Redemption of the bride: features, tips on the preparation and conduct

Redemption of the bride: features, tips on the preparation and conduct

No wedding costs without the traditional bride repurchase. Modern newlyweds try to arrange an unforgettable and original celebration that will be remembered for everyone for a long time. Therefore, the redemption of the bride should not be quite ordinary. We have several original ideas that we are in a hurry to share with you.

Features of tradition

Wedding is not just a celebration. This is a whole event to which you should prepare with special care. As a rule, the festival is divided into several interesting steps, among which such a wedding rite occupies a special place as the redemption of the bride.

Tradition to buy out the bride appeared a long time ago. Of course, in those distant old days to this rite treated with all seriousness. These are now modern lovers invent various funny tests, develop funny scenarios and do our best to have fun from the soul. And before, the guy was sure to offer a rare and unusual items for the girl so that the beloved became his wife. As a ransom, animal skins, land, jewels and even stopped hostility.

In the older times, the rite itself consisted of two stages. Initially, the guy was supposed to come with expensive gifts, which were folded in the chests, to their beloved parents. Chests usually filled with rare and expensive fabrics, bed linen, decorations and precious coins. Relatives of the girl, having considered all the sentences of the guy, solved: give a daughter for him or not. If parents were dissatisfied with gifts, then a guy from the yard could and could drive.

After that, the second stage of redemption occurred, which included the submenu of the bride. As a rule, behind a dense web hiding an adult woman, and behind the second cannol – a young bride. The groom should have guess which of the two women of his bride. If forth, the wedding will take place. And if not, then the holiday will not.

Of course, over time everything has changed dramatically. Now the buyout of the bride is more comic events.

But nevertheless, the meaning remains the same: before the groom and the bride and the bride be held before the marriage, the guy must pass the test to prove that he is worthy of love of a beautiful girl.

Unusual ideas of holding

In modern times, you can redeem the bride in a completely whole style. For example, in medical, in the style of fairy tales or quest, in the style of traffic police, brides bureau or even court session. Of course, not everyone wants to combine the topic of police and medicine with a festive event, so you can come up with something and more original. The main thing is that it was a short, modern, thematic and carefully thought out scenario. Then it will be a real cheerful adventure not only for the groom with the bride, but also for all participants of this rite.

In the event that you know exactly what a fairy tale or the film love the bride and groom, you can arrange a ransom in this style. For example, you can take a fairy tale for each girl from childhood. Of course, we are talking about “Cinderella”. True, in this case, the tasks that stepmother gave the Cinderella can be entrusted to make the fiance. For example, it can separate rice from beans. And the task with the shoe will be the final. Among the variety of women’s shoes, the guy will have to find a shoe of his bride.

If the young people love to travel, then why not arrange a ransom In the style of an unusual trip. Before finding your bride, the guy will have to pass a series of tests. To begin with, he will have to answer a variety of questions: what country is his bride the most beloved, where she dreams of visiting and t. D. You can also include questions about the capitals or national dishes of a particular country. In addition, contests can also be directly related to travel. For example, you can ask for a groom quickly collect a suitcase and lay all the necessary things. Or he will have to put overall things in a small road bag.

Very often modern weddings are organized in the marine style. In this case, the ransom can be organized in a given style. Of course, questions for the groom should be about fishing. You can pre-prepare pictures of various fish and the bridegroom will have to guess their names. Guess – rises to the step up. No – then you have to pay. In addition, you can arrange mini fishing for the groom. Catching every fish and folding it in the bucket, he will have to call one affectionate word for his bride. You can also prepare a poster with fish. In order to draw fish, you will need to break the palm. Among the various palm fish, the guy will have to find the palm with his beloved.

It is possible to arrange Ship-style redemption. But for this it will be necessary to prepare the appropriate speech and costumes. The witness can be in the suit of the judge and begin his speech from the following words: “You (the name of the groom) is accused of stealing the heart (here you need to insert the name of the bride)”. As a result, the bridegroom will have to perform a variety of tasks in order to prove to all that he has the best intention and sincere feelings.

Preparation for redemption

Immediately the preparation for redemption takes some time. The main thing is that the evidence in the hands has already been a ready-made script, all the necessary details were prepared. Then an hour or two will take preparation.

Before the arrival of the groom and his whole cheerful company of friends, you will have enough time to prepare the bride, explain the scenario to all participants in redemption and determine each role.

In order for the planned event to be “excellent,” to listen to the following advice and act clearly according to plan.

