Original wedding gift: varieties and best ideas

Original wedding gift: varieties and best ideas

This is a matter as a wedding, requires special training and special attention, as this event is a truly large-scale event in the life of every person. It is necessary to carefully consider and organize a celebration, to solve the issue with the number of guests and many other questions, from which the happiness of young people directly depends.

Overview of traditional wedding presents

No wedding do without gifts to newlyweds. How not to make a mistake when choosing what gifts to give a wedding is a brief overview of all sorts of gift options and surprises.

Traditionally, the gifts are young for a wedding consisted of the dowry of the bride and redemption of the groom. This initial capital became the platform on which the married life began. And on what is the financial population, the subsequent life of newlyweds depended. Gave everything that is useful in the house: from a kocher to sheets, as well as pets and birds. Special prejudices and superstitions in the old days were not. It was necessary to somehow live, and everything was going to go to the move.

On the second day of the wedding celebration, it was customary to give gifts to parents of young – Mom and Dad: a man gave a mother-in-law and a testa, and a young woman – Svokra and mother-in-law. Then walked for several days at least three, and now they will handle the wedding in one day, less often two. Rarely who came to a celebration with empty hands. And now this tradition remains in force. Although little, but some gift by the forces should bring each of the guests to the wedding.

Basically, give various equipment, money and household items for practical purposes. Sometimes apartments and cars, because the wedding is a wonderful reason for the most expensive gifts. It is also not rebored to give comic gifts with meaning. Most often, this kind of donation is made on behalf of witnesses. You can give a wedding:

  • Bedding, Linen, Bedspread and Warm Plaid+
  • Kitchen utensils: Pans, frying pan and skewers, various pots and molds+
  • Table sets: Tea, Coffee and Dining Rooms+
  • Household appliances and electrical appliances+
  • Gift certificates+
  • Jewelry+
  • Bridal journey+
  • Pictures, photo albums, all sorts of baubles, dolls and figurines on the topic+
  • Delicates and sophisticated wines+
  • money.

These are generally accepted gifts from guests. You can add anything to them. For example, flying a balloon, aerobus. Those who love extremes will suit parachute jumps, dreame safari and other adventures.

In a word, you can try to do everything possible so that your offer to be impressive and remains for a long time in the memory of young and all those present at the celebration for many years. It is important to take into account a number of trifles, at first glance seemingly irrelevant, but, in fact, there are signs in certain gifts. So, for example, on gold jewelry, you can enhance the names of the young with wishes. And the products themselves will be presented with a rattle or children’s knitted booties.

Photos of a couple in a crystal or in the form of a hologram on a matte glass – a successful innovation, which also looks impressive in any interior. The godfather from the godfather can be given a picture of an old oil, ordered from some artist. Better if it will be a portrait of a young. This gift will be a real decoration of the wedding celebration. When you do not know what to give or few familiar with the bride and groom, the best gift will be money. Instead of the service or bed linen set, it is best to hand an envelope with cash bills. You can arrange it in various ways. Such gifts are immediately cleaned with a common table.

Relics of the family give the young on the eve of the wedding, whether it is a ring of great-grandmothers or ancient tapestry. Icons and other valuable attributes before donation are sanctified in the church.

Young can not be given:

  • Cutlery sets of knives and forks, as well as other sharp items: Collectible swords, daggers, swords and sabers. It is also not recommended to give razor sets. It is believed that these things foreshadow quarrels in the family.
  • Nasal and other shawls from girlfriends Bride – to tears.
  • Antique things, as they carry a specific energy that is not at all a place in the space of young.
  • Any plants, even the most expensive and rare. It is believed that they can influence the continuation of the kind.
  • Various watches: wall mounted or manual, as they are a symbol of the speed of time and foreshadow the foul separation of young.
  • Refrain from the gift of the bride’s hairpins, cufflinks and holders for tie and money – fiance. Even made of precious metals, these items are judged by the discord in personal life.
  • Bad tone is considered to give spouses mirror. It foreshadows fast divorce.

  • Crystal and other vases, as well as fragile products made of glass require special appeal. It is considered a bad one to smash a gift, and in the wedding corter it is not excluded. Therefore, it is best not to risk and give gifts from more durable materials. If you want to give a vase, it is better from metal, wood or even stone. And be sure to fill it with anything expensive: red or black caviar, candy or coins. Empty vase can be associated with emptiness in the life of young.
  • All bouquets from roses should be pre-before serving the bride to check for spikes and other stitching items. It is impossible to allow the bride to receive injury at the celebration. Spikes are cut, and pins, holding postcards with wishes, pre-removed.
  • It is also impossible to give candles, even the most exquisite paired sets and made to order. Candle is a symbol of all passing, with her can melting and disappear by the happiness of young.
  • It is not recommended to give the cooling technique: air conditioners and fans, as well as refrigerators and freezers. Better instead of them to give certificates in the store of household appliances. These items are the personification of the cooling of feelings and foreshadow again.

