The names of the wedding anniversary of the years and the traditions of their celebrations

The names of the wedding anniversary of the years and the traditions of their celebrations

Every wedding is a new family birthday. Always want a newborn married couple in love and harmony for many years. Since each person has a birthday once every year, then the family couple happens annually the birthday of the family.

From 1 to 10 years

Every anniversary of the wedding has its name. Usually, we only remember the anniversary dates and their names – silver, golden, but everyone has lived time together – year, there is a special meaning, why they are called.

The wedding itself is a green wedding, her name symbolizes the day when all young-green – and a new family, and newly new spouses, when everything just begins. It’s like a flourishing of a new life, the first green leaf in spring. Therefore, everyone congratulate the young with the birth of a new family and give newlyweds gifts and money for the development and growth of their newborn cell society. Sometimes even celebrate the birth of the family, just like every month of the birth of a child.

1 year – a stente wedding. In ancient times, the sitherium was very valued, as it was a subtle and easy material, but at the same time inexpensive and everyday, so the first year was called Sittsev – the relationship has already begun to acquire their everyday painting, but still remain strain and air, but still the same fragile, as weightless material. There is another name – a gauze wedding, but it also indicates the fragility of family bonds, on their unheoming time. This holiday drinks a sparkling bottle, stored since the wedding day, and young spouses give each other with stem scarves.

You can even hold a rite – tie a knot on the handkerchiefs on two opposite corners, pronouncing the cherished words. This will help brave two loving hearts for many years. Such a handkerchief is stored in a cherished place.

First year after the wedding, it is customary to present something from the fabric: napkins, curtains, various towels, clothing, bed linen. Parents of young give the sliders and diapers in the hope of the future heirs of the family.

2 years in our table – paper wedding. She received her name because it was usually a child appeared in the family, and therefore the first serious difficulties. And the relationship of the spouses who experienced the first crisis moments were like paper – they could break, were not yet strong and vulnerable.

On this day, husband and wife exchange love messages written by each other with letters with an honest story about all the attractive and all unpleasant qualities of their characters, which can help start family life as if from a new clean sheet.

As a gift, guests can choose books, pieces of paper, furniture items, as well as cash bills.

3 years in the wedding list – Leather Wedding. It can be noted that the family as a single organism by this time turns the skin, the ratios of spouses are strong enough, indestructures, they are difficult to break, they are like a solid material, which is the skin. Yes, and mutual understanding causes a feeling as if the couple feels a partner of the skin.

For three years, it is customary to give leather products – wallet, bag, shoes.

As symbols of well-being and children with spouses give red apples. And the spouses treat each other with pieces of fruit jewelry.

4 anniversary – this is a linen wedding. Also its name rope or wax. The married couple had time to burst into this deadlines like the ropes or fibers of flax, so this relationship is difficult to break. Also, a certain wealth also appears in the family – a linen waiter is spilled on the table, and underwear for bed, which is already updated to this time, also change from the sitse-linen. The wax wedding is called because the spouses become more supporting each other like wax.

Husband and wife choose linen clothes as a gift, and guests are usually presented with bed linen from flax, as well as fabric, kitchen towels or candles.

Clothes for children from flax can give exclusively parents of a married couple.

5 years – the anniversary of living together, celebrated for the first time – Wooden Wedding. Call this date so because the family has already become like a tree tightly hold on with its durable roots for the land and already acquired foliage – kids. Also, a tree is a durable material, from it in the old days they built at home and a variety of buildings, so the family is considered to be the same strong and strong and afraid of only very heavy tests, as a tree is afraid of a strong fire.

There are wedding dates that need to be celebrated as lush and fun, like the wedding itself. The first anniversary date is just from such days. In addition to gifts made of wood, furniture, wooden jewelry, you can give legal spouses garden with trees that planted guests, or decorate the existing trees with ribbons with good wishes.

