Unusual wedding traditions of the peoples of the world

Unusual wedding traditions of the peoples of the world

Each country has its own traditions, including wedding. For someone they seem strange, and for someone very interesting. What unusual wedding traditions exist in countries in Asia and Europe? All the most interesting already waiting for you in our material.

Customs of Europe

Different peoples of the world have their wedding traditions. But unites all one – this desire to have fun from the soul, and do everything possible to ensure that the most important and solemn day in the life of young people remember them forever. In addition, each tradition and custom has its own special meaning. Thanks to the old rituals, the young generation manages to maintain their national roots, which allows the family to feel even more friendly and cohesive.

Russian wedding customs are well known to many, but still tell about the most interesting of them.

Traditionally young spouses bread and salt meet relatives. Newlyweds must be bought off from the big karabav, and someone will be more, he will be the head of the family. Of course, the brightest tradition is the redemption of the bride. As a rule, witnesses are engaged in the organization of this event. They prepare interesting and funny tasks in advance. If the groom does not cope with the task, he will have to pay for it. Often other relatives from the side of the groom take part in the redemption.

In Belarus, there are not only wedding, but also pre-wedding rites who try to comply with this day. For example, you can only wrap on Monday, Thursday or Saturday. Matchmakers must be five to six people. Shatams are recommended to prepare, they should have not only treats in the arsenal, but also jokes. If the matchmaker managed to agree on the wedding, then all those present are alcohol bottle. As soon as the bottle is empty, the grain falls asleep in it, which symbolizes the sweat and the peaceful life of young. In addition, there is a sign that says that the dress of the bride must necessarily buy on Wednesday, and shoes – on Friday.

In Germany, there is a very interesting tradition, observing which you can attract happiness and well-being for newlyweds. On the eve of the celebration, relatives are going to the threshold of the bride and, without spare, they beat a large number of dishes. The more the dishes are broken, the more happiness and love will be in a young family. But already at the very evening, after the marriage ceremony, the newly-handed spouses must sink together. If they manage to do it quickly and easily, it means, a joint life will be happy. Cutting logs is a kind of ritual who says that the spouses have already begun to conduct a joint economy.

In Greece, too, there are many interesting traditions. Of course, most of them are associated with dancing, as the Greeks love to dance. Especially for the wedding celebration, this nation has a special dance – this is the dance of money. Young dancing together in the center of the hall, and each of those present must attach various bills to their outfits. The more bills will be, the more young people will live. And before the first marriage night, in the Greek tradition, on the bed of young people must jump and have fun children.

The more children and fun, the more happiness and well-being will be in the life of young spouses.

According to Hungarian traditions during the wedding celebration, the bride must put their shoes in the center of the hall. Each of those present men who want to invite the bride to the dance must put coins in shoes. Which of the men will put more coins, it will be lucky to first invite the bride to the dance.

In the Netherlands, the bride must be ordered a large number of different candies before the wedding. As a rule, they order them from different and best confectioners of the city. All candy must be different in shape and taste. Which of the guests will get two identical candies, in a short time the big luck is lucky.

Wedding feasts in Italy always pass fun and noisy. Each Italian couple before the wedding necessarily comes to the largest tree, which is in their city. According to the tradition of newlyweds, they must get around the tree exactly three times. It symbolizes freedom, happiness and love. According to custom, together with the young to the tree, the nearest relatives are sent, and a professional photographer, who managed to capture the most unforgettable moments of this kind of rite.

In addition, the Italians traditionally organize the abduction of the bride. Of course, everything is negotiated in advance, and all parties agree. The abduction as a result is bright, as if a staged theatrical show that young memorized for life.

In Denmark there is a very fun tradition. In front of the celebration of the groom specifically make a hole on one of the socks. It is said that it will save the young spouse from the change, since young girls will not look at the man in torn socks.

But in France, friends and relatives of newlyweds gather a noisy company under the windows of the house or hotel, where the spouses spend the first wedding night, and all night are noisy. They are in advance with saucepans, covers, spoons, and other objects, with which it will be possible to noise. If the young wants to spend the night alone with each other in silence, they must prepare drinks and snacks for guests in advance. Only after good treats, guests calm down and stop causing unrest.

In Switzerland there is one ancient tradition that many adhere to both in our modern time. According to custom, the bride must blame mud. The more dirt will be, the worse there will be its smell, the better. Pour a girl need literally from head to feet.

In modern times, instead of dirt, natural products are used, independently manufacturing “fragrant” mixture.

For example, mocked ketchup, mayonnaise, raw eggs, fermented milk products and residues of already missing food. And this liquid is poured by the bride. After that, the bride in such a form, in the company of friends of his groom, should walk in public places, city streets. It’s not just so. The fact is that there is a belief, according to which the girl who experienced such a public humiliation is in marriage, it will be much calmer in marriage to various disagreements and the shames of your young spouse.

Asian rites

Asian countries also surprise the variety of their wedding traditions. Turkish, Azerbaijani, Ossetian, Kazakh, Buryat and Indian wedding – they all have their own special traditions. Of course, the Muslim wedding of one country, for example, Kazakhstan, is sometimes quite similar to the traditions that exist in Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan. But still there are customs about which it is worth telling more detail.