Best do not risk, do not feel fate and not give such things and items. At the wedding, there may be very impressionable parties, which their replicas and comments on gifts can spoil the mood and celebration. Therefore, you need to foresee and carefully prepare for this responsible point as the presentation of a wedding gift.


Wedding gifts are two types: paired or each separately: the bride and groom. The wedding day should decide on this issue. For example, choose dolls in the form of funny toys or statuettes or sets of dishes for two: tea or coffee service, crystal glasses, perfume sets, jewelry couples, bathrobes and other.

Each of the newlyweds can be given something personal, but at the same time general. It can be sets of dishes for her and tool kits – for him. The bride can be pleased with the certificate for the campaign to the beauty salon, and the groom – in the gym. In one way or another, it is necessary to take into account the tastes, interests and features of the couple.

For purpose

Gifts can be divided into gifts with meaning, useful and comic, with humor. About the utility no one is especially experiencing. Any of the items will find its application in the life of young. All can be used: from shovel to pillows. For example, smartphones for young will always be to the place. But with the semantic category the situation is a bit more difficult.

Here you need to make all your intellectual efforts so as not to miss and do not get into the awkward situation where the jokes are inappropriate. If you do not know young, it is better not to give semantic symbolic gifts at all. So, the gift of bricks in a beautiful wrap can be incorrectly interpreted, especially if the bride or bride is your employee or colleague. In this case, it is best to adhere to symbolic stylized images of young in various life situations, you can with comments, wishes and recommendations on special carriers or in the album.

A good sweet gift with a surprise will be a chocolate cake in which the keys to the apartment or the car are hidden. An unforgettable moment when the bride and the bride serve sweet delicacy, offering it immediately to cut it. The delight of the young about the discovered find will exceed all your expectations.

An excellent semantic gift will be children’s things, packed in several layers of beautiful wrapping paper. Unpacking them, young detects, finally, sliders, pacifiers or sprawers. This is a useful surprise and straight hint at the rapid appearance of offspring.

Another original gift – a money bank of the young, the symbol of the so-called starting capital – Basics of long and strong family bonds. Presented ceramic or glass jars with slots for “investments”, where all those present are lowering – who can. Barrel with honey will be an excellent gift that personifies the honeymoon of young. At the same time, you can hand tickets for a wedding trip to exotic places.

Among the original semantic gifts, you can select a monetary tree, star certificates for the opening of a new star in honor of the Connected Union, as well as the Book of the Family Chronicles with the corresponding attributes – a video camera or any other gadgets. Dinner in an expensive restaurant can also please young.

As a fun gifts with humor, designed to unload the tense atmosphere, you can hand a set of bed linen with detailed instructions for the execution of marital debt, rolling pin and a weapon, as a stabilizer of relations, a frying pan or a poker to remind you of the need for family discipline and order, culinary book and broom – To cook and keep the house clean. You can hire a professional toasta, before agreed with young.

Whatever a gift, the best thing is that you can give this day – good mood and jokes that fill holiday friendly participation.

By price category

For anyone who does not have enough finance, but wants to impress the wedding, symbolic gifts are suitable. These include universal budget options, designed specifically for these purposes. In any gift shop you can find original heart-shaped dishes, tea sets with swans or small flavored pillows with rings and inscriptions, charming shells in the form of shells, thematic sets of spices, egg stands, plates and cup holders and much more.

A basket with wine and fruit will be a wonderful gift, to buy which will not leave a lot of money. The modest set of wizards can be supplemented with soft toys, sweets and postcards. The budget option may be matryrs, samovars and toy collectible cars with a hint of real. The tray with the original baking, cupcakes and multi-colored biscuits looks good and will be excellent sweet gift. Lace, napkins and bedspreads in the technique of “Patchwork” made by their own hands will make warm notes in the festive atmosphere. Spouses will gladly decorate their home.

Give exclusive and elite gifts can afford not all. But if in a cheap item to make a little creative, it can turn into a great wedding gift.

Interesting ideas

In order for the gift to become truly commemorative, original and unusual, you need to adhere to some rules. There are some nuances of the gift of wedding gifts with young.

  • Before giving a technique, you should contact other invited guests to not duplicate a gift. And it happens that one friend gives a fridge to the wedding and the other is also a refrigerator. Or, for example, three and even four TVs are presented.
  • Gifts should be packaging effectively and creatively. At the same time, they should fit into the overall picture of the celebration, as well as to have subscription cards: who and who gives. Beautiful and witty, they will become a good reminder of the very happy moment in the life of young.
  • Wedding memorable gifts need to be correctly handed. This is a whole art. Giving is accompanied by improvised scenes from family life, reading the penetrated poems, checks and accommodations, musical numbers, songs and dancing.
  • You should learn in advance from the young, in which place and style will be held a wedding celebration to make a gift to make a gift and create a special entourage.
  • Instead of colors, you can give the bride to a basket with a sweet filler: sweets, sweets in the form of hearts and candies.
  • In all cases, courage and creative approach is welcome.

