Original ideas for the wedding

Original ideas for the wedding

Modern weddings are increasingly departed from the adopted standards, today it is bright and memorable events. Most newlyweds refuse boring sites with familiar competitions and entertainment – Creative events came to replace them, stylish decor, new, brave, and at the same time touching traditions.

Wedding in a narrow circle

Weddings in a wide range of friends and relatives have long been riveted in the past, many grooms and brides are preferred to chamber events, in a small circle with parents and closest friends. Increasingly, the family organizes economical celebration in order to immediately go to a romantic trip for two. But even such an event can be made interesting and, undoubtedly touching. Consider several wedding ideas that will not require serious financial investments from you.

Holiday on nature

It is known that the overwhelming part of the wedding budget sometimes “eats” rent a banquet hall, which is why the open-air ceremony will significantly reduce the total costs of holiday. If you plan to invite no more than 10-15 guests or stay together, you can stay at such versions as a party in the country or a picnic in nature. In the first case, you can organize a celebration in a romantic style, and in the second it is worth staying on eco-subject.

Thematic wedding

Many and do not suspect the thematic wedding is actually a fairly profitable event. There are such concepts that do not require large investments. For example, the wedding in the style of Rustic will be an excellent option for the budget celebration. Here we need only large wooden tables that can be led from inexpensive boards with their own hands and put in the yard or on a pretty forest gland. In the trees it makes sense to raise garlands and make the easiest decor using materials such as burlap and old newspapers.

On the tables in this case, vases with wildflowers are usually put and complement the decor with fruits and vegetables compositions. It is not necessary to dress in Russian folk costumes – Kokoshnik and Sarafan can be safely left in the store. Conventional linen dress of white and flowers in hair harmoniously fit into this style.

Wedding breakfast

Yes, yes, you did not hear. Arrange your holiday not in the evening, and in the morning. By the way, such an idea is gaining increasing popularity in big cities. As a rule, banquets held in the morning and daytime hours are much cheaper – at this time of day and rent, and the menu, and the service services will not “hit the wallet too”.

Holiday in the museum

Surely in every city there are small cozy museums or botanical gardens that are glad to provide their halls and courtyards for solemn marriage registration. Such locations in the old noble style create an incredible atmosphere of immersion in the old days, give the weddings notching aristocraticism and greatness, while the price tag for such services is usually very democratic.

Ideas for a lush ceremony

For a lush wedding, there are also many interesting and non-trivial ideas for organizing a wedding party. Usually in this case, the emphasis is on the wedding decor and the creation of a special atmosphere. Consider the most stylish techniques for beautiful and expensive ceremonies.

Construction of wedding arch

This option is optimal for field registration. In this case, the ceremony is carried out in the fresh air, and the arch decorate roses. On shrubs and trees hang bright ribbons and shimmering decorations, candles and lights.

Photo booth

It is a fashionable and fairly stylish entertainment that will help fill in pauses arising during a solemn event. Probably, absolutely all guests will look at the photophob, because it is incredibly fun, and, of course, each of them will have pictures on the memory, which then can be used to decorate the wishes of the young. Some booths are arranged in such a way that the design of photos arises over the dance floor – this is a very unusual way to illuminate the hall, and also such an idea is cheerful and nontrivial.


Under this boring title, a reception is hidden, which can in a matter of minutes completely transform the hall or the street, where registration is conducted. This is a pretty expensive detail, but it is definitely worth the money spent on her. Stylists advise to drape stair marches with white or red material – thus passage to the banquet place will be solemn and ceremonial.

Lounge zone

Be sure to equip the zone where guests can communicate during small dance pauses. It is worth considering all the nuances in advance: to put cozy armchairs, tables and other furniture items, put pillows, decorate the furnishings with floral wreaths and vases with bouquets. This also makes sense to submit light drinks and snacks. You can go further and achieve even wow-effect. To do this, the resting place is closed with a curtain and choose special lighting.

There are some more little things that will turn a lush wedding at a real work of art.

  • Bar boutonnieok. You can cook a small surprise for loved ones – let the stand with small boutonnieres, which they must attach them near the entrance, which they must attach them to their clothes. This will bring the event to the atmosphere, the unique charm and charm.
  • Favorite pet. Surely many newlyweds have favorite pets – cats or dogs. If the animal is well extended, then he can be entrusted with an important matter, for example, it can bear the sign “Bride” before going out the young at the wedding ceremony. This is a very unusual and touching idea, however, if you are unsure that the dog will be able to “adequately”, it is better not to start such a presentation.

  • Tattoo Bar. If you have a youth wedding, then you can equip a small platform, on which each wishes will apply a temporary tattoo. Only one condition is recommended here – the picture should be directly related to the subject of your event. Let it be the date or phrase from the “best day” series, and maybe someone will even want to fill cool images of young – fantasy here is almost no limited.
  • Boom-zone. This is also very busy entertainment, which will undoubtedly give guests delight: a big stand with inflated balls designed for Lopanna. Especially in the soul, such an idea will have to children who are often among those invited and, as a rule, bored.

  • Tale of young. This is another entertainment for the most young holiday guests. You can prepare a small coloring for them – pictures depicting the history of your incredible love with you as the main actors.
  • Book for recommendations. It is a traditional attribute of any wedding, but nothing prevents it to make it more stylish. Let it be a mailbox in which everyone can throw their congratulations or a printed machine where anyone can print warm words. A good idea will be a plate where invited will be able to write everything that they would like to say young.

