Traditions and customs of the Chechen wedding

Traditions and customs of the Chechen wedding

Weddings in Chechnya are distinguished by their national flavor. This is a pretty beautiful event consisting of a large number of rituals, which have been unchanged for several centuries.


The distinctive feature of Chechen wedding rituals is that they are observed with utmost accuracy, so as not to miss any of the customs. It should be noted that modern marriages in Chechnya are quite democratic. Contrary to emerging opinion, nobody gives married for girls, as it confesses with religious canons. Moreover, the Chechens towards the girls of their nation are extremely respectful and delicate, regardless of whether it is a daughter, sister, wife or just a stranger.

Ancient traditions prescribe men to respect the choice of a woman, take care of her and read as his wife and mother.

Marriage in Chechnya is possible exclusively with parental permission on both sides, other wedding traditions simply do not provide. Before the match, representatives of the groom most thoroughly study the biography of his beloved, as well as the biography of all members of her family at least in three-four-generations: it is important to completely eliminate the likelihood of healing.

The bride girl is usually evaluated by several parameters: the state of health, the prosperity of her parents and the opinion of it from the familiar people and neighbors.

Usually the acquaintance of young people occurs in two ways.

  • At the wedding of relatives: according to traditions, the Chechen wedding collects a large number of invited, and among them there are always unmarried girls. Usually, in anticipation of the celebration, they make embroidery on nasal scarves and necessarily take them with them. During the festive event, young Chechens consider these girls, and if one of them liked someone, he conveys a candy or a different treat through a friend or relative. If Chechen intends to respond to a favor to courting this man, she transmits his embroidered handkerchief in response, and the acquaintance is confessed perfect.
  • If the young man likes some kind of girl, but wedding celebrations are not expected soon, he can try to call her on a date. In this case, he transmits his invitation through her friend or sister or through children. After they meet several times, a man can afford to make a conversation about marriage.

When the lovers decide to tie themselves with the Uzami marriage, the groom necessarily reports their plans for the female part of their family: Mother, Grandma and Sister. If they perceive such news negatively, then most often a man changes its decision. If women give their blessing, then the family will be sent to the bride of the match. The long century, in Chechnya, there was a custom to steal the bride, but now the current head of the Republic of Ramzan Kadyrov established a ban on such actions, stating that marriage should be built on love and mutual respect for both parties, and for those who decide to paint their beloved in the old manner, a serious criminal punishment.


The last word in solving the question of the possibility of a wedding between young always remains for the father of the girl. According to the traditions of the wedding can only take place if the resolution gives representatives of both families. Watching is a small feast on which there are swat from men and parents of a girl. At this point, guests report the goal of their visit, and the father of the alleged bride gives a promise to think about the proposal.

As a rule, the matchmakers come to parents young two, and then three times before the final answer is received.

Redemption of the bride

If the parent responded with his consent, then the bridegroom redeems his beloved. At awarded day in the house, the girl comes the groom, as well as his closest relatives and necessarily Mullah. To start, Mulla is interested in the father of the bride, he consent to marriage, then the girl itself, and at the same time two married chechens should be present. After that, Mullah holds a special ceremony in a separate room first with the bride, and then with the fiance, then the young people are considered husband and wife, and in the proof they are given a certificate of marriage.

The size of the ransom, which the family of the man before the wedding should pay for the young, determines the muulla. According to the traditions of the Bride-Chechen, even greater redemption pays, rather than they definite Mullah – so he demonstrates his best intentions, emphasize his gratitude to the family of a girl for her upbringing and skills. The matching and redemption procedure in Chechnya is treated with great scrupulousness: the groom make it clear that his beloved is more than just a beautiful girl, more than money and property. She first and foremost mother of his future children.

As for the dowry, it is not accepted in Chechnya.

The only thing that takes with you the young in the house of the spouse – these are personal belongings, however, with the point, so that they are enough for at least a year.

How is the celebration?

Wedding ceremonies of the Chechen people are replete with various interesting rituals and beautiful ceremonial gestures. From the very early morning, the bride passes through several rituals, the first of them becomes swimming. The young room is emphasized by various incenses, fill the bath with water and pour herbal infusions into it.

After careful ablution on the peeled skin and hand, the girls apply special ritual lines.

Then the girl puts on a dress. It is necessary that it will certainly be in the floor, with well closed shoulders, hands, back and zone neckline, and a festive handkerchief is observed on his head. At the hem, they usually fasten a sharp needle, and in the hands of the young give a small handkerchief with a ribbon and a small silver coin. These gifts will then take care of the rest of life: it is believed that they are her faithful, protecting from unkind strength, poverty and poverty. Back in the evening, the girl collects his belongings where relatives secretly put apricot bones or beans: so they wish young fertility and the speedy appearance of the firstborn.

Meanwhile, in the house of the groom begins preparing for the celebration. It is here that a motorcade comes from a large number of expensive and beautiful machines, and the best car is intended for a girl. This mercury goes to the bride, where Mullah, along with young, considers special suras from the sacred Quran. Then Scamer turns three times a girl around the home of the hearth, and then symbolically breaks the rope – it seems to be tearing away from her parents at home. The girl sits into the car and goes to the house of his future husband.

