Traditions and customs of the Georgian Wedding

Traditions and customs of the Georgian Wedding

Georgia is a wonderful country in which welcome and disinterested people live, the country of traditions, unearthly beauty and good mood.

Georgians, like no other respect and value the traditions and rites of their country, their people. Many of them exist no longer than one decade and are transmitted from generation to generation.

Celebrations pass on clear rules. This holiday is the traditional Georgian wedding. It can be called one of the most vivid events, as well as an example of centuries and extraordinary wedding traditions.

Vintage rites and traditions

The real Georgian wedding ceremony, Gaumarjos, is necessarily held on certain canons and rules requiring a clear organization.

Previously, there was a custom when the groom could steal his bride. Do not be surprised, so possible and the modern world. The tradition did not disappear, however, most often practiced in remote mountain villages.

We all have heard of Georgian hospitality. And they have to invite absolutely all relatives on both sides to the wedding. Nobody refused invitation. Everyone wants to divide their joy and happiness and are afraid to offend close to the refusal not to go. Observing this tradition, the Georgian wedding continues to collect an incredible number of people.

The first marriage night of newlyweds ended with the fact that the mother-in-law put up for everyone to see a bed with bed to prove that the daughter-in-law preserved virginity before the wedding. If suddenly it was not so, it was put out of the house with a shame.

None of those present at the wedding could see how the bride eats, so the table was made only sweet to the table.

Celebrate was accepted in the house of one of the young.


Wedding Georgian custom consists of several stages, and lasts for several days.

Main steps:

  • Macchaloba – Watching+
  • Nishnoba – Engagement Rite+
  • Celebration.

I would like to consider in detail all these moments in order to at least understand the country’s culture, to imbued with the reverence of traditions and admire the people.

Macchaloba – Watching

Earlier in Georgia, it was customary to hit their children, not even out of infant age. So they received parents who wanted to confront some family. In most cases, this was done forcibly. Very often the first place to meet the groom with the bride was their own wedding.

In the modern world, of course, everyone himself chooses his fate, but nothing happens without parental consent.

This also applies to the match. In this we are very similar. To make an offer, ask for hands and hearts, groom with their own parents go to the house to the future spouse, where her parents meet him. Usually everything happens after a chic table, accompanied by a feast. The relatives of the groom “sing to him the diffilams”, pointing to his good and positive parties. Already after the bride should give his consent or refuse.

If the bride said “yes”, the celebration continues and gradually moves to the house to the bride.

Nishnoba – Engagement Rite

When the matching stage ended, the guy and the girl officially receive the status of the bride and groom. Next, follows the second stage – the engagement. This rite is made in the house where the bride lives with his family.

At the table young sit next. It all starts with a toast that says Father Groom. He must carry happiness and admisting the fact that two families are alive in one.

A day wedding day is appointed. All moments of the upcoming celebration are necessarily discussed – the venue, financial points. The question of how to organize everything is of great importance, as many people walk at the wedding. There is also a tradition that requires – it solves the side of her husband.

It is at the stage of the engagement, another very important ritual, which has already been many years. He implies a seduction of the family of groom gifts for the bride.

Mandatory gifts:

  • Golden decorations (often they are transmitted from the ancestors)+
  • new clothes+
  • expensive wine or brandy+
  • sweets+
  • flowers+
  • The groom gives his chief wedding ring (and the bride is a chosen one).


The most important is the rite of wedding, which takes place in the church before the beginning of the celebration, celebration. Having received a blessing, the new spouses must pass under the arch, which came from the daggers to comrades of the groom. Arch – Charm for a new family who serves their protection.

After, in the registry office, the official part and young people receive a marriage certificate. At the end of the formalities, the wife goes to a new home – husband.

    And here it is not necessary without interesting Georgian traditions.

    Here they are:

    • Touching a new household house to the boiler, the fireplace – a symbol of a homely hearth+
    • Relatives of the groom before the arrival in the house of the daughter-in-law, set the pot with butter and should go around him 3 times+
    • Tree – symbol of life, so on a housewarming accepted to give gifts from wood+
    • While the wife takes all the rooms in the house, the husband sits on the roof of her house and must release a white pigeon+
    • To attract health and wealth when the girl is bypassed the house, it is sprinkled with raisins, rice and wheat+
    • For the sweetness of the speeches, it is customary to bride mazala lips honey.

    Wedding outfits

    When choosing a festive clothing for this occasion, traditions and customs are taken into account.

    The outfit for the bride buys the groom. It consists of two components. Silver with a collar – a symbol of purity and impurity – is the bottom. Next – Elegant dress, white or black color with wide cuts on sleeves.

    Important Elements: Tightening the Waist Waist, Braid Bride and Fata. Neck decorates beautiful pearl necklace.

    Wedding groom outfit – Snow-white shirt with collar-rack, light or dark raincoat. Cloak will be covered with gold atlas. By tradition, the groom put the belt, but did not take the weapon. Legs were shods in leather boots.

    Elegant feast

    Kocyli – so he sounds a feast of Georgian’s mouth. Given the large number of invited guests, tables are full of exquisite dishes. Most often, traditional Georgian dishes can be found behind the wedding Georgian beer:

    • All sorts of cheeses+
    • fruits vegetables+
    • Soups – Main Kushan at the Wedding+
    • Kababi, Adjapsandal+
    • Satzivi, Kmmachi+
    • Tolm, Chihirt+
    • The presence of a large amount of greenery+
    • sweets.

    There is a large amount of alcohol on the tables. Prefer vehicles of wine or brandy good excerpts, which was kept for such a case for many years.

    A mandatory element, the fact, without which no event is passed, the more Georgian wedding – toast. Each of them is dedicated to the young, filled with deep meaning and very valuable.

    Tamada also necessarily. He will not miss any of the relatives during congratulations, and, most likely, he has to relate to one of the families. Tamada pours wine into a huge horn. Guest to whom the word is granted should tell the toast and dry the horn completely.

    It should be noted that all the favorite “bitter” in the Georgian wedding will not sound. This is due to the fact that they have not been kissing in humans.

    At the end of the feast of young cuts a festive cake. The most respected and honorary guest at the celebration gets the first piece.

    Walking can last until dawn. Newlyweds are leaving earlier, because they have more cases.

    The next day, guests are again converging and continue to celebrate at the festive table. And so lasts for several days.

    Fascinating dance

    Unforgettable and amazing spectacle – Georgian dances. Without them, it is simply not a wedding in Georgians. Invite only the best dancers. It is impossible to take a look from courageous jigs and beautiful sophisticated girls.

    The bride is circling in dance only with narrowed or birth. The dance of the young is always quite romantic and full of warm and gentle feelings. There is a moment when the bride is dancing his solo dance. This is what can be awesome all guests at the festive table.

    Where without songs

    No feast passes without songs. It should be noted that UNESCO recognized Georgian songs a unique phenomenon in world culture. At the wedding, songs are exclusively male.

    Very often these are whole ensembles, up to 15 or more people. Their multifaceted sounds amazing and clinging for the very heart.

    Gifts young

    Guests will not be bored for gifts. It is customary to give dear and good things. Anonymity is not welcome, you need to sign your gift. In Georgian families there are so-called generic books. It is in such a book that the wedding field makes records of all wedding gifts. The most generous guests get the status of honorary guests.

    Georgian Wedding – Incredible Beauty Event. If you are lucky and you visited this celebration, it will be remembered very long and, of course, you will want to plunge into this atmosphere more than once.

    About the Georgian Wedding – Traditions, Dance, Songs and Toasses, see the following video.

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