  • It must be predetermined in advance and festively arrange the gate at the house or the front door of the apartment. You can decorate the most common and simple method: with the help of balloons, colors and multicolored ribbons. Various posters with merry jokes about buyout, wedding or family life will be excellent. Thus, already approaching the house of his beloved, the groom and his whole company will be able to charge positive.

  • If necessary, then you must prepare a table with treats for a guy and his friends in advance. In the event that the wedding will be held in the cold season, the table can be transferred to the hallway at home so as not to keep guests for a long time in the cold.
  • The redemption of the bride is the same custom, while compliance with the witness, along with other girlfriends, the bride will take money from the groom. Therefore, we recommend for this pre-prepare a beautiful box. You can independently arrange any box, placing it with packaging paper. By the way, it will be better if someone alone will be responsible for the box. It is necessary so that after the redemption the money is not lost and do not disappear.
  • Since the scenario must already be in the hands of the testimon, you should prepare all the necessary details in advance. Carefully think over and scroll mind all the actions, all contests. And, accordingly, prepare all the necessary props. Bride’s girlfriends will help, since one responsible person must have for each competition, otherwise everything will look tightened and unorganized.


    As a rule, the organization and conduct of redemption are engaged in the evidence of the bride. Organizes all the girl who will witness in the registry office, and the rest of the girlfriend or relatives of the culprit of the celebration can actively help.

    Deciding with those who will take an active part in contests and in the redemption itself, you should enter names in the script. Each girlfriend should know his words, should well learn jokes, riddles and other necessary text.

    Remember that you need to choose brought, active and non-shye girls, otherwise the redemption will be boring.

    Tips for holding

    By organizing the redemption of the bride, remember that the whole process should not delay for a long time. When everything happens for a long time, then interest in the events itself is already disappeared. The optimal option is twenty minutes from the beginning to the end. It is very important to consider everything to the smallest detail and in the process of the redemption itself to connect to the participation of all those present, otherwise friends or friends can be boring.

    Before carrying out the traditional redemption of the bride, the witness must read the greeting for the groom. Very many original greetings can be found on the Internet. Greeting can be in verses or prose. It’s not so important, the main thing is that it is fun. This will allow the whole company from the very first minutes to recharge your positive and tune in to the right wave.

    In the event that the testimon is afraid to forget his welcoming words, you can enter as follows. You can write text in advance on paper and make an original scroll out of it. Then it will look quite interesting and the witness will definitely not forget his words.

    Some contests can be held at the gate or at the entrance, and the rest, the final contests should already be held at home or in the apartment. Remember that contests and tasks should be simple. For example, if the groom has no voice and hearing, then he is unlikely to sing songs. And if you decide for the sake of your favorite one step, then everything will look like, to put it mildly, ridiculous. Therefore, tasks must be harmless, it is important. In addition, it is worth eliminating contests with alcoholic beverages.

    When the groom will already get to the cherished door, behind which he is waiting for his beloved, then he must pronounce an oath of love and loyalty. In order not to confuse the guy and do not catch him surprise, you can prepare the text of the oath for him in advance. By the way, the oath can be printed in the form of a beautiful diploma and placed in the frame. Then you can make a similar diploma with an oath and for the bride, and young will be able to exchange oaths, and diplomas will remain their memory and will decorate one of the walls of their home.

    Original trials for the groom

    In order for the redemption to pass, as in one breath, you should prepare the most fun and simple contests. Remember that inventing the trials for the groom, you must take into account the features of his character, so as not to put it in an awkward position and not confuse.

    We have several original ideas that will be useful to you.

    • In the stairwell or in the corridor of the house you can pull a small rope to attach photos. Photos must be children. To do this, children’s photos of the bride, its relatives or girlfriends. To make it easier to mount photos, and then shoot them, use the most ordinary clothespins. For the groom, the test is that among the diversity of children’s individuals, he must find his bride. If you find, it can safely begin to the next task, and if not, you have to pay.
    • But another interesting task that is suitable in the event that the bride lives in a high-rise building. Right at the entrance to the bridegroom you need to hand colored shallow. At each step, he must write a gentle word for his bride. At the same time, it is important that he never happened. Help in this difficult task, his faithful friends can.
    • You can also arrange a groom a small test survey to find out how well he knows his beloved. To do this, you can prepare various questions in advance. For example, what size of the shoes wears his bride, on what day of the week they met when the birthday of the future mother-in-law and t. D.

    Unusual wedding redemption See next video.

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