Posters for redemption of the bride: features, design and manufacture

Posters for redemption of the bride: features, design and manufacture

The rite of redemption of the bride is a very long tradition. Today, this component of the wedding scenario has lost its original meaning and remains only as a fun anticipation of the main celebration.


Redemption begins when the bride appears at the bride’s house. There, the future husband meets guests and ask him a lot of interesting tasks to appreciate his mind, dexterity and generosity. Wedding room where ransom occurs, as a rule, decorated with garlands, balloons, satin ribbons.

To bring on the holiday of notes of originality in the holiday, you can spend posters on the redemption of the bride with cool inscriptions, with children’s photos.


Most often, the duties on the choice of posters lie on the shoulders of the bride’s girlfriends. Since they are familiar with the script of redemption, they will not be difficult to choose stretch marks in addition to the concerned groom testing. Well, if along with quotes or poetic slogans in the poster will be attended by wedding congratulations and pleasant wishes. Posters for redemption can be hand-drawn posters with assignments, rebusters, crosswords. Relevant will be posters with newlywed cartoon, funny pictures of family life, kisses, caricatures on the theme of children raising. To do too many posters is not worth it, as the room will look like a waist and overloaded.

For lovers of Soviet slogans, it is recommended to prepare the corresponding posters with several comic inscriptions: “And you prepared for family life?”,” Give marriage with quality mark!” and others. As characters, a girl and a guy of the athletic physique can be used. Great Wedding Poster – Photocollage. It can be made in the form of wall newspaper with images of the main heroes of the day and joking comments. Make such a poster with your own hands very easy. It is enough to have several interesting joint photos of newlyweds for printing, add to the wall journal. Such creativity can be not only an attribute of a wedding scenario, but also a real commemorative gift for young.

At the posters, you can still attach leaflets in A4 format. To write a joking farewell to the future spouse from the series: “The bride is not subject to return and exchange!” and others. The easiest way to stock posters – buy in the store. Among the wide range of the range, you can choose the necessary inscriptions, the background and the required color gamut of the poster. If you want to create unique posters, they can be ordered in printing. True, it will require some cash costs. Printing specialists can offer several options for layouts that can be taken as a poster, making appropriate adjustments. If you wish, you can order absolutely original posters.

In addition to purchased posters, you can create several festive decorations with your own hands. Well, if among the bride’s girlfriends one or two know how to draw beautifully, including comic scenes. For those who do not possess such a gift, you can advise to participate in the design with lips: Leave a bright kiss on the poster.

Making your own hands

Before proceeding to the manufacture of posters, It is necessary to have at hand all the materials that will be required during the work:

  • Dense paper of different formats+
  • Surface for sketches and experiments+
  • Colored paper+
  • Color pencils and graphic+
  • Feltolsters+
  • Paints (any consistency)+
  • Photos of newlyweds+
  • Decorative Elements (Satin Ribbons, Balls, Bows).

Materials must be of good quality so that neither the paper nor the rest of the elements broke up and the wind did not idle before the beginning of the holiday, and the paint did not drink dresses and guest costumes. Scenes for drawing must be selected in accordance with the style of the wedding celebration. For the classic event, you can limit the traditional image of young. For a stylized wedding, such pictures are suitable, but in limited quantities.

It is better to select posters in full accordance with the theme, then they harmoniously arrive in a common holiday. For example, if the newlyweds are representatives of biker circles, posters must contain certain statements, understandable only “their”, images of road signs, DPS posts. If the event passes on the ship or simply in the “A la Sea style”, then among the indispensable attributes on the transparencies should be the sea, plaquinity, spouses behind the steering wheel. If the wedding themes are permeated with the eastern flavor, you can illustrate Sakura posters, under which newlyweds are sitting.

Interesting will be posters, decorated in accordance with the favorite emission of young. It can be a film (including horror film), a cartoon or transfer (“Guess the melody”, “one hundred to one” and others). Do not worry about artistic image value. In the manufacture of posters, no outstanding talents are required. It is enough that all statements are written in large and picky, and the illustrations were interesting and comical. No one requires the similarity of the bride and groom with real persons. It is not the main thing in the design of wedding stretch.

Do not give the task of making posters to one person. It is better if it is 5-6 girlfriends, which will be able to show themselves in any one sphere: poetic, illustration, creative-investigative.

If it is difficult to come up with an original poster on your own, you can watch options on the Internet and to borrow something from there, for example, humorous phrases. Beautiful and brightly decorated posters will create the right festive mood, will surprise and delight the main perpetrators of the celebration.

Interesting options (photo)

Already at the stage of redemption, the bridegroom can estimate how after the wedding they will be distributed to their splashes in the household sphere.

A similar poster is simultaneously a beautiful decoration, and a test task for the groom.

Another option with the assignments for the groom.

Colorful and unusual redemption poster, which will allow the groom better to know the future spouse.

Interesting poster with your own hands.

One of the traditional transparencies is to guess the flap of sponges with her beloved.

Even the simplest poster created by their own hands can deliver much more positive emotions than the purchase.

After passing all the tests associated with the redemption, the groom can confess to the absolute love of its second half. To do this, you need to add missing words, in particular, the name of the beloved.

Ideas of homemade posters for a wedding See next video.

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