Red and white bridal bouquet

Red and white bridal bouquet

A bouquet of the bride in cooking to the wedding pay attention on a par with a dress and hairstyle. This is a traditional wedding attribute with which the newlywed appears to the bride and guests, and at the end of the celebration throws him into the crowd of unmarried girlfriends. The one who will catch a bouquet will marry next.

According to the old tradition, the purchase of colors for the future wife was engaged in the groom. But modern brides changed the course of events, preferring to independently deal with the choice and order of the bouquet. After all, the flowers must be harmoniously combined with the wedding dress, and his groom to show it is impossible to show. Burnt offer only to pay and bring a bouquet of flower salon. He hands his bride, and the tradition is considered to be respected.

Symbol color

Each flower and color in the bride bouquet has a definite value and promise. Finding the desired composition, the newlyweds not only demonstrates his taste, but also tells it to the bridegroom about his feelings.


White color is often the basis of multicolor bouquets. Since symbolizes cleanliness and impossibility, sincerity and loyalty. Snow-white flowers often choose young brides and loves of wedding classics. It looks very gently in combination with artificial pearls, silver butterflies, rhinestones and satin ribbons. Combined with the whole color palette. Winning looks along with pastel shades and very effectively with contrasting colors.

Perfectly harmonizes with white wedding cloth. Allows any forms and degree of puff. According to tradition, it is a cloudless family life and speaks about the unreplicated reputation of the bride.


Red color – the personification of passion and the restless sparks between the beloved. Speaks about the ferventness of the newlywed senses, about her intention to give the future husband a whole range of bright emotions. Choosing sensual and energetic girls who are accustomed to seek their love. Tradition gives a red color in the bride’s bouquet of the force of seduction and the magic of an infinite attraction between young.

The combination of white and red flowers in the wedding composition looks very effectively and indicates that sincere love for the chosenie flaws feelings and promises him many years of tenderness and passionate affection. This is the harmony of all the best that the real mutual love promises. And the most frequent selection of brides of all ages and religions.

What brides are fits?

Red and white wedding bouquet is suitable for a young and purposeful bride. This is an emancipated version of the modern decoration of the flower arrangement for those who want to be the center of attention at their event. It looks gorgeous at wedding photos and revives even a strict classic outfit without frills in the face and decorations.

Looking at the red and white combination, it is worth thinking about maintaining a red color in a common wedding image. It can be any bright red items, such as belt, shoes, handbag or makeup on lips. Fundaled red stones in decorations newlyweds on the background of white dress and red and white bouquet. Rubies and grenades in this option – the best girlfriends of the bride.

The advantage of this choice of the flower arrangement is that the combination of these colors in different proportions allows you to create a completely individual composition. It may look like a mapping modest and thin feeling or a volitional and bright person who can love passionately and devoted.

With the help of different plants, a bouquet can be collected in any variant and all kinds of forms. Round bouquets of white flowers are ordered for a wedding, whose stalks are wrapped in a scarlet ribbon. Or lush red flowers of noble varieties in the frame of field white relatives with a bow of white lace.

For each newlywed florist, it is possible to choose the option that will be worthy of her beauty and will emphasize the beauty of the image of the bride.

Many girls prefer to collect a bouquet on their own wedding personally. Observing all the subtleties of the color balance and a harmonious combination with the rest of the attributes, beautiful and unusual compositions are obtained.

Choice of colors and ideas of compositions

Bouquets in a red-white combination are good because they can be complemented not only by flowers, but also berries rowan, rosehip and bright red leaves in the autumn season. Autumn gifts that fell from maple and branches of viburnum will exceed the seasonal mood of the wedding. And summer brides boldly add in bouquets seasonal red fruits. Most often in artificial imitation, but also fresh strawberries, and currants have the right to take the honorable place in the bouquet.

Select the components of the flower arrangement on the wedding is not easy. All items should be in a impeccable shape suitable for the style and style of dresses and impeccable bride’s appearance. She should approach the flowers not only externally, but also aroma, After all, they will accompany the girl all day. The value of colors in a bouquet should be suitable for the celebration. The flower arrangement and combination of shades can be demonstrated by the chosen one, because each type of plants is a special symbol.

Extravagant nature choose exotic flowers and an unusual bouquet shape. Bold addition to an unusual composition – fern leaves, gypsophila, Bregras.


The classic of red and white roses always attracts. Rose – wedding bouquet favorite, favorite for what is considered a recognized symbol of real love. This queen among colors is grown in hundreds of shades, and every girl on Earth has its favorite. Scarlet roses – the choice of passionate lovers, pale-red prefers gentle dreamers, cream – romantic lips, white – sincere and faithful. Such a bouquet is the decoration itself, and does not need it in the decor. But if you make it in the style of Yin-Yang, then the pearls or rhinestones look at the border. Silver and gold will complement the composition and bring to perfection.

