Responsibilities and image of the witness at the wedding

Responsibilities and image of the witness at the wedding

Each girl is looking forward to the moment when her lover will make her a proposal of hands and hearts, after that she acquires a special status and turns into a bride. In order for the solemn ceremony perfectly and stayed for a long time in the memory of newlyweds and invited girls, it is necessary to solve a lot of preparatory issues. Without the help of the girlfriend, one cannot cope with this one, so wedding troubles begin with the choice of a responsible witness.


The girlfriend of the bride is often called the witness, as it is not only located next to the newlyweds at the wedding, its functions also include painting on documents in the registry office. Therefore, for this role, girls are usually choosing with which the bride has trust. The witness needs to know what is required of it and what is included in the main tasks at the wedding ceremony. The list of functions of the girlfriend directly depends on the characteristics of the celebration and personal wishes of the bride. Therefore, if a large-scale event is planned, it is recommended to choose a few girlfriends, each of which will deal with your business.

As a rule, the bride girlfriend at the wedding is engaged in the following cases.

  • Initially helps in the preparation of the celebration. The witness is considered to be a newlywed assistant and it requires the presence of organizational abilities. The girl does everything about her asks for the guilt of the holiday. She needs to consider all the nuances of the ceremony in detail and help the bride with the choice of shoes, fats and dresses.
  • On the day of the celebration, a girlfriend must come before all invited and help newlyweds to gather, as well as give a farewell to the bridegroom, invited, relatives to avoid fuss. Upon arrival of the groom, it also manages the redemption process of the bride. She should control the newlyweds not forget rings and passports.

  • During the immediate marriage, the girlfriend can fulfill the role of an official witness.
  • The girl needs to control the sequence of all events and not allow the lateness of the young to the registry office, to a photo session and to the church, if the program is provided for wedding. At the same time, during the wedding, the evidence also assigned to the responsible duties, which you need to know and discuss the details with the priest in advance. So, for example, the girlfriend should have several kosnocks in case with him, if someone from the guests will take them.
  • During the painting to help the newlywed to support a wedding bouquet, and after congratulations to guests, you need to collect all bouquets.

  • The witness is necessary to prepare coins and rose petals in advance for sprinkling young, it is also necessary to organize guests for this.
  • At the end of the painting, the girl deals with invited banquet table. She should not only advance with the waiters filing dishes, but also actively participate in dancing, games and fun competitions.
  • The girlfriend needs to be constantly “wand-cutting” for the young: accompany her into the restroom, follow her makeup and appearance of the decoration. In order to prevent confusion situations, the girl should be spare stockings, napkins, napkins, pins and threads with a needle.

If the wedding was at the highest level, all guests and newlyweds were satisfied, hence the bride’s girlfriend successfully coped with her duties.

Who choose this role?

Bride’s girlfriend is considered its main support and support on the day of the celebration. To overcome excitement and fully enjoy the atmosphere of the holiday, newlyweds need to choose the right to choose a helper, which will take part not only in the preparation for the ceremony, but also solve many other organizational troubles. Therefore, the witness must be responsible and assembled.

To date, in fashion, to invite several assistants to the wedding, which distribute duties among themselves, thereby resolving all the questions faster and more efficient. But in this case, it is necessary to remember that the helpers are girls, and they can be offended and arguing. As a result, a cheerful celebration will turn into solid disassembly. Therefore, it is best to choose one reliable girlfriend. A good option for this may be a sister (optionally native) or one of the relatives of the groom (its choice will help strengthen future related ties).

It is impossible to refuse the candidacy of the witness only because she has an unstable financial situation and it is unable to acquire a worthy gift to newlyweds and a wedding dress. This feature is not an indicator for selection. It is important to suggest this role, it will find a way out of the situation.

If the bride was a witness from his loved ones, it does not mean that she is obliged to choose to choose by assistants. According to traditions, the girlfriend must be unmarried, so the insults are inappropriate here. In addition, the witness is best to select the growth and physique of the bride, so that its appearance has harmonized with the image. It is desirable to give preference to girls with a sense of humor and organizational abilities. It must be a tireless beauty that would not just sit in the corner, but actively participated in contests and dance.

You should not take a girl in the witness if she:

  • Married. Of course, in many Western countries, the status of the lady does not play a special role, but still it is not taken not to take blood married relatives, divorced women and widows as a friend. This is considered a bad admission.
  • Forgetting and nonpunctual. Since the witness is the right hand of the bride, it is impossible to be late and delay the solemn events with ridiculous actions. The permanent absentness of the girlfriend can end that young will remain without wedding glasses, and guests will not be able to find their places at the table.
  • Endowed with excessive self-confidence. At the wedding, the main “star” should be only the bride, if the witness is accustomed to always be in the spotlight, it will not work. The image of the bride can not eclipse with another shine.

In addition, the evidence must be taken into account the following signs.

