Registration of rings on the car for the wedding, their creation and installation

Registration of rings on the car for the wedding, their creation and installation

In the organization of weddings in compliance with traditions, one of the key roles is given to the wedding cortem. In it, newlyweds will go to the registry office, make a walk in significant places with a photo session, from where they will arrive at the banquet location. In order for the festive autocolonna to stand out in the total transport stream on the wedding route, it is decorated with various accessories. At the same time, special attention is paid to the decor of the car bride and groom.

There is a mass of variations in the design of the machine of newlyweds, but in many cases they are decorated with wedding rings – the traditional attribute of what is happening celebration. Rings on a wedding machine can be purchased in a newlywed cabin, make to order or make himself, manifesting a little imagination and creative. Next, it is described about the options for designing this type of road, its independent creation and methods of installation on a wedding crew.


In the older times on the wagon of the young, the tambourins were blocked, the ringing of which was heard across the entire district, reporting the approach of newlyweds and scaring evil spirits. The traditions of the “wedding train”, as it was called from Slavs, alive to this day, with the only difference, which instead of carts with horses, cars are used, and the bubbles changed the rings.

Wedding rings on the car – this is a classic decoration, decades who do not lose its relevance. The reason for this phenomenon lies in the symbolism of the accessory itself and its value for the wedding.

  • Weaving the rings testifies to the close connection of two people who have decided to go side by side on the way of life, as well as about the connection of two destinies in one.
  • The ring attributing a closed circle without start and end combines images of eternity, unity, integrity and infinity. The latter implies the inviolability of love between the newly minted spouses, which will live forever.
  • The ritual of the exchange rings between the newlyweds serves as an unlawful proof of the conclusion of the marriage union.

When making auto rings, it is worth following several rules.

  • Pre-decide on the installation site of decorations. When using the rental machine, one should ask the hosts with restrictions on how to decorate it. The use of TC familiar also requires a discussion of this issue, since the zealous attitude towards its Iron Kony is characterized by the overwhelming majority of car owners.
  • Deciding to accommodate rings on the hood, it is important to take care that the decoration does not become for the driver the cause of a limited view of the road and objects interfering with movement. After all, this is a matter of safety of passengers TC.
  • Ideally, the car design should demonstrate one, the maximum of two accents focusing the attention of others. Rings on the car – this is a bright example of an accent decor that does not need a company of another decoration, which rushes into the eyes.
  • The main accessory and related decorations were supposed to be sustained in a single stylist of celebration. As a result, the design should be festive, while remaining balanced in shape and color, and not to associate with the fair booth.

If you neglect by this rule, the result can shock others.

Options for registration

This autodetor can be used As an independent decoration or in combination with other accessories in the form:

  • Flower compositions+
  • Fabric Hearts on Radiator Grid+
  • Tapes, which are also decorated with all auto escort+
  • sticker rooms+
  • Thematic flags+
  • Balloons+
  • fabrics for decorating the hood, which twisted and fix at the angle of the tick, close the textile one side of the lid, collect it with a fan, have picturesque folds and t. D.+
  • Flowers on door handles+
  • Side mirrors.

Let us dwell on the materials that are used by wedding designers for the design of the rings themselves to support the selected triumph style and create a truly festive atmosphere.


The use of white swans figures at weddings is no coincidence. This noble birds, personifying the grace, beauty and grace, is inherent in creating a couple for life and together to grow offspring. For this reason, they are considered a symbol of marital loyalty. Not to mention how romantic and attractively the swan couple looks like, inclining his heads to each other, when between them, due to natural plastic, is formed a single heart.

Swan and winch – the perfect version of the decoration of the car heading the wedding tuple – newlywear cars. Their figures are used as a separate decoration of the car of the bride and groom or complement the rings: such compositions always look very impressive.

Swan coloring must be snow-white. White bird symbolizes good that in the context of the wedding means the wish of a cloudless way with newlyweds, which only come on the road of family life.

Interesting and unusually looks like a combination of a rings of small size and large swans sitting from behind. In such cases, the execution of the nest stand is the most different in the form of a composition of flowers, a lush wreath of roses or lilies, a single large flower, with / without an addition to greens, cloth (atlas, chiffon, fatin, organza), bows, ribbons, artificial pearls.

Another option involves combining large rings and small film figures, which are located inside each circle. A similar composition can be placed not only on the roof, but also on the hood of the vehicle, adding with other accessories if desired. Instead of a pair of swans on wedding crews, a pigeon with a dove is often bangled as a symbol of family happiness.


The combination of rings and colors is a win-win solution that has long become a classic. The budget option involves the involvement of artificial plants, which are indispensable in the autumn-winter wedding season, as they definitely do not threaten the loss of initial attractiveness due to nature whims. The cost of living compositions is somewhat higher, however, the crew of newlyweds, cleaned with fresh flowers, acquires an expensive and respectable view.