Items and souvenirs

On the wedding is made to give various things, souvenirs and memorable gifts. The target gift will be a photo album that is a traditional wedding gift. It can not even specifically pack. Family photos are stored in it, this is a kind of family chronological chronicle.

For congratulations on the day of the wedding in the original genre, brick, money tree and booties. When serving, the chapter of the family of the family is solemnly served – for the construction of their own home, a tree – to improve well-being, and booties – for the birth of healthy children. Congratulations are accompanied by traditional words: “Every man is obliged to commit three cases in his life: build a house, plant a tree and grow the Son”.

As a wish, wealth and wealth give a chest with bills, jewels and coins. This symbolic gift is not necessary for young, especially needing material assistance. Vintage Russian custom to give a chest preserved to this day. It is decorated with beads, original embroidery, satin ribbons, flowers and all that will be at hand. The chest will not remain without applying and for many years will please their owners.

You can put in the gift basket together with fruit and sweets Instructions for family life and certificates of husband and wife with official duties, as well as a bag of salt and sugar with wishes to be together and in joy, and in the mountain. On bed linen, you can order family monograms or photo portrait of young. Original ideas are not exhausted by family theme. You can also use any other motifs, such as sequins, sequins and star rhinestones over the entire surface of the duvette.

Dolls, personifying the bride and groom, will become one of the best gifts. You can order copies of newlyweds, and you can try to make them yourself, having elementary handmade skills.

Intangible surprises

In the number of lovely gifts, you can present the dance or song of your favorite artist. You can perform them yourself, but it is best to invite professionals for this. Note that the choir for chamber music and the Gypsy Tabor will be extremely inappropriate in the wedding atmosphere. Hire a dance couple, let them fulfill the incendiary tango and a couple more dancing on the bis. And at the end of the speech you can listen to the heartfelt song and even to dance the slow dance to newlyweds.

Flashmob with the participation of all invited persons can be a gift. Original ideas for this can be inventing yourself, but you can contact the specialists. Participants in the presentation may be all those who want to enter into a course of the case and give the necessary installations. For example, create a carnival night, discharged into the costumes of the Renaissance era, or organize an alien parade with the participation of famous cinema characters. All you want, only with mandatory young people in your plans. Taking into account this any holiday becomes unforgettable. Children will especially be delighted with cartoon characters and animators.

Photo session in nature or in an elite mansion will also be an interesting gift. To do this, you need to hire a professional photographer, choose in advance time and place of shooting. Competently mounted photos and videos can be viewed at the wedding celebration in the presence of guests.

That you can give people who have everything?

For a gifting a rich pair you can use things made to order. It can be products made of macrame, decorations of beads, valuable wood, inlaid eggs, ceramic figures, collectible wines and much more. You can hand the box with butterflies, symbolizing happiness. Cute white thoroughbred kittens in the basket will also become a pleasant surprise. Golden fish in the aquarium will also delight young. After all, when you have everything, only unfulfilled desires remain.

How to make beautiful packaging?

When a gift is selected and ready, it remains beautifully packaged. Specialists can come to the rescue, but you can try to do it yourself. First of all, you need to take into account the purpose of the gift, its value, as well as the style of the celebration, in which he will have to participate. Its among others will be put on a gift table where it will be at all in sight. Therefore, you should try as best to decorate a gift.

If it is a subject of small sizes, you can use expensive fabric type of brocade, atlas and organza. The combination of these textures as it is impossible to better emphasize the solemnity of the situation. You can also provide it with wedding attributes: Fata and black bow. It will be especially profitable to look at the doubles gifts. Large and medium gifts pack in gift paper using hearts as decor, ribbons, colors and tinsel.

It looks original as a gift packed in white paper and tied with white ribbon. You can add an absolutely white postcard to this, and the only surprise is ready in your way. The photo album can be presented in packaging paper with a newspaper print, tapping it with a twine, and to place a stylized conglight bow from above. Ideas can be different, the main thing is not to rearrange, so that the packaging is not more expensive than the gift.

What song to sing when handing?

If you have a hearing and you have a desire to adequately congratulate the young, you can fulfill the song in their honor. Most often it is part of a surprise and presented with a gift. It is important not to miss the choice of repertoire. It is best to limit the traditional pop wedding songs. Russian people leave for later. Under the phonogram is also better not to sing. Gypsy tunes and national songs will also be inappropriate, the meaning of which will not be understood. The exceptions are thematic weddings, say, only Armenian or Greek, where you can in your native language in a close circle to fulfill sincere song.

At the mixed public, it is best to follow the proven classics. When presenting a gift, you can ask to sing a professional or just asking the lead to enable the appropriate music. And you can quietly give your gift. Adhering to these simple councils and recommendations, you can confidently choose and give decent gifts to newlyweds. Success and good luck in choosing!

What to give to the wedding, see the following video.

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