The best ideas of wedding hairstyles for long hair and tips of stylists

The best ideas of wedding hairstyles for long hair and tips of stylists

On the day of the wedding, every girl wants to look irresistibly regardless of what scope will celebrate. One of the main parts of the image of the bride is its hairstyle, which must complete the whole image, because on a par with a dress, this is a very noticeable detail.




To date, various salons and individual professionals are ready to create a girl’s hair with hair. They are painted and discolored, natural and artificial fibers are woven in them, complex designs with various accessories are collected. Hairstyle is selected according to various criteria, ranging from the face form and ending with the style of the ceremony itself.

Equally important to remember both convenience: The design collected on her head should not just like the bride, but also be comfortable and quite strong. Often a wedding ceremony and a subsequent banquet lasts more than 6-8 hours, and all this time newlyweds are not just sitting in their places. Various contests and congratulations, launching salute and active dances – hair stacking should withstand the entire holiday program, do not crumble and not deliver inconvenience.



The sooner, every little thing is thought out, the calmer the girl will feel the day before such an important date. You can learn network portals and fashionable logs, learn about the trends and updates of the wedding fashion. It is better to make a small “rehearsal” hairstyles from that specialist who will draw a way on the wedding day. In addition, long before the event you need to take care of the health of the hair, their staining and, if necessary.

A good specialist can advise the appropriate shade, length and shape of the hairstyle suitable for each particular girl.

Options for collected strands

There are two large groups of wedding hairstyles for long and middle hair with collected or half-headed strands. In the first case, hairstyle with weaving various braids is drawn up, and in the second case, a high or low beam is twisted and tempered. In this case, any of these two options can be given individuality and charm due to the technique of execution, the values ​​of the element or its shape.


Wedding hairstyle in the form of a braid is very different from classic school styling. Those who consider such stacking boring, most likely not seen a real French braid in a wedding style flowing on the back of the bride openwork waterfall hair. One of the main rules of the wedding braid is light relaxed or even flibs, and not tight strict lines.

To give a larger, hairstyle can be prevailing and putting strands. In addition, additional artificial hair is often used not only natural shade, but also contrasting colors.

Wedding Greek braids made in fashion long enough. Often they are drawn up as a high tail made on the top and accused by many curled curls and small braids. Elegantly, complex braids from 5-6 and more strands are also wound. In their interlacing, various hairpins, pearls and other decorations will be cozy.


Wedding beam is considered the most classic hairstyle for such a solemn day. It can be high or low, smooth or divided into clear strands. A bundle can be wrapped in both the ordinary cones, decorated with separate curving strands and in the form of a shell decorated with various decorative elements. One of the main advantages is such hairstyles is the convenience of fastening Fata, even if it is rather long and heavy.

You should not be limited to one element in the festive laying, you can combine, for example, a bundle with oblique, decorate with flowers or stones, ribbon and lace.

A bundle is practically not felt by the bride itself and does not interfere with it throughout the day. The main thing is that it is reliably fixed by varnish and invisible. Another significant advantage of such a wedding laying is her simplicity. A simple beam for a modest celebration is quite possible to make at home with your own hands. To do this, you can find many step-by-step instructions. To make a simple, but elegant braid, moving in a small node, the following actions are needed:

  • split hair into three parts, separating the side zones+
  • Of the two side parts of the brackets of tight braids and slightly stretch them with their fingers so that they look like more openwork+
  • the remaining part of the hair tighten the rubber band so that it is not at the roots of the hair, but about their ends+
  • After tighten the middle part with a small roller towards the head and pinch with hairpins or invisible+
  • Side braids put on top of the fastening of the roller and ends hide under it, stuck everything in invisible and fix with varnish+
  • Ready hairstyle can decorate accessories or attach a small veil on it.

Important! If the hair is fired and crumpled, you can slightly sprinkle them with water or handle with waxing for laying.

Laying with loose curls

Recent years, not difficult wedding hairstyles are becoming increasingly popular with a large number of varnish and invisibility, which can dump into the skin of the head and even wander it, but ordinary stacking. Of course, they differ from ordinary daily styling with their puff and complexity, the presence of many decorative elements and spars extensive. Large curls are perfectly suitable for the happy owners of thick hair any shade starting from the black color of the crow and ending with ash blonde. However, it is worth remembering that on light hair such a laying looks more neat and naturally than on dark. The owners of thin hair are better to stay on small and medium curbs, which slightly flies and swears the master.

In addition, you can attach additional artificial strands, which are already curly, or purchase more expensive natural spars, which are constructed together with “native” hair.

For small and structural curls, you can use the usual hair curves of small diameter or thermal car. The latter will make the curling procedure easier and much shorter in time. If you wish free soft curls, you can use the iron to smooth hair. The strand is screwed around the heating plates and stretches through them at an angle. Such curls look more natural and will avoid the chances of the hair roots, which are often obtained from the use of even the most modern curves.

