Selection of gifts for contests at the wedding guests

Selection of gifts for contests at the wedding guests

All newlyweds want to make their wedding beautiful and unforgettable, and therefore apply all efforts to. Celebration can be remembered not only to delicious food, loud wishes and dancing, but also with memorable gifts that will rely on participation in competitions. Little presents will become an additional incentive to participate in comic competitions and allow me to remember the event for a long time.

Purpose of gifts

Some couples do not consider it important to acquire the symbolic presents that will win on wedding contests. One of them seems to be excessive money, others do not see the meaning in small baubles. But it is with the help of these presents you can diversify the celebration and cheer guests.

Any professional Tamada will offer newlyweds to acquire small souvenirs for contests. After all, the wedding is not a place to save. Such an event for many happens only once in life, and therefore requires a special organization.

Guests who have a good sense of humor are able to evaluate comic souvenirs from newlyweds. For example, a strict man may well refresh a children’s rattle or lollipop.

Usually, Tamada’s all wedding contests is a list of gifts. Each present has a symbolic meaning that leads leads when handing. This method of organizing the entertainment program allows you to stimulate guests to participate in contests.

Types of prizes

Gifts for wedding contests Guests can have a material and intangible character. Material prizes require cash costs. In addition, they can remind the owner of the wedding celebration for a long time. And intangible presents can not be fascinated and they can be expressed in oral congratulations.

Conditionally gifts can be divided into several groups.

  1. Standard. These include small souvenirs, symbolizing the wedding celebration. These can be magnets with the image of the bride and groom, angels or miniature bouquets.
  2. Original. It can be chocolates in wrapper with the inscription “Thank you for being with us on this day”, memorable photos of young, registered matches or lollipops with wedding inscriptions.
  3. Thematic. Will be appropriate if the wedding is organized in a certain style. For example, if the celebration is made in red and white colors, then the presents may have exactly the combination of colors.
  4. Humorous. May be presented in the form of oral comic congratulations or have a material form.

Organizing a wedding celebration, the newlyweds are important to acquire gifts for guests ionized significance. It is better to stop the choice on something one, because if one participant give a fun statuette, and another to tell the poem, then you can spoil the common mood of the celebration.

Traditional gifts

To facilitate the process of choosing prizes for participating in wedding contests, newlyweds can purchase standard souvenirs. There is a certain list of symbolic gifts designed to emphasize the importance of the event.

Most often for participation in competitions, small notebooks, key rings, handles, rattles, lollipops and small toys are handed. Also quite often at such events you can get a prize in the form of magnets, candles, fragrant soap or figurines.

In order not to spend a lot of time and effort to search for different presents, newlyweds can stop their choice on bombing and bath salt. These products may have a variety of packaging and flavoring, and therefore each guest will find an individual present.

As a prizes, coffee cups, tea spoons, wafer napkins and soft toys are used. The main thing is that these things have a festive design. For example, a soft toy can be decorated with Fata, and a spoon have a festive engraving.

Sweet prizes are very popular at the wedding. It can be lollipops, chocolates, candy, marmalade or cookies. For beauty, they can be packed in bonbonnieres.

Unusual options

With a large desire, the bride and groom can create unusual souvenirs for guests. Such prizes will help to make an event unique and for a long time will remain in the guest’s memory.

It will be very unusual to look as a prize for participating in the competition Small etudes that were created by the marriage themselves. They can be placed in the frame or stand.

Original will look at mini-bottles filled with oil perfumes, homemade soap and set of spices.

Even everyday things can acquire an unusual view with the help of newlywed fantasies. For example, on the usual notepad, you can change the cover, and write cute wishes on postcards.

For the female half of the guests you can decorate the compact mirror, and for the male – apply engraving on ballpoint handles.

For guests to remember the solemn ceremony for a long time, young can decorate wooden hearts, applying a full wedding date on them.

You can order vintage keys, decorating each of them for a nominal ribbon.

For wedding competitions it is appropriate to choose comic gifts. It can be humorous medals that bride and groom can independently create on the Internet and print on a color printer.

Errors when choosing

Choosing prizes to participants in wedding contests, newlyweds can make several mistakes that will affect the event itself. For example, if the bride and groom will acquire the same gifts, then you will probably have a desire to participate in contests. After all, if you know in advance, what a present you get, then it will be uninteresting for the prize.

Another error – the acquisition of expensive souvenirs. First, such prizes will seriously affect the financial situation of the marriage, secondly, they can put participants in contests in an inconvenient position.

It is also very important when choosing souvenirs to take into account the symbolism of things. If superstitious people are among the guests, some gifts can cause their face. These include hours, sharp objects and mirrors.

In no case should not acquire souvenirs having religious background. Similar things may insult the feelings of believers, since guests can have absolutely different religion or not to treat one of the religions.

Choosing gifts for wedding contests, first of all you need to think about the interests of the guests. Therefore, it is easier to use a list of standard prizes that will arrange absolutely all people present at the wedding.

What souvenirs you can still surprise your guests, see the following video.

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