake are collected.

When the workpieces are ready, it remains only to fix the money with a tube and fix around the edges of each floor with the help of a closure, after which each circle should be connected using double-sided tape. To disguise the clips, you can decorate flights with ribbon and satin bows, and on top to install a decorative figure, for example, heart or a couple of pigeons.

So in a few hours you will make a beautiful, but very necessary gift for newlyweds – they will not be able to leave an unpleasant such attention on your part.

Presents for home

Well, of course, you can cook 1000 and 1 trifle for the house, which will fill the atmosphere of family hearth heat, comfort and romance.

Very stylish and originally, a set of shiny fuels. This gift will not only be interesting, but also practical – probably decorated with noble gold and silvery glitter glasses will become the most loved ones from newlyweds.

You will need:

  • A pair of glasses:
  • Sequins of different shades+
  • brush+
  • Malyan Scotch+
  • Transparent glue.

To begin with, it should be clocked to the brands of tape diagonally, thereby referring to the edges of the sites that you plan to cover with glitter. Then you should lubricate the decoration area with glue, evenly distribute it over the entire surface and sprinkle with sparkles. At the same time, carefully make sure that you do not have voids on the surface.

In such a form, glasses should be left for a couple of hours until the glue drying is completely dry, after which you can carefully remove the tape tape. Gift is ready.

Valid birds in a glass container look very beautiful. For their manufacture, it is necessary to prepare a glass container with a glass neck, even a regular bank will suit.

We will also need:

  • Toy birds of small size+
  • Little pieces of fabric combined by shades+
  • Rubber ring+
  • Artificial grass+
  • Decorative ribbon.

From instruments need scissors, threads for sewing, pencil, small emery and adhesive gun.

To begin with, it is necessary to find a branch and fit it under the dimensions of the glass container, after which the sandpaper should be treated with its surface and edges so that it looks more aesthetically looked. Using hot glue, it should be fixed on the bird branch. While the glue dries, you need to prepare the garlands – for this, triangles are cut out of the fabric, connect to wire or thread and fix on the branch.

Further act need fast – edges of the branches should be smeared with glue and place in a bank very quickly. To facilitate the mount, you can put marker marker from the outside – then the branch will immediately rise in his place and the glue will not have time to dry.

So that the composition looks more romantic, you can lay out the bottom of artificial grass and make a beautifully arranged neck. To begin with, you should simply cover it with a lid, and then decorate it – cut a circle from the fabric with a diameter that will be twice as bigger than the size of the neck itself. This workpiece covers the lid and tied up with a rubber band, additionally decorate with ribbon and bows.

Good gift idea with their own hands can be woven newlywed names. Make them quite easy. In advance should be prepared by Fanur, a hammer with nails, threads. To begin with, you should write the names of your husband and wives with volumetric letters and drove the nails on the coneer. After that, you need to erase the traces of the pencil and shake out the contours.

Threads are desirable to take a contrast shade.

A romantic gift will be a chalk board, on which newlyweds will be able to leave our touching love messages to each other.

In work will be used:

  • 2 photo frames+
  • Self-adhesive one-sided paper+
  • dye+
  • White and black cardboard+
  • Normal white paper.

To begin with, you should disassemble the frame and carefully remove the glass. Then using it instead of the main template, circle around the perimeter on the cardboard and cut the workpiece with scissors or stationery knife. On each cardboard you should apply a special paint for registration of chalk surfaces in two layers.

While the paint dries out, you should find the templates of images of a husband and a wife and cut them along the contour from dark cardboard and exactly the same – from shiny paper. After that, brilliant silhouettes should be glued to black and then insert both blanks in the photo frames.

On the back of the frame, fasten the bag for white chalks and put the chalk themselves in them. Now a married couple will be able to leave each other short love messages. This is a very nice and romantic gift, which will probably have to do with the young.

The incredible atmosphere in the house of young spouses create candles, so the candlestick is always useful. It will look very original if you bring a photo of newlyweds.

To work, you will need:

  • Paper for print+
  • flashlight+
  • paints+
  • Transparent glue+
  • Painting ribbon.

To begin with, the painting ribbon should be closed the entire glass part of the lamp so that paint does not fall on it, and paint all the other items in the desired shade you. While the flashlight dries, print the black and white photos of the spouses and cut them up to the size that will match the lantern windows.

With the help of transparent glue photos should be glued inside the lantern itself. On this, the original and stylish wedding gift is ready. It will take no more than 40 minutes to create it, but at the same time please the young he will be many years after the wedding.

Beautifully looks a bouquet of paper roses, which can take a worthy place in the interior. Make it simple. As paper, you can use the sheets of old newspapers, books and magazines – in this case, a gift will look really vintage and expensive.

For each rose, you will need 4 stacks of 5 petals of various sizes – from 3 to 8 cm, and at the same time it is absolutely necessary to make them very even, in this technique there is even a slight negligence.

The edges of the petals on one side should be slightly squeezed – it will be the base, and on the other – to turn off a pencil. To begin with one petal, you should create a core – for this it is twisted into the tube tightly, then slightly flashes, then glue and turn the end of the wire.

After that, all the other petals are attached to the rose, starting with the smallest. To do this, the tip is squeezed out a little glue and fix it so that each petal is slightly covered the previous. Chesselistic is better to reap the green ribbon – so it will cover all the irregularities and the flaws of the bud. For each rose you will need about 10 cm tape.

Young spouses can be sewed on happiness – it’s quite simple. For such a gift, it is necessary to use any material for pillowcase, patchwork of multicolored felt, moulin, coins, paper, needle, scissors and glue.

To begin with, prepare paper templates depicting birds, hearts or other patterns, and then, fixing them on fetra, transfer the application to the material. The billets can be sewed to the tissue with hands, and you can simply glue with special glue, but in this case the pillow may not withstand washers in the washing machine. Finished pad can decorate coins. It is believed that such a gift will attract prosperity and well-being.

It will be very nice if you make an embroidery with the wishes of a happy family life to young spouses on the canvas.

Humorous options

An unusual gift of a friend or a friend for a wedding can be temporary capsule. This is a great idea, because thus spouses can save memories of the brightest events of their life together.

To do this, you can take a conventional box and wrap it with bright packaging paper. Additionally use other decor elements, such as sparkles, rhinestones, sequins, multicolored buttons and much more.

For a start, you can put an envelope with money in such a box, and only then the spouses will be able to fold together joint photos or write romantic messages to each other. By the way, this is a very touching tradition – during the year the husband and wife write small letters with the words of love and tenderness, and at the end of the year, shortly before the battle of Kurantov, her husband and wife can read the messages that their satellite addressed for the past 12 months. Of course, this will fill them with gentle feelings and they will meet the New Year in the world and endless love in relation to each other.

Another interesting gift is a love card. To do it, you need to take:

  • Plow+
  • double sided tape+
  • Frame for photos+
  • Old card+
  • Cardboard bright shades+
  • scissors.

To begin with, you should prepare a city map / country and note all the places that are significant for newlyweds (the first meeting, the first date, the place where they are going to have their own family nest), and each of them cut in the shape of a heart. After that, the workpiece should be attached to the foamed tape to the sheet of cardboard – it may turn out the volumetric picture. All the workpiece must be inserted into the gift frame and present newlyweds.

Creative Gifts Many options, the main thing that he is made with fiction, fantasy and sincere wishes of love, peace and harmony in the house.

Original ideas for a gift with your own hands, see the following video.

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