Recent years has become very popular such a custom as a dance of young. Usually spouses rehearse it in advance with specially invited choreographers. This beginning of the holiday always looks exquisitely and aristocratic. In order for the dance to be as beautiful as possible, you should choose a sensual melody, which both will cause the best associations. However, it is quite realistic to make cuts from several tracks in a wide variety of styles – from Polionize to an incredible passionate tango. And to be more original, you can accompany the performance of non-familiar petals of gentle roses, and, for example, soap bubbles or falling with the ceiling of elegant confetti. Bengal fireworks will also be quite solemn – such special effects always cause genuine delight among others.

Remember that when planning a lush wedding, it is necessary to pay special attention to, it should be completely impeccable, only in this case your wedding will be taken for the standard and sample to imitate.

Options for thematic parties

If you want your wedding to be actually creative and original, then you should arrange a thematic celebration. Let us dwell on the most popular ideas of such an event.

Game of Thrones

One of the most popular TV series in the world gives the abyss ideas for a wedding party. When still, as not on this holiday day, young and their guests can plunge into a medieval atmosphere and feel like one of the representatives of seven kingdoms. Makeup and hairstyle should not be particularly bright, everything is obliged to fully correspond to the atmosphere of that period. The bride can supplement his outfit with massive cabins, as well as a crown, stylish cape with a hood, but the groom is suitable for a fur cape to appear in front of his guests in the image of John Snow.


America’s style of the 30s of the last century is very often used on thematic parties. Young appear in the form of mafiosa times Al Capone. Choose the outfit here is quite simple: causing makeup, a bright openwork bandage on the forehead, decorated with feathers, a dress with beads, sequins and rhinestones, and here the bride already looks like a beloved of the respected Don, and he himself appears before invited in a flawless triple, and necessarily in a gangster hat.


If young people have some kind of general hobby, it will be very original if it finds its reflection and in the wedding event itself. For example, on the marriage of bikers, a motorcycle tuple is good, for divers you can offer a thematic photo session under water in an exotic place. It looks very fascinating the procedure for the exchange of rings in a balloon – there spouses can and hold the registration itself, and go on a journey. By the way, this fully reflects the speaker saying about the fact that marriages are performed in heaven.

Venice Carnival

This is a very stylish idea for a wedding celebration: all guests must be given stylized masks, and the ladies are also fuel. The holiday itself must be overwhelmed by fireworks and confetti explosions. By the way, at the end of the event you can arrange a cheerful competition for removing masks, for sure this party will remain in memory of relatives and close young spouses.

Organization of celebration depending on the season

Every time of year has its own characteristics that need to be considered when planning.


When organizing the winter celebration, the New Year’s celebration is most often used, as well as Christmas, ethnic or fabulous stylistics. Christmas and New Year’s topic implies an abundance of shine, red-green decor and, of course, tinsel. Equally popular and weddings in Russian style, while quite often satisfied the photo session in the snow-covered forest against the background of the wood heaven with a mandatory smoking samovar, ruddy rams, mappings and mats.

But the most sought-after winter idea, no doubt, is a winter fairy tale, here the bride resembles a snow queen or princess, its image can be supplemented with a crown, cathrootted horses. It will be very relevant to your own fabulous story, which young and play in front of their guests. In winter, you can arrange many different entertainment:

  • Rent a skating rink for invited+
  • Play snowball team of representatives of the groom against the team Young Bride+
  • take a snow fortress in which a young hiding+
  • ride into a carriage decorated with buboins.

All these games can be an excellent alternative to the usual walk around the city.


In the summer you can implement almost any wedding idea. Warm weather, the riot of paints and the sun represent a large scope for imagination. In summer, holidays in the fresh air are very popular, for this you can choose a cozy forest gland, a shore of a picturesque reservoir or a peak of the mountain – do not be afraid to invent something non-standard and new. Here are just a few summer wedding ideas:

  • Berry holiday – Here fruits and berries become not so much a treat, how much is part of the decor of the room+
  • Ceremony in marine stylist+
  • Ceremony on the roof of a high-rise building overlooking the city+
  • Holiday in the village+
  • Picnic on Forest Polyanka.

Greek-style celebrations are no less popular – the beach is best suited for them.


Spring is a wonderful time when nature awakens, and dull gray cities and villages in their eyes are transformed and become bright, juicy and alive. That is why the spring weddings most often focus on the color decoration. A very stylish solution becomes ombre in the decoration of the table and the whole wedding room. In the spring, there are often eco-weddings when there are many fresh fruits in the menu, and the sweet table is replaced with berry. And, of course, in the spring, you can supplement the decor with such touching items as cells with birds and fluttering butterflies. You can order them in any specialized agency.

In autumn

Autumn is an unusually beautiful time of year, in whose charm its own special atmosphere and the charm. Moreover, beauty can be seen in the gold decoration of trees, and in lead clouds, and even in dripping drops of rain. Banquets at this time take place in a special cozy and heat, and so that they become even more romantic, you can make several stylish accents, for example, decorate a banquet room with fruit compositions, vases with seams of wheat, decorative branches and dried sets.

During this period, Russian folk weddings are often held, but Pumpkin Parties are truly creative and stylish. Here, this vegetable is becoming the main decoration of the event: Vases from pumpkins, small pumpkins in the bunch of a young, photowon with the participation of pumpkins. Even instead of a special rings pads, you can use small vegetables.

Examples for inspiration

We offer you a photodification of the most stylish and original wedding ideas that can make a truly special and romantic modest wedding together, and a chamber event, and a magnificent celebration.

Watch the video on the topic.

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