Chinese traditional wedding should pass in red. That is, the dress of the bride, boxes with gifts, envelopes with money should be red. The more bright colors will be at the celebration, the better. By tradition, young drink from glasses, which are connected by a single red ribbon. It symbolizes their mutual feelings and unity of a young family.

In India, a wedding ceremony is a real colorful show. Very often young see each other for the first time just at the wedding. By tradition, the celebration should be a huge number of living and fragrant colors. There is a belief that the aromas of earthly colors very much like the gods, and therefore all the prayers and wishes uttered on this day will definitely be heard.

In Kazakhstan, the wedding of two young are a holiday that is accepted widely celebrate, and prepare for him in advance. Watching the Kazakhs passes according to the ancient traditions. Many modern young people honor the features of ancestors, and adhere to old customs to this day. The side of the groom will definitely give the father of the bride Traditional gifts: National Bathrobe, Horse. Also, the family of the groom must definitely pay “Kalim”. Previously, the bride was not present at the wedding, or rather, did not go to the guests, and all the time spent in a separate room with women, where she was prepared for the first marriage night.

In Pakistan, there is such a custom, when the bride is decorated with traditional drawings from henna. Each drawing has its particular importance.

If you believe believe, then this rite helps the bride to attract happiness and well-being, and means that her marriage will be successful.

African traditions

In some countries around the world, bread-salt must be present at the wedding, somewhere each of the spouses must hang castles on a tree or bridge, in terms of loyalty and love. Traditions of different countries may be surprised, and can be shocked at all. Of course, the obligatory traditions and customs that are observed at the wedding in African countries, for Europeans may seem to mildly, strange.

In Nigeria, the bride must necessarily be selected by a professional walk. Swaha picks up a girl for the groom, given all the requirements of the family. Then the Swash necessarily checks the girl for innocence, and only then we can talk about the wedding. Already after the celebration, relatives from the bride and the bridegroom get up in two ranks, creating a kind of corridor. The new young spouse must quickly run on this “corridor”, and the relatives in the meantime will beat him with long sticks. After compliance with this, it is believed that the man is fully ready for an independent marital life.

Brides in Ethiopia are preparing for the celebration. Even before the wedding ceremony, the girl is removed by two lower teeth, after piercing the bottom lip and insert the traditional disc, made of clay. The more the disk will, the more giving the bride. In addition, there is a belief that this disc will protect the bride from evil spirits, thanks to which she can happily live in marriage.

In Rwanda, there is a bakhut tribe who has its own interesting and unusual traditions. For example, the bride immediately after the wedding ceremony goes to the house of his young spouse and arranges the real pogrom there. Moreover, the young spouse must be scratching and beat his newly minted spouse. The same should do and he. The more hate they will express them in relation to each other this evening, the better. As a rule, a fight and pogrom lasts until the morning. At the same time, neither husband nor a wife should deeper a single word. Sometimes this ritual is delayed for several days. There is a belief that after such a fight the spouses will live all their lives in the world and harmony.

In Kenya, a young spouse after the wedding should have been walking in a female outfit for a whole month. This is done so that the new husband felt on himself, what is a woman and hostess.

It is said that after such a peculiar ritual, men with great understanding and respect relate to their wives.

Signs in South and North America

Modern weddings in America are held very fun. Celebration without a traditional little boy and bachelor party. The organization of such events usually falls on the shoulders of witnesses. Any American wedding may be unconventional. There are no restrictions and special traditions. Young may well arrange a celebration in any style.

But there are some traditions that many try to stick to this day. For example, there is a custom on which the bride is mandatory on the day of the wedding should put the old thing in the blue. The thing must be worn, as it symbolizes its family relationships with the family. And blue color is the color of loyalty that is very necessary in marriage.

In addition, there is an American wedding tradition, which follows in many countries of the world. It is about throwing the bride of her bouquet at the end of the evening. Which of the unmarried girls will catch this happy bouquet, the wedding is in the near future.

In some States of America, there is still a tradition that wears a very interesting name – “Shine”. For the first time it appeared in the late 1890s. By tradition, all the girlfriends of the bride who will be present at the celebration must prepare a lot of small gifts in advance. All gifts should be packed in small boxes, bright wrappers, and after placing inside the massive umbrella. In the process of the celebration, the girlfriends are suitable for the bride, reveal the umbrella over it, and all the presents “pour” to the happy culprit of the celebration. In modern times, many replace a variety of gifts by conventional candy.

Another American tradition is associated with a wedding cake. Of course, none such a celebration will cost without a huge and tasty dessert. At the end of the evening, the newlyweds should cut the cake smoothly at so many pieces, how many people are present on their holiday. Cake, as a rule, do not eat on the evening, and carry it with you. If the unmarried girl will put a piece of a wedding cake under his pillow, then on this night she will definitely dream her future spouse.

Additionally about the wedding traditions of the peoples of the world, see the following video.

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