Ideas with bangs

Holders haircuts with bangs will have to more carefully choose the idea of ​​wedding hairstyles, as this element is not suitable for any style. Bang itself attracts quite a lot of attention, she framed and emphasizes the sulfur face and eyes. In this case, it can be laid only in two ways.

  • Leave direct. This option is perfect for those who plan to make a hairstyle in retrostile. It can be smooth beams made in the center and head of the head. These can be clear waves from curls that fit tightly and not fasten.
  • Lay it on the nab. This option is more suitable for loose and lush hairstyles with curls and curls.

Long bang does not need an unnecessary decor, you should not hang large ornaments on it or fill the locks too much. It will be enough to decorate the rest of the hair.

If the girl does not have experience in carrying haircuts with bangs, you should not experiment, especially on the eve of such an important event. It is best to leave such sharp shifts of the image for a quieter time.

Methods of applying accessories

One of the traditional accessories for the wedding hairstyle for a long time was and remains to today. It can be a long and heavy lace, which stretches the loop after the bride’s dress, and there may be a small hat with a veil closing only a part of the face of a young wife. In any case, such a traditional way to decorate the hairstyle of the bride for many years will not come out of fashion.

In addition to fata, various tapes and beads can accommodate on hair, Sparkling stones and overflowing hairpins. These can be studs with small or large pearls, compositions of living and artificial colors and even feathers of exotic birds – it all depends only on the wishes of the client of the cabin or master.


One of the oldest decorations of the wedding hairstyle, ready to argue in its popularity, even with the classic Fata, is a small crown or diadem. Of course, the most desirable option for any bride will be a decoration made of precious metals and stones, which will emphasize the innocence and purity of the girl. However, such tiaras cost large amounts and are rarely used on ordinary family celebrations. Nevertheless, you can buy a small silver-free toy with fianits or even just a metal hoop with artificial lens. The main thing is the relevance and combination with the hairstyle.

It is worth taken into account the following recommendations:

  • This decoration is quite independently and does not require other decorative elements + crown, like the Queen – can only be one+
  • Such a decor looks good on smooth beams and on lush curls, but for short hair or small curlers he will not fit+
  • You should not forget about the combination of diadems with the bride’s dress itself – a massive crown will look very strange, in combination with a short folded dress with an overwhelmed waist and, on the contrary, a thin, almost weighty hoop will be lost on the background of a lush and heavy lace or fatin skirt.


No less popular reception of decorating solemn styling is their addition to alive or artificial colors. It can be both separate buds and wide wreaths with various varieties and color of plants. Of course, it is best to stop on artificial buds, the benefit is now masters doing them in such a way that they are almost indistinguishable from natural. This is due to the fact that such elements of the decor are not covered even during the strongest heat or bite frost. They will last in pristine the whole holiday day to the deepest night.

In addition, in the period of late spring, summer or early autumn, the fragrance of fresh colors can attract unnecessary attention of various insects, which will lead to unpleasant consequences.



Flowers are less a capricious accessory than a veil or diadem, Therefore, it is much easier to combine with the dress and style of the ceremony. Nevertheless, the balance should be kept and not to use too much large colors in the hairstyle. It is enough to limit ourselves to one or two elements. Wreath also should only complement the image, and not draw attention to the attention of guests, which should belong to the happy eyes and a smile of the newly-made wife.

Stylists tips

There are many different tips from various professional stylists and hairdressers. However, there are such axioms for the selection of wedding hairstyles with which most specialists in the field of wedding fashion agree, like:

  • Those who have miniature features of the face (thin lips, small and neat nose, narrow eyes), are most suitable for lush styling with large curls + and you can also balancing a small face with a bulk beam with a large decor in the form of a flower, diadems or long veil+
  • On the contrary, the owners of large and bright features are worth choosing smooth hairstyles, decorated in such a way that the decoration in the face is not visible+

  • In the presence of a long elongated face and massive chin, it is worth abandoning high hairstyles and acknowledged, which additionally lengthen the proportions+
  • If the girl is complex about low forehead, there will be a high bang with a real salvation, and the rest of the hair can be collected on the top of the top either to lay soft curls+
  • Several free strands near the person will allow visually to shorten a long and large nose, while the main thing is that such a hairstyle looks old-fashioned, which is especially important when creating a retro style.

Beautiful examples

A lush low beam collected from large curls will add refinement and chic even the most simple image.

    Buds in hair, combined in color and shape with a bouquet of the bride, will connect the whole set together and will look great at wedding photos.

    Diadem from large and small pearls will turn the usual smooth beam, which can be easily made with their own hands, in the elegant salon hairstyle.

    A small tablet hat in retrosety with feathers and a veil can replace the classic veil. Unlike her, she is almost a nausea and conveniently attached by ordinary invisibility so that even with the most active dances everything will remain in place.

    How to make a wedding hairstyle for long hair, look in the following video.

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