Usually, relatives of the girl in every way prevent the departure of the Corger. They stretch the ropes or put a wide variety of obstacles to get kalm. All the money collected during this ritual is given to the bride, thereby emphasizing that it is she becomes a hostess in the family. In the house of Mulla Male completes the wedding rite, and from the moment the couple becomes already married. At the coming to the house of a man, a girl is waiting for another check: On the way to the dwelling of the mother-in-law, she is waiting for a small carpet and broom.

The bride must certainly take them, thereby showing their business.

According to the customs of the relative of the men must peel the girl with money and candy, and then pour a mixture of honey with butter into a spoon. At this moment, shots are usually distributed, which are designed to scare up evil spirits. It can only be a brass rifle, since firearms in Chechnya is not officially prohibited. Traditionally, Chechen weddings are carried out in a restaurant, so the girl takes from the house of the wife, and leads to the place of a solemn event, where for her, in accordance with traditions, the place is given in the corner itself.


I must say that a marriage celebration ceremony for a girl is quite difficult: despite the fact that everyone who wants to come to the wedding, the young all evening is obliged to be in the far corner, and it is forbidden to drink and drink, and even move. From time to time, a friend or relative can be approached to her, but only mother-in-law can be satisfied with a table, and then at the very end of the ceremony, after taking off her veil.

But the young spouse does not come across the eyes of the wedding guests: he celebrates in a separate room together with his closest friends. All other guests are located in the big hall. Usually, the event holds an imal-tamala, which manages the process, he also announces the beginning of the dance. Usually, the dance floor is divided into two zones: ladies dancing in one part, in another man. Joint dances here are not allowed.

At the table, men are also sitting apart from women, while they are located on seniority. Little children are not allotted at all – they spend time near the covered table. The bride’s family usually does not take part in this event, so for them such a holiday is rather a sad event.


At the end of the holiday at the Chechen wedding, it is customary to give gifts. Usually they are chosen taking into account the status of a young spouse: what he is higher, the more expensive there should be a gift. In previous years most often gave household appliances, carpets, livestock. In our time, preference is increasingly given to money so that the married couple itself can dispose of means and acquire what they need.

Another interesting tradition, leaving the roots in the old days, is connected with gifts. There was such a custom: if brother married, his sister first opened his wife’s suitcase, watched things and took what she likes. Apparently, the girls did not really want to part with expensive objects, so they began to prepare a gift for their sidelines: as a rule, this is a ring or other decoration that they put right on the suitcase. Thus, the sister of the husband understands that this present for her, and no longer claims to.

This tradition has been preserved and still.

Wedding rituals

After the wedding, the spouses need to go through a few interesting rituals. Chechen marriage customs are very complex and sometimes require manifestations of excerpts, strength and presence of the spirit. But all of them are aimed at demonstrating mutual respect and exceptional generosity. In addition, such a long and serious ceremony symbolizes a responsible approach to family building.

  Tongue Unit

This rite is designed for the girl at the end of the first wedding day. The house to the young comes mother-in-law, as well as other relatives of the spouse. Young begins to make fun of his wife so to cheer it up, but it must certainly deteriorate in every way: do not laugh and do not deny a word. After that, the present men begin alternately to ask her to drink, in response, the girl should bring the Piel and stretch it to the oldest and most respected of them with the word “Pete”. In response, he must give anything to her, otherwise the newly-made spouse has the right to completely stop communicating with him. The husband is also trying to talk his spouse in every way, but she must resist until he receives a gift from him. All money received during this funny ceremony The girl usually gives mother-in-law.

 Semide entry

This is a very important rite that completes wedding ceremonies. On the day of the wedding to the bride picked up the needle, in the evening of the same day she should bake pie with this very needle inside. A young wife takes this treat with me, as well as a jug and goes with buddies and friends to the nearest reservoir. The pie is taken to throw into the water and firing out of the gun, after which the young should dial water into a jar and attribute to his new home.

To visit the test

A month after the marriage ceremony, a man should visit his spouse’s parents. With you, he usually takes expensive gifts, and the relatives of the girl covers a festive table. To begin with, the parents of the young men sit at the table, they get acquainted, but then they leave, and the young man returns: he has another serious test. He must try to enter the house shirt, but so as not to offend his new relatives. Friends help him.

For example, a young husband can pretend to come true, and friends at this moment push it into rooms.

After that, the friends of her husband and native girls are cleared behind the meal so that the girl’s family is on the one hand, and the friends of the young man – on the other. The man himself should stand away, pounding his head. It is in this position that he needed to simultane all the time while there is a feast, and if children are suitable for him, they must be treated. After a few hours, women lead her husband into another hall and already there make treats.

    At the very end of the ceremony, the spouse must put money on the dish, and his wife’s sister should in response to give him a gold ring. For this man gives the girl a gold bracelet, and the ceremony is considered to be. The new spouse goes to the guests and again takes its former place aside, where it will stand until the very end of the holiday. Usually, the girl-wife is also brought to her native closer to the end of the evening. It happens that it even remains to spend the night in their relatives for her, and in the morning his spouse takes her.

    What else needs to be aware of the wedding Chechen customs, look in the video below.

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