6 years – cast iron wedding. This is the first metal wedding symbolizes a strong and friendly family. But just as cast iron is considered the most fragile of all metals, the sixth year of family relations is still subject to destruction from strong blows of fate.

The main gift for this anniversary is cast iron utensils. Can be presented to the pan, cauldron or cheat.

Even modern hostesses will be glad to give such a gift, because the dishes made of cast iron is considered high-quality and gives the dishes prepared in them amazing taste and aroma. No wonder in the old days on this day, the wife had to demonstrate his qualities of the excellent mistress and show the guests cleaned and well-groomed cast-iron dishes.

The list of wedding anniversary has a special date – it is 6 and a half years, a zinc wedding. It is believed that at this time the family may begin a crisis in relations. And although in antiquity they did not know such a psychological concept, but they tried to remind her husband and wife about the value of family bonds through the celebration of such an interesting date, as if they were injected into a gloss and gloss for family relationships, as for objects from zinc.

In this holiday, of course, they presented or objects for a kitchen from zinc, or zinc figures, baubles.

Wife and husband, according to belief, were obliged to throw out the pieces of zinc, they retained the heat in the marital relations and the heat of their soul.

7 years – copper wedding. Copper is not only solid, but also valuable metal. Therefore, he symbolizes not only the fortress of family bonds, and also indicates a certain wealth, to the value of the family cell as a single organism bonded by common years.

Marriage partners give each other with copper coins, wanting a common long and happy life. Guests can choose as a gift any products from copper – dishes, for example, a turkey for cooking coffee, or elegant figurines, various symbols, for example, a copper thumbnail for happiness.

8 years old – Tin Wedding. By analogy with the tin, as a special type of metal, the new tin leaf sparkles in the sun, but over the years it loses his shine and fades. But it is only worth updating it, rub, and he spoils again with its special metal glitter. So the relationship during this period – there are already a few swells, became ordinary, but it is only to paint them with joy, gifts and attention, how they will play with all their shiny harms.

This anniversary is presented with objects, products purchased into tin boxes. Kitchen tools or something brilliant will also be a good gift.

9 years old – faience anniversary. There are two interpretations of such a name. This or hint at the next crisis period in relations in the form of a fragile faience, or a hint of prosperity in a strong family – spilled in beautiful faience strong tea.

Choose suitable characters, of course, you need to family members. But there is a tradition – to smash the old dishes. Therefore, the desired gift is the dishes New, tea set, elegant faience souvenirs.

10 years – this anniversary of living together, is called tin or pink wedding. This is the first serious anniversary. Tin – strong metal, but it is fuel and flexible. So, in the family no longer find out the relationship, but adjust to each other. Relationships have become thrift and beautiful like a rose flower.

Therefore, the husband presents his wife a bouquet of 10 red roses (for every year for each year) and 1 white rose as a hint of future happiness. Guests can choose or objects made of tin, for example, spoons, candlesticks, caskets, or something with a picture of roses or pink.

At this anniversary, the presence of honorary witnesses of the married couple.

From 10 to 20 years

After 11 years from the date of marriage, marriage is celebrated Steel wedding. Marriage has become both tempered steel, smooth and brilliant as a mirror, and spouses have become like a mutual mirror reflection. Traditionally give steel decorations for home or steel items.

12 years old – nickel wedding. It usually celebrates after 12.5 years of living together – as half from the quarter of a century, but you can spend two solemn events during the year. It is called so because family life has become tempered and resistant to any impacts from the outside, as a reliable and brilliant metal nickel.

Sometimes spouses give gifts from unclean nickel so that they are symbolically cleaned and polished it to a mirror glitter. Prevent dishes and nice little things from this metal.

The following anniversary is called so.