When selecting the flower range, repel from the designer solution of the rings. When satin ribbons were used in their design, the plants are chosen in a similar or, on the contradiction, the contrasting colorsistic gamma.

Classic golden rings are universal and combined with the colors of any shade.

If you plan to decorate a car with young decorations from fresh flowers, then living plants must be present in the design of the rest of the wedding cortex at least at least. It can be boutonnieres or solitary flowers on door handles and mirrors, floral garlands and a small composition on the hood. As a rule, they are made from the same colors as the bouquet of the bride.

In general, flowers for florists are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. They are used to create a variety of types of wedding road – figurines, cloths, garlands, letters that are suitable for the design of classic and original thematic weddings. A good example – fantastically beautiful rings on the car in the form of hearts from living colors and greenery.

Textile decorations: Bows and ribbons

Satin ribbons are good to use the rings as a decorative external winding and for fixing them to the surface of the hood or roof. They also serve as material to create roses with various estate buildings that serve as an additional decor. Alternative to satin ribbons for fastening the rings on the base can be cuts of light flowing matters. Decorative winding can also be made of fate.

Often wedding cortices decorated with bows that make registration more expressive. Such decorations look great and as a supplement of the main composition of rings and satin ribbons. These may be miniature spectacular bows with a fine-colored floral mesh insert or large bows of translucent, matte or brilliant fate.

This version of the TC newlyweds is desirable to support the appropriate design of accompaniment machines, where the bows are more appropriate to look at the door handles. Optimally so that they are the same sizes and are made in a single color scheme, so that the machine system will look not only stylish, but also neat.


The composition of the rings and toys quite fit the wedding atmosphere. To decorate the crew of the young, uses a variety of toys. The most popular option is the plush bears in the shades of pink or purple colors. One of them can be put on a hat-cylinder, another – veil: such a pair of bearish looks particularly touching and cute. No less popular fiancons and bride dolls or soft heart shaped toys.

Toy decor can be placed inside the main symbol of the wedding, arrange behind it or on the sides or to use as the lower tier of the accent composition.

How to make rings?

Consider a step by step master class on creating a rings on a car for a wedding with your own hands.

What are the materials for creativity:

  • Gofrotrub PVC Long 2 m+
  • Piece of foam 280×450 mm+
  • Celling of matter a bit of large sizes than foam+
  • needles with threads and knitting needles+
  • Covered transparent adhesive tape+
  • glue gun and scissors+
  • White, golden or silver color ribbon 2 cm wide.

Decorate the product by artificial colors and miniature bells.

Order of work.

  • The corrugation is cut into two parts of different lengths to get the circumference of a larger and smaller diameter. Segments are connected in rings and fix in place of compounds with sticky ribbon.
  • Both products throughout the circumference are wrapped with adhesive tape to hide the corrugated surface.
  • From the tape make the outer winding of the rings. When creating each layer of winding, the ends of the ribbon fix the glue for reliability.

  • Basin the products between themselves: they can be placed nearby near or “intertwine” by a classic way when the ring of smaller diameter has the fact that more.
  • Attach the design of the rings to the base of the foam using a thread through through punctures made by the needle.
  • The lower part of the base is tightened by matter, wrapping it along the edges and sewing threads. Do it in order to avoid damage to a paint coating of a car with floral decor.
  • Draw up a stand with flowers, having them to your liking, but not forgetting that they should well mask fabric around the perimeter of the product.
  • In order for the plant during the movement of the TC, they were guaranteed in their places, they are inserted into the base and fixed with a glue gun.
  • As a traveler, ties bind from above to each ring on the bell.

How to consolidate them?

Ready wedding machinery already has special fastenings in the form of rubber suckers, neodymium magnets, textile ornaments (ribbons, twisted fabric). Magnets themselves are quite powerful, therefore additional devices holding rings are not required here. But when using the sucker, it will be worthwhile to use tapes for the safety net, fixing them through the loops for textiles.

The classic version of the rings suggests the use of tapes. Products are attached in different places of the vehicle: they can be put on the roof or hood, attach to the grille of the radiator or the front bumper. In the last two cases, the accessory is elementaryly tied by satin ribbons, tying them with original nodes.

        The homemade wedding accessory is easier and more reliable to fix exactly atlasal ribbons with a width of 4-6 cm and a length of 0.5-0.6 m of a suitable color. Ribbons will be required at least 4. When installing onto the roof, they first wrap the rings, making two turns, then stretch through each door and tied to ceiling handrails.

        Thanks to such improvised stretching, the wedding accessory will withstand any road shaking and will not fall at strong wind. Deciding to set the design on the hood with the help of tapes, they are consistently passed through the rings and under the open hood, and then bind inside. From residual ribbons often make bows for decorating door handles and disks.

        You can use and ready-made fasteners, for example, magnets. They are without problems inserted into the foam stand and reliably hold the entire design when transport.

        Master class on making rings on the car See below.

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