More painstaking work and professionalism of the florist requires a combination of roses with other colors:

  • Orchids+
  • Alstromeria+
  • Peony+
  • Lilies.


The wedding in the red and white stylist is perfect for a lush bouquet of peonies. Gentle buds obediently take a round shape, and the composition looks elegant and air. Flower is a symbol of eternal love and dedication. When the bride gets such a bunch of bridegroom, it can be regarded as a desire to quit the whole world to her legs.


Large buds are literally naipped with a strong power of warm feelings. Connecting flowers of white and red flowers in the bouquet, I want to add a little bright greenery to them. This is a very emotional mix for cheerful newlywed. The company anemones can be hydrangea and brunicals.


This flower has recently appeared in wedding bouquets, being a symbol of femininity. Red and white compositions are no exception. Callas are selected in different shades, but it is not necessary to do a monobuet from red and white callers. Snow-white, trustingly opened buds harmoniously look with red tulips and aluminum roses. The ribbon of weightless organza will complete the composition, giving it a mystery and sore. In such compositions, high green spikelets look unusually beautifully.


Modest monobuet can be created as a geometric composition of amaryllis, manifesting the bride as a girl with character, dynamic and solid, endowed with his own opinion and taste. Not inferior to creativity popular Japanese hydrangea. Bouquets with her make miniature and do not overload with decorative elements.

Interesting ideas are obtained using Gerber. These are close relatives of daisies, which are also perceived as a symbol of purity and loyal love. And these concepts are always standing at the head of marriage.

Design and decor of bouquet

Deciding with the components of the bouquet, it is necessary to complave them into the stylish composition. For this, the color scheme is carefully selected, the need for the presence in the layout of greenery is thought out. It is allowed in the wedding compositions to use gentle buds and contradictory drying. Limonium, daisies, garden chamomile – modest flowers, but in combination with red elements they will play in a new way. The chaste bride is suitable for the wedding in the style of Provence. They choose the simplicity and company girls who are not loving pompous and kitsch.

Bouquets with freesies look so air that they will not be drunk a jewelry brooch, pearl threads, velvet ribbons or decorative dragonflies. Decorating the natural naturalness of bouquets with artificial insects – the popular course of florists. Ladybugs are gorgeous on the background of white colors. And the butterflies wonderfully completing the style of bouquet of hydrangeas and daisies. Pearl dragonflies are great on Callahs, and the moths are also picturesque on any plants.

Compositions in white-red tones can be diluted, putting into the course of blue in the form of a satin ribbon, flowing along the petals and envelope of the stalks of plants. Blue-white-red bouquet choose patriotic newlyweds, confidently looking in the domestic future. In addition, it is just a good combination.

Lovers of a quiet style will please the florist solution in the form of a snow-white bouquet with a ribbon of scarlet or burgundy. It is not banknal, because the classic never borps and does not go out of fashion.

Combination with dress and accessories

Of course, the choice of a bouquet is done under the dress and accessories, and not the opposite. For each style and design of the wedding dress, its flower arrangement will suit. With exquisite expensive outfit, embellished expensive rhinestones and stones, not on the way the gentle bouquet of hydrangea and scenery with berries and autumn leaves. Funny will look on his background of ladybugs and exotic plants. Luxury combines velvet roses and exquisite orchids.

To the dress in the floor of the flowing atlas, a wonderful addition will be calves and decor in the form of feathers and pearl threads. Air chiffon “asks” a bunch of cutters, miniature tulips, pionic roses and fragile hyacinths.

The lace outfit of the bride allows many combinations of colors, such as evous, peonies, chamomiles and even asters. It is difficult for it. It is difficult not to pick up a bouquet, as the lace – Matter Universal.

Exotic plants are loved by wedding florists for a combination with modern outfits of the length of mini or asymmetrical dresses covering their feet behind and boldly pouring them in front. Frank mini choose for weddings on the islands or with a continuation of nightclubs. This is the choice of young and incendiary brides that will appreciate the unusual bouquet according to merit.

Tips of Stylists and Florists

Professional compilers of flower arrangements recommend ordering a bouquet to the bouquet of the bride and decorate the table of newlyweds on the wedding party in the same stylist. In flower salons specializing in the manufacture of brides bouquets, know how to please everyone. Experienced florists will offer several different variations of bouquets to your dress. Definitely, some of them will be in the soul especially and will become exactly the one that you represented in your dreams.

And if you feel the potential to independently make a bouquet of your dreams, then everything that has been said above will help in. Arm yourself with these advice and create something amazing, under the best event itself in your life!

How to make a red and white bridal bouquet with your own hands, look in the following video.

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