  • 13 years old – Lace Wedding. Other name – Llanders.
  • 14 years old – Agatov wedding.
  • 15 years – Crystal wedding. Glass – fragile, but pure and ringing material. Also, married relationships are already durable, clean, but they can crash to. Crystal or glass objects are given to this anniversary.
  • 16 years – Topazova, 17 – Pink, 18 years old – Turquoise, 19 years old – Granat wedding.
  • 20 years – Porcelain Wedding. Relations in the family became the same priceless as expensive Chinese porcelain. And since by this time, old porcelain sets were confused by part of their attractiveness and kept quantitatively, then usually new to this date is presented. Also on the celebration you can present porcelain figurines, caskets or elegant tea pair as a symbol of love, loyalty and wealth.

From 20 to 30 years

21 year – Opal Wedding, 22 – Bronze, 23 – Beryl, 24 – Satin. These dates are not so solemn, so they are noted at will.

25 years old – silver wedding, she starts a series of significant anniversaries. Silver is not just a natural fossil, but an expensive, noble, strong metal, so it is a symbol of the Union, a lasting quarter of a century.

Silver rings present in this significant date. Silver rings are presented to each other. They can be worn as a symbol of love sweated after a year, as a pledge of the subsequent long family happiness.

Native and friends are presented with silver, whether it is objects for serving or souvenirs and a variety of trinkets.

26 years old – jelly, 27 – Wedding of mahogany, 28 – nickel, 29 – velvet prepared.

30 years old – pearl wedding. Like a pearl that grows and develops in its sink, the family union over time becomes more beautiful, strong and expensive. In this anniversary, loving spouses try to please each other from pearls – decorations. Husband can give his wife a pearl necklace and in return to get a cufflink with pearls.

As a gift, you can choose everything that is associated with pearls and water, with the sea – not only pearl objects, with inserts from pearls, but also using pearl.

From 30 to 40 years

31 – Double (Solar), 32 – Copper, 33 – Stone or Strawberry, 34 – Amber Weddings.

35 – Linen (coral), 36 – Wedding of bone porcelain (the Russian people do not cope). 37 years old – Muslinovaya, 38 – mercury, 39 – a strong anniversary.

40 years old – Rubyan anniversary.Self-touching day. On jewel Ruby is after a diamond. Relationships that spouses have retained in marriage are similar to this jewelry.

The married couple will acquire new wedding rings, already with inserts from the ruby.

There is such a tradition – the husband and wife should eat in Cherry from the branch with two connected tailings with cherries, not separating them, and bones bury into the ground. Two woven trees will grow in this place in this place.

Guests presented decorations and sophisticated red-ruby-colored items, as well as expensive equipment, home furniture. In decorations for this celebration, a red color is required in textiles, tablecloths and bouquets of flowers.

From 40 to 50 years

Wedding anniversary 41, 42 and 43 are not celebrated, but each has a special name. 41 year – Earth or Iron Wedding, 42 years – Pearl, 43 – Flannel.

44 – Topazova Wedding. This jewel is characterized by its transparency, cleanliness and durability. The same words can be described by the marriage union that has achieved such age. In honor of this holiday, you can exchange decorations with inserts from topaz, and you can give memorable figurines of blue or pink color from transparent glass.

Invited guests can also adopt to choose a gift Color Topaz, its transparency and use these qualities in choosing dishes, souvenirs, glasses and colors.

45 years old – the next anniversary, sapphire wedding. According to beliefs, Sapphire is a stone that protects from evil, pure and health. These spells are very necessary spouses who have already achieved old age. And again, this is a valuable gem, which symbolizes the value of such long relations.

In the wedding rings of spouses, you can add scattering sapphires. Celebration is furnished in the sapphire color – in blue tones. Gifts can also be chosen blue, with transparent blue shades.

46 years old – Lavender Wedding, 47 – Cashmere, 48 – Amethyst, 49 – Cedar Wedding.

50 years old – Golden Wedding. Named so in honor of the most noble, but difficult to produce metal. And in order to reach a half-century anniversary, you have to work hard to build harmonious relationships, to preserve and strengthen the family boat.