  • According to an old belief, the bride’s girlfriend should wear outfit in green, pink, blue and golden shade. At the same time, at least one of the numerous accessories should be green. So beauty will be able to quickly find a loving husband.
  • To visit the role of the witness is not more than two times, because the third is considered unsuccessful. If the girl does not take this, then maybe she will have to wait long to wait for her marriage. It is advisable to choose an assistant from distant relatives younger than the bride.

The image of girlfriend bride

Bride’s girlfriend should look great, but at the same time not too sharply stand out against the background of the conviction. Therefore, picking up the outfit for the witness, as well as creating its image, it is important to consider a number of nuances.

  • Color decoration. Dress can be lavender, golden, blue or green shade. It is impossible to make the girlfriend put on the outfit in white and dark colors, for example, a black and snow-white dress is unacceptable. Beautifully also look robes in pastel and beige shades.

  • Simone features. Since the girlfriend is usually ordered, it is necessary to choose a beautiful and stylish cut, which would be harmoniously combined with the robe of the bride. At the same time undesirable to stop the choice on creating an image in a business or strict style, it is impossible to choose a dresses with a deep neckline, as it will give the image of vulgarity. A good choice will be the outfit of the usual cut without a lush skirt with light asymmetry. As for the length, it can be different – mini, dresses in the floor or model to knees.

  • Textile. As a rule, for sewing a bride girlfriend dresses choose chiffon, atlas or satin. If there are several witnesses at the wedding, then their outfits are made in one color and stylistics using the material, the same by texture.

  • Convenience. Since the witness will have to spend a lot of time in various entertainment and dancing, her outfit should not be close, comfortable and not limit movement. Best of all, transformer dresses are suitable for this or simple styles.

In the image of the evidence, you need to carefully think about makeup, hairstyle and correctly select the appropriate accessories. Everything should be harmonized with the total celebration style. Since the girlfriend will need actively and move a lot, she needs to acquire comfortable shoes, replacing a high heel to the wedge. It also does not prevent a spare pair of shoes with you. As for accessories, bracelets, hairpins and a small handbag must be an ideal addition to along.

If several witnesses are invited to the wedding, then the design of their image should be taken more responsibly. To make girlfriends perfectly look at the photos, their outfits need to sew a single style of the same tissue, giving preference to one color. At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the color of the hair and the skin of girls, their figures. An interesting decision will be the tailoring of dresses in one front, but in different colors, it will give the wedding a game of bright colors. Combine all girls in a single image will help bouquets, ribbons or belts of the same shade.

It will be unusual to look at the celebration and girls, in the image of which there is the effect of “Ombre”. That is, each girlfriend will have to wear out the outfit of one color, but different shades, for example, smooth transitions from turquoise to blue dew or bright fuchsia to delicate roses. Several bridesmaids can also be combined into one stylist with a print dresses. If the design of the celebration is allowed to use outfits with patterns, you can choose beautiful dresses with a cell, geometric ornament, peas and flowers.

For all girls, the wedding is considered not only a celebration, but also to shine beauty. Therefore, issuing the image of the witness, the bride must take into account her personal wishes. In the case when the package of girlfriends is different and some of them have lush forms, then you do not need to sew the same outfits. You should choose original styles that are specially emphasized by the beauty of every girl. For example, you can give preference to long dresses, decoration in the Greek style or column dresses.

In addition, the image of the girlfriend will depend on the time of year. In the summer it is best to wear dresses in bright and juicy shades, in the fall – in saturated and warm colors, in the winter – in the contrasting colors, and in the summer – in light and middle palette. The most important thing is that the outfit evidence suggests the image of the bride and wedding style.

What to give newlyweds?

Wedding is considered the happiest event in the life of young people, so the bride’s girlfriend needs not only take care of their image, cope with all organizational issues, but also to give newlyweds an original gift. It should be unusual and remind of himself for a long time, so traditional sets of dishes or bed linen, which usually give relatives, in this case are excluded. So, a pleasant and unexpected gift can become a photo album, its design can be independently invented and made under the order. A good solution will be photo archive, decorated in the form of a wooden chest with drawers with drawers.

An excellent gift will be a certificate for visiting the beauty salon or the famous restaurant in the city for two. Now also in fashion gifts in the form of equipment, so if the bride has dreamed of a new gadget for a long time from the Hi-Tech series, then such a purchase is valued for advantage. If financial capabilities allow, the witness can give a young smartphone, an e-book or laptop. A symbolic souvenir that is suitable for both the bride and the groom will become an excellent gift. The only thing he should be useful and not lie after the wedding in a pile of unnecessary things.

A gorgeous gift will be a paid trip abroad, but before that it is necessary to learn in advance about the plans of the young and clarify their work schedule. If newlyweds dreamed of a pet for a long time, they can also buy a “live” gift.

About what role the witness is played at the wedding, see next video.

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