If earlier family couple did not exchange new rings, then it’s time to do it, and adult children or grandchildren can give them. Marital couple can be given to each other gold jewelry or rings.

This celebration is also drawn as the wedding itself. Anaturja is made using golden color, many gold-plated items are used in table setting.

According to tradition, “newlyweds” shower with rain of gold – a mixture of rice, grains and coins. This is a wish of health, longevity and happiness for the next 50 years. Reprehensive spouses dancing “wedding” dance in a circle of relatives and friends who keep burning candles with golden lights.

Just like at the wedding, the golden “newlywed” throws a bouquet, only catching it all those present. If the girl is not married, it foreshadows a quick wedding, if this is a married lady, then she will also celebrate 50 years of living together. Give gold gifts or using gilding – furnishings, dishes, interior, elegant decorations.

From 50 to 100

After half a century ago, wedding days noted only during certain years.

51, 52, 53, 54 anniversary are not walking, they are not even named.

55 years old – Emerald Wedding. Emerald – rare, dear, exquisite mineral. The union of two hearts in a length of 55 years is already quite rare. The more valuable these strong, sophisticated unions. The green color of the stone symbolizes the beginning of new long and proven further collaborative years of life.

The main celebration is preparing children, they are presented dear gifts. Their parents only take care of themselves, about holding a celebration, and gifts – anything using this stone, glass, or the colors of the emerald.

56, 57, 58, 59 years old marriage is also not marked.

60 years old – diamond wedding or diamond. This union, tested by heavy and happy times and common life, is almost impossible to split like a real diamond. He gloves with all the edges of the joint traditions, the success of descendants, as a sparkling diamond. The organization of a celebration is also the privilege of children, grandchildren, and guests are presented as a gift items with a multi-colored brilliance, decorations. Can be replaced with diamonds by phyanites, sparkling crystal objects.

65 years old – iron wedding. Diamond is the strongest of all stones, and iron is the fastest of all metals. Therefore, this anniversary following a diamond wedding, and called the Iron Wedding. It copes more chamber, with family members, however, is also a significant and rare date.

Presents to this holiday more symbolic, it is more attention signs. Although household appliances, something for life will be worth it for an elderly couple.

67, 5 years old – Stone Wedding. The stone personifies a stronghold that is not subject to any natural cataclysm, sustainable for any weather conditions. Gifts will be items made of natural stone – from souvenirs to home products, as well as a variety of stone ornaments for the garden.

70 years – a graceful wedding. Go through such a joint family path – this is a big god grace. Typically, even the great-grandfathers are connected to the celebration of this date. The gift for spouses is not so important, the main gift is the love and care of descendants.

75 years old – corona wedding. Spouses coronal angels. Saving love and consent, people are worthy of the royal crown, they reached the royal vertex in their relationship

This holiday can be celebrated in a family circle, and you can invite a lot of people, the main thing, surround the parents deserved honorary and respect. You can decorate their heads with crowns as a sign of great ministry for the benefit of the family.

80 years – Oak Wedding. Oak – the strongest of all trees and the most long-life, lives up to 100 years. Therefore, the oak wedding personifies a solid, unrealistic family that supports his crown – descendants, and not forgetting about his tribal force – about his roots, its ancestors.

The gift will be any item from wood, use of wood in the interior, wooden decoration.

90 years – Granite anniversary. The family is associated with the granite rock, one and indispensable. Presents are prepared using granite or any other stone. For example, it can be a sculpture in the garden.

85 and 95 years not marked.

100 years old – red, or platinum wedding. In the old days, what’s fine, called red. And this date is an amazing, significant and solemn day. You can give red gifts, beautiful decorations, words of recognition and love.

To date, only one example of the family couple from Azerbaijan, who managed to carry his love under 100 years old. And let it be an example for all newlyweds and spouses around the world.

About how the anniversary of weddings is called and what to give them to them, you will learn from the following video.

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